Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 117

Volume 1 Chapter 117 The Other Scy

It was totally dark outside. The chilly environment woke her consciousness. Su Ming slowly stood up from her current lying position.

She can't remember the hows and when did she come here. The only thing she could think of was that she collapses in the office. After that, all were blur and black to her.

She observed her environment. It was so dark yet why does she can make out of the entire surroundings? She could literally feel the stone pathway on where she lied just a moment ago. There was also no presence of a single living human nearby. If there is, at least she could ask for a direction and help.

Su Ming tried to walk her way out. On the other side, no matter how she thinks of this place she cannot remember. She was fully aware that she hadn't been here. The place didn't strike any sense of familiarity with her.

This place was so dark. The flickering lights didn't even help the situation and even contributed to the eerie space.

Running as far as she could, she limped over a large boulderor it is? As soon as Su Ming look at the big rock, her round eyes narrowed. On the flat granite stone, there was a note which was vividly stated: "In Loving Memory of ... "

Chills run down her spine. She's not stupid not to realized things. She stumbled on the ground. On the moist Bermuda grass, the name of the person being buried right on the spot was clearly showing on her face.

This was a memorial place of the dead. What was she doing here? Did someone kidnap her while she was unconscious and brought to this place? What kind of person will bring her here? Her mind was filled with this puzzling thoughts.

Afterward, she heard a soft little sob on her side. A person in a white dress was noticeable in her eyes in the middle of the night. She was crying in front of a tombstone. Su Ming felt relief in spite of the person's gloomy ambiance. At least this night she wasn't alone.

Su Ming came to her side. Patted the scrunching back of the woman. She couldn't see her face that was deeply buried on her lap. Although her faint sobs made her feel sorry towards her.

"Miss" Su Ming tried to open up a conversation. Although it'll be a little rude for her to interrupt this person's solemnity on the dead, she still needed to find her direction and way out on this place.


The woman didn't stop her sobbing.

Su Ming decided to let this person finish her sentiments and would trouble her later. Her face just nonchalantly looked to the name of the tombstone this person was lamenting. Her eyes adjusted to the crooked written name on the surface.

But her eyes even narrowed when she spotted the letters written on it. There was a bone-chilling sensation that ran through her spine. The words she had read kept repeating on her mind. The very familiar words that were engraved to her inner core. The one person's name she's very familiar with.


Her hand was that cold was now trembling. She even got herself near the engraved sign to fully read those letters. If someone was playing pranked, this was not funny at all.

"They all forgot about me"

She heard the woman spoke beside her. Her voice was weak and muffled but she was able to hear it.

"They didn't care after all..."



"No one ever"

"Even Su Ming didn't care"

This last word of hers was enough to set Su Ming minds into chaos. In agitation, she forcefully tried to shove the woman's face in front of her.

Words can't tell how she was horrified and the sweats came running down her head. Her beating chest was so fast that she felt it would almost skip her body. The evening wind which was so cold even made her shivered and trembled.

Her pallid face was unsightly to see.

The face of her sister was right in front of her. The pale face that looked emaciated and thin was deprived of any healthy glow. There was a series of dark black lines under her eyes. Her lips that should be rosy was tinted in purple color. Her hair that was silky and smooth were scattered and rough. Now the moonlight that was nowhere to be seen earlier was shining brightly on the translucent appearance of her sister right in front of her.

'That person' faced her in total black eyes. Then she started to raise her hand on her cheeks. Su Ming was petrified in the place. This 'other Si Cu Yi' leaned in front of her, near her ear and whispered in a husky tone that came from the grave of the graves. Malicious and dark...

"Remember that I am here, Su Ming. You are my only 'one Sister in the whole world...Do not forget about me..."


"Su Ming wake up!" There came a loud face slap that echoed. The woman who was m.o.a.ning and groaning on her bed finally opened her eyes. Su Ci Yi couldn't help to see her in her pitiful state, therefore, she had no choice but to render force just to wake her up.

Good thing she woke up.

Su Ming's bleary eyes looked into Su Ci Yi's worried look. The latter had been observing Su Ming for almost an hour now from the time she collapses. The man whom she took a ride was too kind to not let her pay. At the speed of the light, she arrived a few minutes after Su Ming's collapsed.

Su Ming's mind was still digesting her nightmare. But as soon as she saw the face in front of her, she can't help but shiver again. She pinched her face to ascertain if she was still dreaming and was concluded by the slight pain that ticked her skin. There was no way that this was all a dream after all.

That thing she had experienced was just a mere nightmare.

"Well then, it seems that she's alright now." Seeing her fully stabilize Baronette stood up. When Su Ming collapses earlier, she was the one in front of her. She called immediately a staff to let Su Ci Yi know.

Although the office nurse prescribed some supplements and vitamins, since she had been lacking in immunity Su Ming was still brought home. Her pale face wasn't a good indicator to continue her pacing with the doc.u.ments and reports.

She was brought home by some of their staff because Qin Yu was currently cannot be reached.

Su Ci Yi was left with the whole processing and internal affairs inside.

Being not fully versed in this department, she looked horrified at the pile of papers that were like demon faces to her. It would even good if she was facing a demon than these papers.

She should have been on the City C by now, extravagating that forest from Huan Ro's map. She tried to call the guy again but still unattended. Huan Ro or that Qin Yu, both men are not picking up their phone!

As she was fully concentrating on the paper, her mind wanders through the outside of her office. She could hear the clear berating of people behind her back. It seemed that these people's stereotype belief of her mental capacity was still circulating in the air.

If she's that kind of person, why would she be here at the office? The news about her downfall was really rampant and widely known. Even the video of her harassment and craze acts where posted on the internet and the reason why these people were reluctant to approach her. Although that was a long time ago, people don't know how to let go.

Even one of the staff who will need to get a signature from her anxiously approached her.

"M-madam the report that you had just signed has some errors. The head agency returned the file while demanding to revised and submit it before the end of the day."

Su Ci Yi's eyebrow raised.

"Ekkk!" She heard the staff blurted in front of her. She's scared of her as if she'll bite any moment.

Su Ci Yi didn't take her reaction to the heart. She received the paper from her and gestured for her to leave. Then she began to revise the report again. The job that should only be done for an hour took her three hours to analyze and finished. By the time she emailed, it was already dark. She was the only one left this night. As she was eager to go home and feel the nostalgic autumn wind... there came another email that popped on her window when she was about to close it. Her submitted report was rejected again and needed to revise for the second time!

Su Ci Yi doesn't know what was the mistake anymore! The feeling when one wanted to go out already but these trifling mundane reports were chaining her feet from doing so. She was looking blankly to the monitor not knowing what to do. At the end out of her blank mind, she fell asleep. No use in recycling this dead brain of hers. A few minutes passed, in her semi-conscious state, she felt someone dr.a.p.e a coat over her shoulder. Then a rapid clicking of the keyboard was heard. She could faintly discern the silhouette of the broad shoulder and the rare masculine cologne that was like hypnosis to the nose. She then fell into the deep slumber.

"Need to send. Reports...asap..." She mumbled between her sleep.

In the middle of the darkroom, the man seated just across her. He was only a meter away from her and their chairs were facing together. The woman was leaning on her desk, her full view face was overlooking to his side. The man leaned near her while his right hand was supporting his face. Right at this moment, he was engraving the woman's facial features into his inner memory.

The woman's lips twisted and utter some words which were inaudible. His lips perk up and thought, 'Ah, he won't get bored looking at this face for the entire night.'

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