Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 121

Volume 1 Chapter 121 The Turbulent Moonlight

Qin Yu has been left behind inside the mansion. Although it was against his will, even if he's rejecting the proposition in the end he accepted. He only let a silent sigh. If it was his lady who issued the command, this poor soul will obediently abide. Just this time.

Qin Yu was used to be the one who's controlling people's lives. Commanding and holding people's neck within his hands. But now, he can't refute when a small woman in her sparkly eyes, asked for a request to watch over her sister?

The filial sisterly bond bound between two people was something that people sometimes couldn't grasp. Greed, materialism, and envy. Those terms were the root cause of why some siblings won't get along together. On some occasions, dire situations are the catalyst on which direction a certain bond would lead. But the majority of it was hone in the home.

Qin Yu can't help to get inspired by these inclinations. He swift a gaze on the sleeping Su Ming and went out of the room to puff some a cigarette.

Soon when he finished his thing, he began to doubt the unusual stickiness of the child was nowhere to be found. Now that he thought it over, that little child was missing. The moment she had gone, the child's shadow also disappeared.

Even the shadow who had been guarding him was gone.

By this, Qin Yu made an abrupt call.

In a few seconds, the other line answered and informed that he was tailing a suspicious van who took the little masterno, that wasn't it. The van that the little master tailed earlier. When a parent knowing his child refused to follow his strict orders, he would feel extreme anger. Qin Yu was still calm at the moment but deep inside he was beginning to weave what kind of punishment to go over the child.

"Tail him meticulously. Don't let any finger out of your sight."

The professional and well-trained warrior that he himself scouted from the prestigious military school nodded in full acceptance of his order.

Then he put down the phone that he had used and looked upon the unusual bright moon.

This child of him. Was very likely cut with his attitude. Was very attracted to that woman. Since the child was with her, there was nothing to worry about. He drooped down his shoulder knowing that he was with Su Ci Yi. However, he wasn't able to relax completely when the laboratory unit called to him reporting that the man they captured was going berserk inside.

Immediately, at lightning speed, he took the road on the night with his Phantom Edition Rolce Royce car parked within the distance.


"Whose kid is this?!" The leader of the group shouted as he scrutinized the baby child with an exquisite feature and rare eyes color. He can definitely see that this kid was not some regular child of a white-collar regular employee. Sen Sung can determine the smell of an aristocratic kid with a nobility bloodline. But that's description was over the edge since there was no royalty of nobility living nearby.

Sen Sung was the name of the man dangling Qin Tao. The child's face was lithe in unhealthy white and his lips had become pale yet he stared fiercely at the man who handled him roughly. He can't let himself be a coward since his master was here.

Earlier, he sneaks out of his father's sight and went with his master without knowing. He unconsciously hid his aura well, that was the reason Su Ci Yi wasn't able to detect him.

It's funny to think that this child had the chance of killing her given his ability advantage.

Going over, Su Ci Yi was fully aware of Su Ning Ann's minion. As if she wasn't able to notice the woman's insidious plot that was brazenly showed on her gestures.

Su Ci Yi's eyes glint in excitement, looking to the pair of hoodlums. Tonight, there was no Qin Yu to observe her trail and would block her merry mood. She had all the time to go over this little plaything tonight.

It seems that the moon was also in a good mood and shining brightly under the mottled shades of the decade long acacia tree. The evening wind was blatantly showing its fierce wind blades and almost blowing their thin garments. The neighborhood was specifically quiet tonight. There were few dogs barking on the distant place but it wasn't enough to be fully heard on their station.

This abandoned house was enveloped in moldy weed and the intertwining vines were already going over their way on the cemented wall up on the rooftop. Even the iron gates were rusted. Every time someone would enter, there was this unharmonious sound of the metal creaking against its own metal.

Su Ci Yi roughly planted her one foot on the ground, while the other was at ease. In a blink of an eye, only the dust smoke remain on the position she was standing before. Sen Sung looked at the child he was holding and was bewildered. His hand was already free on the weight of the child.

He looked over to the woman and saw the child on her embrace. His mouth couldn't take what had just transpired.

"Wahhhh, Master is awesome! Can we repeat it again?" Qin Tao was bracing her neck. The rapid speed she had shown somewhat made him felt like in a ride. Did he think they were playing? He was so pale a little earlier, but his mood swings brightly rapidly similar to her dash.

'Like father like son,' She thought inside. Since also, Qin Yu's mood fluctuations were similar to a woman having her red tide every month.

Sen Sung felt a chill over his spine. There was nothing stipulated like this on the agreement? That Su Ning Ann deceived them! There's no way that this simple woman was a pitiful fellow with mental instability issues, she was clearly a normal fella with a regular critical thinking ability! How did she define her with instability issues! Clearly this was a scam. No matter how big their pay was, if their life was on the line then its not worth risking for.

Sen Sung gritted his teeth. Were these the reason why that woman ask for a back-up? But either way, no matter how strong this woman would be, she will be outnumbered totally. Let's see how she pave her way and to counter these number of thugs on the night.

Su Ci Yi let go of the child. Put him on the corner and bend down to his level.

"Did you ask for your father's permission?"

Su Ci Yi didn't like his action. His father might be going crazy right now trying to find him.

Qin Tao from being in a bright mood became sullen. Well, he admitted his fault that he sneaks out of his father's side. But if he didn't threaten Qin Tao of going home, then he would not run in panic and scared out of his wits.

Clutching the hems of his pants, he bowed down his head without making any noises. If his master will scold him today then be it! He did not regret following her.

Qin Tao's gestures were so obvious, Su Ci Yi had known it better. This time was not the right time for these acts. After all, the matter lays on Qin Yu's shoulder with regard to disciplining this child. She hadn't known the whereabouts of his mother nor had an idea of whether she was still alive or not. But her long time absence was stirring a large whole on a growing child.

Su Ci Yi decided to adjust her attention in front, where Sen Sung and the company currently stood up. Counting their numbers, there were more than ten of them. Both in lofty appearance and haughty aura.

Their grin where almost extended to their ears. Showing yellowish teeth. Both where illuminating under the bright moonlight shine.

The sword that was warm on her bag was violently reverberating as if it wanted to go out and go berserk.


Not from afar, a silhouette of a woman was lurking beyond the rooftop of the other building. She was sitting on the edge dangling her slender porcelain legs. She was still dressed in an office business suit. Her red lipstick was specifically bright. Like the moon that was hanging above.

She cast an enigmatic look from below. To where the current commotion was taking place. She was looking at the good show that will unfold in front of her. Her lips were perked upwards. No one knows what was she thinking at this moment.

In a click of her finger, the once bright moon turned bloody read. Just when the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow, this phenomenon occurred. It was quite a sight to behold.

Then something unimaginable happened. The sword that was carefully kept on Su Ci Yi's spatial bag went berserk. Its handle was so hot when Su Ci Yi tried to grasp it. Its full speed didn't give her time to adjust and her grasp fell off. But the sword was still flying on the midair.

The woman who was carefully watching from above, draw her alluring fingers and wave in the midair. Then the sword swiftly ran through and pierce right through Sen Sung's chest.

'Fufufu'. Baronette's sinister giggle just went along with the rhythm of the wind. In another wave of her hand, the vicious sword pulled out from the cold corporeal body of Sen Sung.

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