Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 119

Volume 1 Chapter 119 A Ridiculous Attempt Against Her

There's no real reason to stay any longer at the villa. Qin Yu had been much grateful that they had stayed for quite a couple of weeks inside. He had thought that the man Qin Yulin hired would pose a great threat to their own lives. Since the man was kind of bizarre and he had this weird ability, it doesn't make sense that he had subdued him easily, on the contrary, he was an easy feat to deal with.

The problem lies with Qin Tao. He wondered how can he explain that his abrupt vacation came to end and they could go home in a no-hassle and no bustle manner without throwing flowery coaxing and beyond negotiations to him.

He had thought of many a time to invite Su Ci Yi to come with him given the status of her position on this household was bad. Since he had a lot of debt to share with her and he had no idea where to start giving it back. Every time he tried to catch this woman within his grasp, she was slipping and slipping down no matter how he tried to catch. The foreboding sense that she slips just like that easily was prevailing on his chest.

Su Ci Yi's mind, on the other hand, was on different matters. Now that it came to this, her trip to that place will need to postpone for a while. Also, added the fact of Huan Ro's sudden hospitalization made the trip eventually on a halt. The reason she wasn't able to receive his call that day was that the other person met an accident. On his way to their meet up, a stag suddenly crossed his way. He immediately pulled the brake and in doing so he wasn't able to protect his head from the impact. He lost consciousness and therefore brought to the hospital with a small concussion on the brain.

Su Ci Yi can't blame him. So, therefore, she let this matter for a later cause.

Right now, her senses were open as she activated her beyond hearing ability.


"Are you sure that people of yours are capable of this job?" Su Ning Ann was talking on the phone. It was break-time on the company therefore she sneaked in the women's cubicle to make a call to her husband. She had assigned an important job for him to find suitable people just to give that woman a lesson. If Su Ci Yi will be gone, that Su Mo will automatically give the company's authority to her since she's the only one blood-related and suitable for the position. If his two daughters of him where out of the way, then she can have what she really wanted.

Now that the company was running on the smooth path, the gang that was posing threat a while ago was already taken care of. Though she had no idea who did it, she was sure that they asked for the police's help. Since it's a hush-hush operation.

"There was nothing wrong here. You just need to secure your cousin and follow the script." The other man replied in a casual manner, not treating the other party as the leader or whatsoever.

"Alright. Alright. Anyway, don't do anything rash. Just give her a scare that it could trigger her mental instability again." Su Ning Ann's evil smile flashed. Even her tone had a tint of excitement in saying so.

"Okay." There was only that small replied then the other party ended the call.

'Che. No manners at all.'

Su Ning Ann went out of the cubicle and pretended to wash her hands as if she really did her business inside. But she shuddered to see that Baronette was also inside washing her hands. It couldn't be that she heard their conversation right? Though she doubted that if she even did it, she couldn't comprehend the whole discussion. She had made sure that there was no one inside when she called him. So the probability that this woman came in the middle of their discussion was high.

She was afraid that she might hear her because this woman was the president's dog. Always staying at her office.

Baronette was only washing her hands without making any sound. This woman seated on a high ranking position and therefore Su Ning Ann tried to please her. But this woman only looked at her in a ridiculous manner as if she knew what was she thinking. As if her soul was being filtered inside and the woman in front can read her mind, she decided not to suck to her anymore. Anyway, if she gained the position she was aiming for, this kind of woman will wriggle her butt intermittently to her. By the time she will ignore her.

Baronette finished her business inside. When Su Ning Ann thought that she had gone, her voice echoed just outside the cubicle wall.

"If you really want to achieve your goal. You better find real men to do the job."

Su Ning Ann was flabbergasted. Thoughts fall into her head. So in the end, did she heard it or not?

The tap in front of her was left open as she dialed that same number again. She doesn't know but this woman Baronette was sometimes mysterious and enigmatic. Just in case the plan would take a 100% successful, she needed to wave contingency plan to counter any failed attempt.

The other line immediately connected and a man in raspy and irritated voice answered. "What is this again? Are you not busy there?!" The man was berating her but it didn't register to her mind. Deep inside, she was very focused on the success rate of their plan. "For back-up purposes, bring your burly men with you."

The man was dumbfounded. Collecting them again was a hassle. In this little amount of time, it was really difficult to do so.

Su Ning Ann felt the reluctance of the other person and her forehead vein popped out."Just follow me and collect them immediately. Don't be late on your post."

"What can a single woman do? Don't you think it's a little overboard?"

"Do you remember that Jang brotherhood that exhausted this company?"

The man seem to think. What does this have to do with him?

Su Ning Ann added. "Well, they had been taken care of. Just the time when the new deputy president was sitting. There was no news that leak out regarding their eradication. We need to be careful. We don't know what's behind their back. But as long as she's alone don't missed your chance and immediately rush to her. Don't wait for her to get help from others either."

The person only hummed in agreement. If this was the case, they sure will run out of time. If he needed to gather them, now's not the chance to idle.

After stating her request, Su Ning Ann was the one who hung up to him this time.

The man twisted his lips in irritation and muttered. 'What a manner less woman'


There was this dark area again. Su Ming scrutinized her vision. Somewhat, she began to feel familiar with the place. The same landscape, the same ground soil, the same granite tombstone appearing on her sight. A familiar sobbing woman was beneath her. At first, she was very afraid of her, seeing her zombie-like feature. But then, after a few nights of dreaming about her, she began to gradually acquainted with her.

She tapped her on her shoulder giving her the signal that she was here. But every time she do so, a cold shoulder was given to her. The woman kept sobbing nonstop and from time to time she would lift her face and stare solemnly to the name of the person on the tombstone.

Su Ming was also puzzled by this kind of dream of her. As if this dream was telling her about something.

This was the third day Su Ming was experiencing this kind of phenomenon and it came to the point where she could distinguish it as a dream.

And every time she appeared, the only thing she could do was to sit behind this person who was sobbing nonstop.

Tired of sitting her butt out, she walked and scrutinized the whole area. She was not afraid of trailing the grounds of the graveyard anymore because she knew that this was all a dream. Nothing can scare her on this fanatical world.

As she goes by, the place she pace had become deeper and deeper. She didn't even know where she currently was. This will not end by her getting lost right? Anyway, this was just a dream and if she'll get lost, she will later woke up immediately.

However, Su Ming didn't know. The deeper she went, the danger it gets to her corporeal body. The unconscious body soon stood up. Walk on their own. There was no destination or whatsoever. Similar to a sleepwalking case.

Soon she stopped.

Then she shuddered and fall on to the stairs.

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