Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 118

Volume 1 Chapter 118 Company Affairs

Su Ci Yi woke up feeling refresh the entire morning. The usual morning sunlight had lightly pecked on her healthy glowing skin. During this past night, Qin Tao slept in his father's room. Although the man allowed him to slept next to her, in the middle of the night he'd sneak inside and get the child out.

Every morning, the fuming and crumpled face of the child would face his father's innocent look.

Su Ming hadn't felt well since yesterday, therefore, the company was left on Su Ci Yi's shoulder. Now that she thought about it, she remembered that she hadn't finished her report yesterday! It's not only about the report but she was surprised by how she did come home last night?

This topic, she didn't bring it over during breakfast. Only then when Qin Yu drop her by that she knew he was the one who brought her home. But her report she wasn't able to send it!

Qin Yu, seeing the worried look of her on the rearview mirror, opened up his mouth. His face was coy and there was a conceited tone in his speech. "If you're thinking about the doc.u.ments, I already submitted it."

Su Ci Yi sideway, turn to look at his face. After saying that, she felt that the thorns that had been stuck to her chest gradually subsided. She thought that these mundane things are beginning to overflow on her emotion lately. These conspicuous feelings that she didn't possess in her other life.

When she went into the office she was already five minutes late. Since her room was located in the innermost of the building, she couldn't help but pass by the staff and employees.

"Yo! You're late." Baronette immediately went to her. She was already in the office by the time she came and was on her hobby to collect unfounded rumors, especially since she can feel the hot topic was about her.

As a person in a high position, Su Ci Yi didn't need to mind these people backstabbing, gossiping, and throwing rumors about her moreover the first person to fully utilize these plot holes was her third cousin.

Su Ci Yi hadn't mind her the first time that she came with Su Ming but the woman's eyes were beginning to become darker and darker the next days to come. Especially these time that she had been fully controlling the management affair. Sometimes, she could hear her malicious backstabbing from the women's cubicle or down the hallway.

Su Ci Yi would only crumple her head whenever she heard this.

"Your foreheads been rough what was the matter?" Baronette noticed the unusual crumpling of her temple.

Su Ci Yi just shrugged it off. Did they know that the word abuse wouldn't affect her? This owner's original body might, but to her, it just won't penetrate.

Baronette seeing her usual and calm demeanor didn't pursue the matter but divert to different things.

"I might as well intrude but your cousin was quite a show lately."

Su Ning Ann was her cousin's name. She had been working to their company way too long but she was only on the low level of management. Though she was part of the Su Clan, his father didn't give any special treatment to those people who wanted to crawl on top based on mere connection. Nepotism was not the management thing of this company.

When her father collapses she presented herself to be the temporary holder of the business dealings. She said that his husband was willing to assist in taking the plight of governing affairs. Of course, Su Mo rejected.

Their Clan wasn't flourishing with members like any other family with a lot of branches. The Su Clan was numerable with regards to their family members which was scattered on the different parts of the City and had their own business establishment, but the main house was centered on their family.

Su Ning Ann's family came from the lowest household of the Su Clan. Now, even Baronette could distinguish and understand this woman's indemnity to her.

It was all said that even though she was still under observation of her mental stability she was approved to run the business entity. Her credibility to lead was on the line.

"Doesn't matter as long as she doesn't pull ridiculous act then she's out of my sight for now." Su Ci Yi's apathetic reaction to these groundless rumors.

Baronette could not believe what she said, therefore she raised her eyebrows, "If it's not a ridiculous act of blatantly spreading the false rumor of your instability and unworthiness, deliberately giving false reports, acting and not showing respect to her superior... well, she was one hell of a character."

Still not only that, Baronette added, "Offering expired bread, giving bitter coffees and a lunchbox with dog meat to bother."

Su Ci Yi didn't know these things. For a grown-up a.d.u.l.t, she was truly childish. Anyway, this Baronette has quite an eye for details. Su Ci Yi unknowing averted these tragedies when she was able to forget the bread to eat, accidentally spill those bitter coffees and forgot the lunch box on a car when Qin Yu drop her off.

