Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 122

Volume 1 Chapter 122 The Turbulent Moonlight Ii

Sen Sung's minions were all stunned. The sword that came out of the thin air, rushed through and went straight into the leader's chest. The blood came dripping and soon the man's body became cold as ice. All of it happened beyond everyone's expectations. Sen Sung also didn't know that his little life will end in just a mere second. He had been on brawl with other groups before. He even experienced between life and death situation, that he'd thought he'd die at the moment. Although fate was tricky, when one thought of their death; the longer they live. When one wanted to live; they were dead for a moment.

This was the end life of Sen Sung.

"Witch!" Someone shouted from the back. Those who survive are still trembling. They still couldn't believe that their leader was dead. Literally dead in a blink of an eye.

Su Ci Yi didn't even know what was happening. The sword, her 'Midnight Fang' acted on its own will. When the sword acted to rush through another person again, she dashed and pounce at it like a bull trying to catch the red flag. Struggling to grip it within on her own hands.

The sword that she was keeping was abnormally hot and reverberating. As if it had its own heart.

A woman and a sword were suspended on the air creating a chaotic scene. Those men run scampering to get inside the black van, but couldn't escape their death. The tires were all flat and it was caused by the sword that went rampage earlier.

Su Ci Yi held tightly on the weapon. Its speed was too fast that she was thrown to the surface. She twitched in agony as her mortal body made a heavy impact. She helplessly looked at the sword that was still creating havoc at the very center of the place.

She saw that the sword darted to another person again. This time, it had no intention of cooling off until all of these people were killed.

Su Ci Yi for the second time pounce at her 'midnight fang'. This time she made sure to make her grip stronger. With her spiritual power, she tried to control it. The sword somewhat trailed off and slowed down. When she thought she fully controlled it, the weapon totally somersaulted in the air and wriggled nonstop. Throwing her off balance for the second time.

The sword flew up into the thin air, then made a circle around the area. Soon it went down in a flash speed aiming at Su Ci Yi on the ground.

Hey Hey Hey.

Su Ci Yi immediately stood up and cursed inside. So now it bore a grudge on her!

The hoodlums that escape the first purge of the demonic sword scrambled to get out of sight. But as soon as one of them step out, the sword diverted its destination from her to that person. Slashing him in full force. Blood spurted everywhere, spilling down on the solid ground. That person was caught off guard. Even his companion beside didn't let by this sword escaped.

This time, three-person from Sen Sung's group left. Each of them was trembling. One even had to call the boss to report the tragedy. Su Ning Ann couldn't believe what had transpired. But when she heard those screams in the background, she turned off her phone that they won't be able to reach.

'F*ck, that damn woman. She ditches us!' One wasn't able to hold his tongue and cursed at her.


Baronette saw the same thing again and again; it got her bored and stood up from her position. She dusted a speck of dirt that had hung on her dress. Then she huffed her sleeve, turned around and her shadow disappeared on the air.


The crazed sword at the same time stopped. Although it was still gleaming under the moonlight and its temperature was burning hot; Su Ci Yi seized the opportunity to contain the sword within her embrace.

When she tried to trace the faint scent of another person from above the rooftop, she was terribly too late. Nothingness came into her sight; without a single hint and apparent traces of a shadow.

The three people who had escaped the death's door felt lucky. Some of their companions were brutally pierced through. The sight of a hole gaping in the middle of their body or a slash that even reached their head was too gruesome to take.

But either way, this night was too horrible to even imagine. Su Ci Yi jumped down from that rooftop and proceeded in front of Sen Sung minions. Though she sympathizes with them, these people are not something that needed one's mercy.

The blood pooled and the littered bodies were not even a hindrance to her casual steps. Scenes like these were not new to her. She had even encountered more grim and ominous than these events. There was one time when she had walked on piles of people's corpses on the distant kingdom where she assisted on the territorial battle against the nomad tribal people. That was one heavy battle worthwhile to reminiscing on her past. Even the chill from that time was still visible inside her.

Those people saw her coming on their way and crawled back with all their might, fleeing from the witch woman. But what can a person lithe in terror do? Su Ci Yi's foot landed on one person and looked down with her blackened face. This group of people started it first. She doesn't have an ounce of sympathy towards them.

"Listen. This is not my doing. You better not create false rumors after these." She reiterated, firm and with conviction. There's no way that she'll let rumors about her circulate again this time.

Those people nodded their heads like a chicken pecking a grain.

When all is well and thought that she had saved her time dealing with these fools, another batch of thugs went down the black van. These time, there were more than twenty of them with baseball bats on their hands

Not getting tired, aren't we?

All of them had a wild grin on their faces. A burgeoning headache was threatening to hit her head. Another batch of Sen Sung's minions huh?

"Little lady, are you the one that killed them?''

Su Ci Yi who had been fond of being called 'little' denied the truth.

She wasn't the one who made it so, therefore, there's no need to put the blame on her.

"These people are just a mere civilian, they had no experience in groundwork fighting. All they had was their physique. It's conclusive why had they reduce to this mess." The man in the middle who acted as the group's representative shouted.

"How about this, just act a little scared and then well let you go ?" He added.

"It's boring if it's like that. How about we tied you up and put you into an act. Try to beg in a cute way then will leave you behind? Easy-peasy just follow our rules."

Talkative much? He didn't even give her a chance to speak her side?

Su Ci Yi really was outnumbered by them. It'll be a little bother to go over them one by one. If the sword doesn't have a problem, she could take a little less time dealing with them. But the weapon was still useless to use. She doesn't even know what was transpiring with it.

When she was thinking of a possible, less time-consuming way to deal with them, a man in black fitted clothes and a black scarf jump down; butting in the middle. His entrance was too smooth and all eyes were set on him.

She knew this man was following behind without knowing the reason. But when she thought of Qin Tao following her behind then it all makes sense.

Shadow En, saw that his boss's woman was in slight disadvantages. Therefore he decided to step in. Taking the full preparation of giving a hand to her.

Su Ci Yi's reaction was bland. Then she stepped away from the crowd. Her steps were light as she put spiritual essence to her whole body.

She only stopped when she reached her destination. In front of a black van, she bend down her body. On one hand, she flipped the transport vehicle and fling towards the current position of those thugs. In one throw, they scampered from the flying transport. Although no one was caught up on the vehicle that made a loud impact from the hit on the ground. Several pieces flew out on the air.

Su Ci Yi's actions were like playing a toy that when she felt bored she threw it off. The action was swift as if she didn't take into consideration the weight of the car. She didn't mean it, but she made the appearance of Shadow En totally useless, as the man gape at her in astonishment while foolishly standing still in the middle of the ground arena.

After seeing that she made a jaw-dropping scene and awe-inspiring action, Su Ci Yi huffed and turned around. She would have already left the area if not for remembering something. All this time with all the commotion going on, she forgot about the little child!

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