Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 116

Volume 1 Chapter 116 The Ride

The loud groan of the man woke the whole staff from being drowsy and tipsy for overstaying the night just to finish the statistic report of the man. After three hours of injecting chloroform, he finally woke up. At first, seeing the unfamiliar white ceiling and the expansive glass wall Fu Jin Hao's expression was grim. Then he froze up. Trying to unlocked the metal cuffs bound on his arms and feet.

Qin Yu who sawed his semi-conscious state and opened the room door through imputing the password on the touchpad monitor in front of him. Then when he heard a mechanical long click, he proceeded to enter that place.

He requested that no one would come to him for a while.

Fu Jin Hao was tied so he was feeling uncomfortable. He felt the grim feeling of anxiousness without his sword on his back.

This man- Qin Yu thought. His shadow once said he was oozing a poisonous aura so there's no need for his staff to follow behind. He will only need to ask a few questions about this guy. He sat on the chair while crossing his legs. His heads tilted as he looked at him like a predator watching every move of his prey.

"To secure your security, be good and answer my question."

As soon as he seated upon the crystal chair, be began his interrogation.

Fu Jin Hao, even when tied up was still trying to break the metal cuffs through his sheer force though he was unsuccessful. In the face of the man whom he couldn't poison, he remains still. But his eyes remain sharp and vigilant.

"Where are you from?"

Fu Jin Hao thinking he couldn't do anything for the meantime and his sword where still missing answered in an ambiguous tone.

"The village of disappearing Soul." He thought there's nothing to fear to reveal his whereabouts. After all, no one will be able to find that place unless with the guidance of the insider but still it was a mandatory taboo to them to bring strangers inside. His bringing medic inside was special since its for the benefit of his tribesmen.

"Where is that place?"

Fu Jin Hao didn't answer.

"Tell, what are you're kind?"

No answer.

" Do you know the man named Qin Zayao?"

Still the same.

Qin Yu tried to shift his position and begin again.

"What is Qin Yulin's offer to you?"

Fu Jin Hao twitched his ears. Why was this man asked this kind of question?

Qin Yu saw his reaction and carefully observe his expression.

"Are you not going to answer even this?"

"T-to save them"

After a long pause, he finally answered.

Who? His people? He had already guessed so. It turned out that this Qin Yulin was offering something of a kind to this man in exchange for his strength. But this uncle of his was so shrewd that he had more than on his sleeve. This man in front of him will end up being another dog puppet in the hands of that man.

"What that man can offer, I can give it to you. You only need to switch your ground floor if you don't want to get messed up. I'm telling you he was only fooling you with whatever, sc.u.mmy offering he has proposed."

Fu Jin Hao stood firm to his decision. If only he had met this man first before Yulin then he'll definitely fight along with him. But he had already used the initial investment Yulin had offered. It'll look bad on the surface to change master because of some sugarcoated words of the man in front of him. Worst it was the person he had been aiming to eradicate. He can't let himself be subdued and controlled by his enemy.

Qin Yu sense the rejection. Therefore he stood up. Well, at least he had found an idea. This room was always free for this man to use. If he wanted to stay forever, then let him rot on this cage. This man was making the wrong choice in which he wasn't fully aware. He must soon wake up.


Su Ci Yi had been stood up. Veins popping down on her head. That Huan Ro wasn't answering her call! Besides, there was no cab passing by for almost an hour now. Only the flashy and bright sports cars are going to and fro on the spacious lane.

She was fuming when she received a call from the office company. It was one of the staff working there. Their secretary was the only staff that new her contact. The person on the other end of the line has a shaky voice. Su Ci Yi was the one freezing there but it seems that person on the other end was almost like her.

But then his next statement made Su Ci Yi narrowed her eyes.

"The deputy president collapses just this moment." This was his statement.

This was enough to make her heart beat faster. Su Ci Yi didn't know if this was her own sentiment or the original one. All she could only think at that moment was to teleport to where Su Ming was. But this mortal physique was prohibited from doing so.

This was the first time she felt this incredible surge of emotion aside from the 'death night' of hers. She thought that her Senior brother was the only person who could make her experience this kind of agitation.

Su Ci Yi spotted a flashy sports car that was going to her way. On the driver's seat positioned a lanky teenager that oozes of a debonair nobleman vibe. He was fully dressed up as if going into socialite gathering.

The teenager inside was talking over the phone but still, his eyes were on the road. It seems that he was asking for a piece of advice to the other end of the line, for the gifts he will be bringing to the girl's house. He was so nervous that he had woke up early and ended preparing for the morning. He was still sleepy this time when out of nowhere a certain woman came out in front of him!


He gasped in surprise. There was a loud thud outside that came from bumping the woman's physique. He definitely heard some bone-cracking sound from the impact.

"Holy Sh*T!" He came down running after the accident. "What?!" The other end called hearing him cursed. "I think I killed someone." The other party fell to silence. Over there, he also heard a loud crashing impact of the hit. "Y-you"Then the line ended. The boy who had run into Su Ci Yi was panicked. He walked towards the front of his car and sure enough, there was a large dent on the car's interior. But there was no woman underneath. He even peeked on the tire below but there wasn't any trace of blood. Did he run to a metal?"

Scratching his head, he was relieved and turned around

"Hi, there!" Su Ci Yi's pale face plastered in front of him! The man almost stumbled on the ground by her sudden appearance. Where the heck did she came?!

Su Ci Yi without minding the man's expression walk to the car and briskly opened the window. She seated next to the driver's seat.

The man's stare shifted from the woman and to the big dent on the car's surface. 'His precious baby was injured just like that? And the culprit, he didn't even know?'

Su Ci Yi's patience was already running. She hadn't had a lot of time dawdling here. She was so worried about what might happen to Su Ming. She saw the man picked up his phone and called the national police department. He was about to report this current incident when his phone was cut into two symmetrical parts.

Astonished by the weird happening, his eyes darted to the woman who went out of his car and was holding a rusty sword. Gut was telling him that this was the culprit of his shattered phone.

Su Ci Yi quickly hides her enormous sword back to her space bag and confronted the man. She doesn't want to do this but she was desperate to go to Su Ming.

The man breathes heavily. He was fond of reading supernatural movies and this was the first time seeing it happened in live-action! He agonized over his bad luck, out of all people why did he need to meet her. Now his little life would almost be gone. She will definitely kill him!

Su Ci Yi came to him. She stood in front. Her stare was firm and her eyes were lithe of strong dedication. She doesn't know how to drive. So she needed him.

She bows down in due respect in front of him and requested to drop her by the hospital. She was a little rude earlier and felt guilty of her own trail of actions.

The man was stupefied, then he looked at the dent of the car.

'Ah, so this was it?' She thought. She then walked on front of the big lump of dent that was made on the shiny red sports car. She tried to mold the metal to get the same shape and l.u.s.ter as it was before. Like molding a soft clay vase, it didn't take long before the big dent return to their original shape through the surface was still rough.

She heaved in a sense of accomplishment and turned to him.

"I return it to the same shape as it was before. Sorry that I bump at it earlier. You didn't saw me so I need to stop you."

The man stood stunned dazed.

He can see, the birth of 'wonder woman' was not far ahead in the future.

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