"Thanks for tipping off. "

"So now that you know, what are you gonna do?"

"I'll wait until I'll get stoned by her childishness again." Now her lips were curving into a mischievous smile.


Baronette didn't quite understand her.


Su Ning Ann saw Baronette going out in the office.

Now that the woman was out, she could deliberately go inside without reserve. She paced back and forth before going in and saw that her cousin's head was deeply buried in the paperwork.

On her hand, she had brought a dozen of camelia flower fresh from being delivered and was still wrapped. Because Baronette tipped her off, Su Ci Yi already knew her agenda and therefore meticulously observe from the corner of her eyes. She didn't still lift her eyes and pretended not to notice her arrival.

Su Ning Ann put the wrapped flowers on the faraway table. Knock on the desk to let her know of her existence. "You've been diligently doing overtime every day? I heard you're still recuperating, shouldn't you be at ease for a while. You have quite a lot of outstanding employees here."

Su Ci Yi read between her lines. This woman was aiming at one thing. But she didn't let it go.

"No worries. I could get by these hard papers. Su Ming will be back in a few days."

Su Ning Ann gritted her teeth. 'She'll come back? Dang! Just when she thought she had already had an upper hand on this company. A little more push and she'll end up getting what she wanted. Just a little more time and push.'

"If you can't take it, my husband was working on one of the famous corporations in this country. I know you're aware of the Qin Imperial Corporation right? He can deliberately help you with the ongoing dealings and smooth transactions of the business. His experience was on an outstanding level with managing a certain business."


"The reason you don't need to let your husband meddle with this. I just thought that corporation is a grandiose one that needed competent and fully focused employees on their company. They don't need one that sails on two rivers. Anomalies and conflict might occur."

Su Ning Ann felt indignation by her blatant rejection that states no room for negotiation.

"If you don't want to get his help just say so. Just don't regret your decision. Qin Corporation is not a company you can imagine. Affiliating with their branches is already a good strategy for our growing company."

"You're so sure of yourself."

Su Ning Ann exclaimed with a conjunction. "My husband's friend has a bloodline lineage of the Qin. He works on top management and we could try to plot ties with them."

"No thank you." Su Ci Yi immediately declines.

"Are you serious? Meeting a Qin and knowing them was already a blessing in disguise for our company. It'll give benefits and market potential of our own. You'll get this kind of offer in a million years."

Su Ci Yi remained steadfast in her resolution.

"Fine then! If you insist."

Su Ning Ann howled outside of the room.

Even if the woman went out, she still alerted her vision. There's no moment that she could let her guard down.

"Are you done eavesdropping? You should be proud of your company?"

Qin Yu went inside. It seems that he overheard the previous conversation earlier but didn't let himself in.

"Milady is the only one who belittles my company."

Su Ci Yi snorted. "I am not."

Qin Yu passed by her and opened the unwrapped thing. Scrutinizing the Camelia flower, which was too suspicious for him.

After a moment his brows knitted and dash to her side. Su Ci Yi was stunned by his sudden roughness. He lifted her arms to his level. Su Ci Yi immediately swung upwards by his actions.

"I see"

Qin Yu then remained silent. Su Ci Yi looked at him in puzzlement.

"You have allergies on these flowers?"

It was only then that she spotted suspicious red marks on her arms now. The thing was still a tiny little red dots that were climbing their way on her body now.

She couldn't help but chuckle. Surely, that woman was up to no good again.

"Wait here."

Soon Qin Yu's appearance vanished. Before he goes out, he securely throws the flowers to the trash bin.

When he came back, he already had a pack of allergy medicines and rashes lotion. His action was swift and he didn't how could he possibly went and go to his car in just a span of seconds?

While applying the scented lotion on her hand, he incoherently mumbled, "TrulyHow can I suppose to let you go on this? Since Qin Tao and I will get back home soon. "

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