Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 12

Volume 1 Chapter 12 Humanly Desires

"Xiao Ro, I didn't know your here! You should have told me..." The woman clings to him the moment she saw him, neglecting all the person on their surroundings. Then it was only mid-way on her sentence that she took at glance at Su Ci Yi.

Her eyes widen, seeing her out of the public. She must really think that she's still ill and was suffering inside that mental hospital.

We'll sorry about that but she's super healthy both in mind and her body.

"Miss Su..." a fake sense of concern shown in her face. "Shouldn't you go out? Why are you here?"

"She has permission from her doctor already!" Qin Tao was getting irritated now. Truthfully, why does he needs to explain this to every person he met.

"Xiao Ro do you have anything to do now? Why don't you accompany Miss Su first? I'll be with my friends anyway. Don't worry, Miss Su needs you right now."

"I can do well by myself. Su Ming will be right here any moment." She got to admit, this was Su Ci Yi's long sentence since the moment she met Huan Ro.

Su Ci Yi was about turn but Huan Ro grab her hand. Su Ci Yi instinctively let out her internal qi and caused commotion for the second time. Now it resulted to massive fall down of clothes rock.

Huan Ro immediately let go of her and was focused on the fallen things. His eyebrows crunched sensing that it seems this phenomenon seems to be unnatural.

Su Ci Yi grab this whole opportunity while Huan Ro's not paying attention and slip into the crowds together with Qin Tao.

The moment Huan Ro get his attention back, Su Ci Yi was nowhere to be found.

Xiang Mo Mo grab this chance to cling even more to him. "Xiao Ro, where did Su Ci Yi go? Don't you think it'll be dangerous to her to just go like that ?"

Huan Ro really admires the consideration of his girlfriend. He even felt proud and satisfied finding a woman like her. He caresses the woman's head and kiss the top of her head.

"It's okay sweetie, the kid was with her?"

Xiang Mo was satisfied with Huang Ro's reaction and on her phone sneak a a short but meaningful messages to her friends that says " The bitch is gone. I got my man all back to me!"


Su Ci Yi and Qin Tao stroll for a moment while waiting for Su Ming. It seems that she's getting a hard time dealing with that phone call of hers.

"Master, who was that man?"

Qin Tao's childish curiosity showed. Su Ci Yi pondered who is that man really to her? She's not really acquainted to her. But this original's owner's body is so obsessed with him. She realizes that doesn't want to see that man! Who knows, this original owner's feeling is very dangerous on her part.

"Just some man I'm not familiar"

"ehhh? But master seems like to be in pained a little earlier?"

Su Ci Yi touch her unfamiliar face. Did that really showed up earlier?That even a child could see through her?Really pathetic of hers. She was a nascent soul cultivator and this worldly desires has never been a burden to her. How low did she fall on this identity?

A once hailed and successful immortal but now she became weak and a source of laughing stock.

"What do you know about this a.d.u.l.t stuff huh? You're just a little zygote, no need to be serious" Su Ci Yi then pinch the chubby cheeks of this child. Anyway, there's no advantage moping her destiny. Everything should move on.

But really, while thinking...the squeamishness and softness of the bulging cheeks she was pincing lessen the burden she's feeling.

This feels great!

Su Ci Yi look at the source of this tenderness.

"mashterrrr...it hurtsh..."

"Huh, it hurts? Just like this and it already pained you? If you are my disciple, you can never reach my level"

Hearing this, Qin Tao straighten his back as he offer the other half of his face. "Master please squish my other left cheeks also!"

The two people was so absorb into their own little world and didn't know that people are staring at them. Qin Tao was a cute kid that anyone would find attractive. People would often smile when they passed by them.

Then Qin Tao saw something that caught his interest. The child hurriedly went down from the bench they we're sitting and hastily run inside the clothes section. Su Ci Yi was stunned by his sudden action but just let it go. The sales lady in-charge was also looking after the child.

After a few moments, Qin Tao brought a stylish clothes. It wasn't more than a stylish but rather traditional. It was a white robe with golden ligning over the edge. The hem was also professionally decorated based on the robe's style.

The child came running excitedly towards her showing her two frontal teeth.

"Master! This looks good on you!"

Su Ci Yi scrutinize the dress that the child brought in. Surely it was the same style with the one she is using on her sect. But the quality and smoothness of the fiber is hundred times different.

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