Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 120

Volume 1 Chapter 120 Master's Recognition

When Su Ci Yi heard the commotion at the villa mansion, she left the office as if her butt was on fire. Though it was still early to leave, her shadow swept throughout the path. Walking on the long hall of her staff. As usual, the envy glint of a single person around the corner flashed. However, after a long while, her sour lips perked up.

Su Ning Ann was quite sure that this will be a good deduction points to this acting president of theirs.

Su Ci Yi doesn't really care about Su Ning Ann's envy glare. Her staffs were all good somehow. The only bad person who spread the bad rumors where this cousin of hers.

When Su Ci Yi arrived, the thing she witnessed was Su Ming's feet with a cast. On her side was a private doctor examining the damage on her feet. Good thing her head was saved from the abysmal fall. Su Ming's face was also pale and dark circles rounding her eyes. Su Ci Yi scrutinized her overall appearance. Truly pitiful to see.

Qin Yu was following behind while the little child was trotting on his back. His abnormal silence and hiding his presence were somewhat suspicious but Su Ci Yi's attention centered on Su Ming.

Su Ming cast a glance to the face that she had been seeing for the consecutive nights. Deep down, her mind was still a messed. She was dumbfounded when she saw Baronette within her dreams. Though she was turning her back towards her, somehow she could associate the good proportion body standing in front of her.

"What happened?" Su Ci Yi couldn't help but frown her face. A hint of curious look was visible.

Su Ming tried to be the epitome of optimism and even if her legs were still aching, she plastered a weak smile. "I just made a swift ride down the stairs. Hehe."

"Yesterday you collapsed. Now, this is again? Is something the matter?"

Su Ming's fall was natural. She was caught walking deeper and deeper until she didn't know that her body already left the room. No one was outside earlier therefore no one was able to stop her.

Of course, Su Ci Yi was informed how did this happen. The answer she'd like to hear was not that. She could sense the dark energies behind Su Ming's condition. Though they were faint and almost transparent, the mark left can be distinguished.

But Su Ming didn't tell her the truth.

It was ridiculous to make that dream a big deal.

Qin Tao went out and decided to be a good child and stayed in the room of his father. He doesn't want his presence to litter on the chaotic situation. His master seems busy these days that her time with him was limited. Every time Su Ci Yi came home, it was already night. Qin Tao could only sleep with his father's room for a while.

The child was establishing his taciturn nature. He settled on the far edge of the fluffy bed pouting his lips counting mushroom in a gloomy nature.

If this goes on, his master's attention might be diverted forever and eventually forget about Qin Tao.

That's it! Qin Tao will get himself stuck to her this time. Qin Tao will not be a burden to her. He can determine a person's aura by the slight feeling, therefore, her master might let him stay by her side.

With this, Qin Tao propped himself confidently. He went down the gigantic bed and trotted with his small little steps.

"Hold it." Qin Yu picked up the child through his collar and suspended him on the air in an attempt to level him on his face.

Qin Tao shivered. He knows his father's temperament. His unfair and inconspicuous ploy. His apparent move and blatant hindrance between the harmonious interaction between his master and him! He wanted to keep his master by himself!

"Where will our little Ah Tao going this time?"

Qin Tao's cheeks puff. "Daddy...master is a little busy these days?"

Qin Yu arched his eyebrows. " So can you see it too? She had a lot of stuff to take care of. So don't be a little butterfly annoyingly buzzing behind her. Hmm?"

"Then master needs my help this time!"

Qin Yu didn't know where did this coming from. But since there was the mood to tell him the right thing now, he seated to the bed and put the child beneath him.

He then observed him for a while then languidly fix his sleave and spoke in a gentle tone. " In a few days, we're going back. Be sure to pack up your things."

As if all the blood on Qin Tao's body ran to his brain. His face flushed in bright tomato and exclaimed, "No! I don't want to go home!"


In the end, Su Ci Yi went out of Su Ming's room in order to organize her thoughts. It was also the time when Su Mo went out of his room and found her leaning on the staircase handle. He immediately strode to her front, his nose huffing in imaginary thick smoke. Su Mo, every time he saw this daughter of his, would always break into an undeniable uprise of his mood. Though he knew that it was not the fault of hers that contributed to their downfall but the feeling of losing something and arbitrary deception was lurking deep inside him.

"Why are you here? Don't you know that there's a very important client who dropped by at the office? I was informed that you are currently not inside but only to see you here?"

Su Ci Yi didn't mind the obvious indemnity on his voice. She was far used to it.

"I didn't go for leisure, just drop by to see Su Ming's condition." She explained. Her mood was calm. She doesn't want to create a complicated feeling right now.

"What is there to see? She just fell on the stairs. It's not as if no one was taking care here. We are here, what are you so agitated?"

Su Ci Yi snorted. If they are so vigilant enough then this won't happen to Su Ming. After she collapses, she falls off, what is there again after this? She wanted to know Su Ming's current status. Now even this liberty was being taken away from her? Try her, we'll see if he can?

"I'll go back then." After saying that she left without waiting for his answer. She knew who tip Su Mo about her little side trip. Must be that Su Ning Ann whose trail of thought wanted to replace her in her position.

She went out to get a cab and hail to the office immediately. But before doing so, she cast a protection talisman on Su Ming bed. Just in case for her protection purposes.

However, unknown to her. The moment she went out of the villa. She was already been followed.

A group of men intercepted her on the intersection.

The innocent cab driver was lost seeing that they were ganged. A black-tinted van stop in front of them and the hideous face of grizzled men came out of it. Su Ci Yi didn't like the look of the hungry faces of these people. There were all big men in messy hair and a crooked smile. The ring leader was standing in front. He was an extra-large in size wearing a denim jacket and a pair of rugged shoes. There were an obsolete style sunglasses obstructing the view in front of his face.

Su Ci Yi took a look at the innocent cab driver in which they held hostage just to get a hold of her neck. Truly pathetic to the bones.

"Little Miss~" The old man talked to her in a rude way. "Please, obediently get inside the car if you don't want to get harmed."

Su Ci Yi obediently nodded and entered the black van.

Along the way, she had no idea where these fools will lead them. They still took the cab driver in front to serve as a mince hostage for her. Their action wasn't suspicious at all. And the passerby cars didn't try to take a look at their situation.

So, Su Ci Yi just went along their way.

She didn't know where are they? But they stop in the middle of an abandoned house. When they go out it was already night time. The bright moon shone strongly outside. There were no chances of heavy rain this night and the enormous acacia tree outside was swaying along with the rhythmic music of the wind.

News also stated that this night would happen the much-awaited century lunar eclipse. Must be the reason why the sword resonated hardly on her spatial bag. It was acting strangle the moment the night fell. It was palpitating and exuding a warm heat that didn't pose danger at this moment.

Those men who took her also went down the black van. Some were whistling, singing in their tone-deaf voice and howling like mad dogs of the night. All kinds of noises that were unpleasant to hear.

Sooner, the leader of the group shouted and somewhat pulled something from his seat. A dangling chubby child was suspended on the air like a pitiful rabbit that was caught by a fierce lion.

Su Ci Yi's eyes narrowed. It was not because she didn't expect Qin Tao to follow but the fact he could hide his aura pretty well was an excellent indicator that his doing well on his meditation.

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