Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 114

Volume 1 Chapter 114 Mystic Place Ii

Huan Ro felt an indescribable surge of malevolent aura, therefore, he looked above only to see an incoming blade aimed at him. He quickly moved and get away as fast as he can. Soon the sword that struck the hard ground created a crooked rift.

He only heaves a sigh of relief when he had already escaped the predicament.

Su Ci Yi was still looking down at him. Her grip on her sword was firm and strong. He crawled backward, his eyes never left the sharp edge of the weapon.

"H-hold it!" He was stuttering. This woman, if he didn't dodge that time, he would have been hack into two congruent pieces. She literally meant to kill him!

Su Ci Yi's thoughts were the other way around. She was just messing with this man. She needed to take all her revenge on this poor original owner's body. They said opportunity struck once, she needed to take her chances!

The man was scampering while grabbing a rolled parchment on his hand. It was an old map that was in rusty color and already had a rough termite bite around the edges. The foul smell of an unknown substance was permeating the air. Since Su Ci Yi's sense of smell was cut off above others hence she could fully perceive it with her nose.

"Look here." Huan Ro pointed his fingers the obscure looking drawing in sticks on the surface. Su Ci Yi's eyebrow scrunched as she took a look at it.

The map was drawn in a monochrome art style with stick figures as the main theme. There where triangular shapes in the middle and mass of stick people on the surroundings. That place was also wide and almost occupying the whole middle surface. It was labeled as "the plains". On the north side was the wild curvy lines without borders. The horizon was pretty prevalent and therefore should this be the ocean? Sure enough, below it was named as the "unending horizon". On the South, there was picturesque of the migrating bird above the sky that was drawn with no difference from the bountiful rise planted on the field! The west was obscurely drawn. Su Ci Yi decided not to think anymore.

Huan Ro pointed to a whole intertwining lines gathering together and with a suspicious curve line atop. Surely messed up but he was able to identify it as the forest.

What was so mysterious behind it that this man was taking a risk just to get by her? She read the words labeled under it.

"Village of the disappearing soul?" She muttered in a small voice. Her eyebrows where knitted upon thinking it over. Isn't this a forest?

"This is definitely a forest? But why is it called a village?" Huan Ro voiced out what was in his mind. "I took a look at this forest earlier. The old woman where I bought this, explained the location of this suspicious place based on the coordinates written on the map" he said as he reminiscence his experience.

"as I went a little further, I got lost. Good thing I made some mark on the ground, therefore, I was able to go out but I never found this village." That was not just to it. The people living near the area also knew the "village of the disappearing soul" however, no one wanted to give him the exact direction. The people would either get away from him or ignore him.

Su Ci Yi was quite curious now. This village was enigmatic anywhere you point it out. And the people are not denying the existence of this place. What's more, people seem to avoid talking about this place. If this would be their reaction, should it be good that they denied the existence of this place from the very beginning?

The Village of Disappearing soul, from what Huan Ro have heard was a civilization that existed for more than a century. Its people's nomadic beliefs were preserved despite the growing modern society. The place was secluded and no one aside from their people's men was allowed to crossbreed with the outside society. Anyone who would found out will have a punishment to serve as the wild beasts delicacy.

After explaining it to her, Huan Ro rolled back the map and knotted it on a dirty tie. He was still sitting on the ground. Looking up, she met the sharp eyes of the woman in front. "So I say then"

He scratched the back of his head. "What if Xiang MoMo was there?"

Pits her, she already knew the conclusion of all of these.

"I haven't still decided if I'd help you." Su Ci Yi seated on her bed while cupping her face.

The man's face twisted into an embarrassed tone. He was so immersed in the data that he had thought that this woman was with him. He had forgotten the most important part of her wasn't already the childhood friend he knew. A strange personality was lurking on her deepest core. Fierce like a hunting tigress.

Any wrong move by him, he'll be eaten. Just like what happened earlier.


"You're pitiful appearance will definitely reject this plea."

He had no right to earn her mercy. Not now. She will be the one who will decide whether she will partake or not.

Su Ci Yi weighted the advantages she could get on this mission. Will she ever gain something out of this if ever she'll jump in? Of course, there was no guaranty that they will find Xiang MoMo there. Their effort would be futile if she's not in that placeand that would be a bummer for this man. However, if she could find any traces, something that will lead her case, then this was worth a try.

Su Ci Yi stood up. She wanted to confirm her participation in front of the man when she heard a knock on the door. She stood in a daze for a moment. Both parties look in each other's faces. The only ticking off the clock can be heard inside. No one dared to open their mouth.

She had been fully aware that she only sneak the man into her room. Huan Ro this man, his whole presence from the tip of his fingers to the hem of his clothes were totally banned inside. If he's father saw him, he'll definitely go rampage! He'll be a minced paste before she knew it.

Su Ci Yi rotated her head back and forth. Found a good spot to hide him. Without further ado, she caught the man on his collar and carelessly stuff the man's figure under the bed. In doing so she failed to notice Huan Ro's shiver from her rough treatment. As if she wasn't satisfied with this premise, she pulled him out again dragging him to her enormous wardrobe. Then in a flash closed it with a bang.

The moment she secured him inside, the door opened.

He thought it was an old man. But since he opened the door without her permission, she already knew the mannerless culprit behind these actions.

"Milady, would you like to go to the office." Qin Yu vibrated a smile that almost blinded her guilty soul. She's hiding a man inside a room and she felt that she had become a wife who had almost been caught by her husband. This does not feel right, rephrase! Somehow she felt the frantic feeling of almost getting caught by their parents for reading bold magazines!

But since it was only Qin Yu she loosened a bit.

"No, I got something to do for now. You go and fetch Su Ming later." Su Ci Yi replied in a blank face. She already programmed in her mind that she will stick to this lie of hers.

Qin Yu wandered his eyes on the whole interior of the room and sooner his gaze landed on the dressing cabinet that Su Ci Yi was standing near.

"Milady, your wardrobe seems to be messed. Let me arrange it for you."

Su Ci Yi 's eyes narrowed. "No! I can take care of it."

"If Milady said so." He humbly accepted her rejection.

Su Ci Yi thought it was already okay. But soon Qin Yu has still a lot of concerns under his sleeve.

"Milady, so how about I air your beddings? Your father specifically requested to clean your room since some bugs might bite you. I'll be very quick."

She stands firm on her conviction. "No!" Even if he's only going to take out her bedding, he would need to take another set of clean bedding on her wardrobe. In another way, he's still going to open it.

Qin Yu didn't leave yet. "Then, I'll just get my handkerchief that had mixed on your clothes dresser when I folded. I'll get it quickly."

Holy Moly! "No. No. No." She fully enunciated those three no's. Why was this man so obsessive towards her wardrobe out of all days! Can he get that any other day!

"Then Milad"

"Hold it!" She interjected. "I'm going with you. I'll be downstairs for a while. I'll just change my clothes."

Qin Yu didn't argue any longer. Su Ci Yi breathed a long sigh. On the process, she failed to notice the man's cold stare beneath her, shooting a hostile look towards the wardrobe she had been protecting as if her life was at stake on it.

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