Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 115

Volume 1 Chapter 115 His Visit

It was one humid day where the northern wind was too much blasting in front of her face. It was only a five in the morning and the early dew was still wet on the green pigmented plants. The sun hadn't still up yet making the surface still hung on the night's shadow. The incredible dark red cloud sets an indescribable surge of emotions to every onlooker.

Su Ci Yi, on her oversized round jacket and black leather sneakers, was standing still on a flat cemented shed near their neighborhood's area. She amplifies the spiritual heat on her hand in order not to so much chill in the morning.

She was waiting for a cab to get by on the wee hours of the day, In her hands, she holds a rusty parchment. On her back was a medium-size backpack that she inherited from the ace of travel get-goers, Su Ming. There was really nothing from the inside, just a bunch of junk and drinking beverages.

She had a prior engagement to extravagate meticulously that place together with Huan Ro. She was not so comfortable with man's theory so she decided to see it with her own eyes.

The place of the meet up was in that area where she currently stood up. One week after they decided to set the plan into motion should be enough for her preparation. Right now, she was only waiting for the man. He said he'll not bring his car and would have like to commute. Their destination was at the City C, where the 'village of the disappearing soul' was located.

Almost an hour had passed but there was no sign of the man.

Su Ci Yi didn't like the feeling of too much waiting therefore she ought to call the man via his phone. However, she was kept repeatedly directed to his voicemail. She only bit her upper lip out of her indignation. Good thing she had her spiritual energy coating her from the cold wind else she had already become a freezing statue on the corner.

It took her for almost more than an hour before a familiar car of their household showed. Her eyes were glued to the opened window and the obnoxious face of the person who was freeloading at the villa. She had thought that he had already gone to the company to dropped Su Ming. What was he still doing here?

Qin Yu opened wide the left side window and peeked his face out From the sideline she can almost see the distinct feature of his face.

His flirty long lashes were too much blinding to the eye. The honey-colored skinned of the smooth face and the rosy lips which were alluring than a woman, was too much of a sight in the early morning. He greeted her in his usual amorous demeanor and it wasn't enough, he even came down from the driver's seat.

"This humble servant is truly saddened by the lady's congenial independence. This servant is pathetic not to cater the lady's need with utmost diligence and worthwhile."

Su Ci Yi rolled her eyes hearing this man's pretentious miserable tone. Even she could hear the artificial emotion behind his words. What is it again this time? She definitely decided to go out early in order not to collide with the man's path. But then again, he was here.

Su Ci Yi thrown a thousand prick of deathly glare towards him.

"Why are you here?" She immediately inquired. The man didn't know of this plan. No one knew about it except Huan Ro. If he knew about it, he'll definitely come with her or worst dissuade her actions.

"Will Milady go somewhere? You jump out so early in the morning. This 'young and early to rise' servant was lonely to know the lady didn't need his help."

"Nah. It's okay if you cater to Su Ming first." As early as she could shove him, the chance Huan Ro and he would not meet. In total actuality, Su Ci Yi should not mind if the two will ever meet, however, her guts were telling her that some unfamiliar hostile chemistry was brewing within the two. Also, we are talking about Qin Yu. Su Ci Yi had already seen his deceitful side for once.

"Already finished doing so." He replied on her apathetic tone.

"Then go, already."

"Is Milady in an abrupt schedule?"

Su Ci Yi's eyes averted. " It's not like that? But the wind is too cold to prolong one's stay without proper clothes."

Qin Yu didn't budge from the position he was standing. Also his breaths are heavy due to unnatural freezing temperature in the morning. Every time he would speak, a chilling fog would emit from his mouth, though there were no signs of being cold on his body. Despite the temperature, he was still fine with only a closed fitted white shirt and a pair of slacks.

Qin Yu's hands grabbed something within his pants.

After that, he walked towards her way and without permission, pulled her two hands. His slender fingers that were slightly warm touched her already chilling hand. His face instantly fell feeling the almost frozen palm. The friendliness that he had been exuding earlier disappeared in just a mere instant.

"Seriously, you should know better when to care for yourself." He said as if scolding a child for not bringing her umbrella on the wet rainy season.

The sliver white cotton-padded hand gloves were glistening beautifully under his hold. He carefully tucked it in on her two hands. His moves were slick and mild. After successfully putting it in, he stared at it with his ocean-deep blue eyes.

Su Ci Yi was too stunned. Who would have thought that he only did this in just seconds that she wasn't able to react? Immediately, like she had been interjected with chicken blood exclaimed her gratitude but at the same time, felt uncomfortable.

"This is not needed however you have my gratitude."

"It doesn't matter."

"How much this cost?"

"You don't need to pay me."

"No, I will pay." Su Ci Yi reiterates.

Qin Yu's sadistic smile rose again, "Did you think that I'm giving it to you? I'm only lending it. I know you're totally broke this time."

Su Ci Yi was speechless.

The man's mischievous side rose up again. He saw his YiYi froze from the blow. Therefore he chuckled and satisfying get back to his car.

After getting into the car, his usual face structure surged up. When he reached the intersection on the other end, a fancy tinted BMW was waiting on him. Inside, he changed his clothes into his usual corporate suit and run the car into the long avenue.

Now that he had caught the perpetrator, he only had a little time to stay on the villa. Things will back to the usual again since the danger zone was already been cleared. He only got one problem to handle. They can't stay forever in that place and Qin Tao needed to go back to the mansion since the apprehension of the man.

Now his concern was how to get her with them?

Qin Yu was headed to the hidden laboratory which was established from the underground of the Imperial Building. The underground hideout was immensely secured by professional guards which was been directly referred from the high ranking politician.

Upon stepping on the fiery carpet, numerous white rob persons lined on his way. Heads tilted downwards as if in a ceremony of receiving the newly crown king. Actually, he only visited this place once in a blue moon. It was usually via a communicator device or a high definition monitor when he did so.

Today, he personally visited. He wanted to see the enigmatic man. Whom who can be left unseen through the nano-cameras, killed his high skilled men, could jump in an insane high altitude and was concentrated on killing both him and his son.

The inside interior of the whole hidden space was full of machines, computers, metals, and equipment with their high density and callous structure. Only a handful of mechanics and scientists were able to fully navigate it. There was a large glass separating the two vast room. A defensive high glass that will not break even if it was gunned. The other room was devoid of objects. All in pure white theme and at the center there was a man lying, tied with a metal handcuff. On the other side, Qin Yu's group was standing. Both are staring at the man in a patient's gown.

It was reported that the man woke up once and created large chaos. In his delirium, he almost killed one of their stuff that went inside to measure his statistics and vitality. After being apprehended, he went back again to his slumber.

On the crystallize touchpad computer desk, Qin Yu tap his fingers to see the reports with regard to this man. There were a few points that he had discovered reading the doc.u.ments. His abnormal genetic appearance made him curious where did this man came?

"Did you confirm the type of amount in his blood?" Qin Yu's index fingers were tapping the crystal desk.

The head of the research group, a woman stepped in and replied, "Yes Sir. It turned out that he had neurotoxins and hemotoxins on his blood. The same venom substance that was innate of the prevalent malicious type of snakes. His blood was purely mixed with poison." The woman said but in her deep thoughts, she couldn't still believe it. How come a person like this existsespecially in this era?

Qin Yu fall into deep thoughts. His eyebrows were creases together as his grazes to the man lying on the other end of the glass boundary room.

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