Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 123

Volume 1 Chapter 123 The Turbulent Moonlight Iii

Su Ci Yi immediately went to find Qin Tao. She was totally immersed earlier that she had forgotten about him. As soon as she saw a lump of small bun hiding within the distant tree, she felt her heart tightly squished on the sight. The child's lonesome figure while curling at the corner made her felt a little guilty.

Qin Tao saw that the situation had fully stabilized; upon catching sight of her, therefore he ran at full speed. He flung himself towards her embrace and crawled to his master's back. Shadow En, offered himself to carry the young master, but Su Ci Yi was trying to redeem herself therefore she refused. Also, Qin Tao didn't want anyone's back but his master alone.

"Little Miss." Shadow En's gaze burnt towards the sword she was holding and he couldn't contain his curiosity. "What was the thing earlier?"

Su Ci Yi realized someone's presence earlier while the sword was rampaging. It was hard to admit but Su Ci Yi felt an indescribable malice on the remnants left by that person. The motif was still unknown, that personshe didn't know if it was a friend or an enemy.

She pulled the sword upwards in a way, she would see the whole appearance clearly. Even though she tried to amplify it with her spiritual qi, a part of her energy was being deflected. As if there was a strain, filtering the amount that would enter. This was conclusive given that this weapon doesn't belong to her, and the sole owner was still alive. The ownership rights weren't transferred to her at all as she was just borrowing it for a while.

Shadow En felt the other person was stirring her mind in front of him therefore he stopped with his pestering inquiry. His only purpose here was to guard the young master and not be entangled with other kinds of unusual stuff.

"We should leave now." En proposes. It was already dark, he was so sure that the master will definitely get worried if these two people will be exposed on a long night; though he could see that he didn't need to get worried over the young miss, given her incredible strength. It should be those hoodlums that need to watch their feet in front of her.

"En!" it was the little child that energetically responded.

As if he was really hyped tonight, he even chimed in, "Master, can we go home with your flying sword?"

Hearing him, the two stopped at their pace. The two vans that came were useless. One had flat tires, while the other was entirely butchered with all its internal parts flew out of its body. So how could they go out of this place without transport? Worst, there was no route for a cab on the area. If one needed a transport, a walk of about 20 minutes was needed until they reach the national road.

The three people so immersed that they forgot the existence of the thugs who were littered nearby. They were scared by the extravagant strength that the woman showed earlier. Who the heck was she that she was able to do it? Holding bitter resentment on their chest, this was what you call 'a small but terrible woman' kind of thing!

The sword that Su Ci Yi was holding, once again flashed. Her instinct was fast. Catching it within her grasp because it was attempting to escape again.

"What is it? Aren't you tired?" She almost scolded the thing as if it had its own will.

However, both Su Ci Yi and shadow En's eyes narrowed. Deep inside, the fear of the tragedy that transpired earlier seemed to be repeating again.

The three-person, who had escaped the earlier tragedy knew how gruesome and terror what they had experienced. They didn't want to experience that same thing again, therefore they come to a unanimous decision of hugging the golden thigh in front of them. Disregarding the pride of men that was instilled and the dignity as a member of the groupthe three kneeled down in front of Su Ci Yi. Kowtowing on the ground and shouted,

"Oh great, great master! Spare these people! We will do what you told us, but please show mercy and save these fools."

Su Ci Yi, ""

She held the sword with all her might. But then her gripped fell. The trio, saw the sword on the loose and therefore, flee on her side. Hiding on her little frame.

Shadow En. ""

When the sword came back and was aiming at Su Ci Yi's stead. These three cling to Su Ci Yi like a gecko clinging the wall.

Qin Tao, ""

It was when the incoming sword would almost hit her, she flipped around kicking those three away. Qin Tao strongly clung to her and he wasn't thrown off.

She caught the sword in the middle of the air. Then slowly, she landed on the ground. The trio where even mesmerize and coy at her. But she didn't mind them at all, the sword in her hand was again, agitated and active but this time it was very different. As if it longed for someone; like someone was calling it. She stopped resisting, after all, it was better to bent that to break. Going with the flow, she jumped down and seated on its wide metal blade.

She flew on the air, up above the high clouds. Leaving the remnants of the tragedy that happened and the gaping man behind.

She didn't know where this will lead but she will go abide by it.

The trio was no longer afraid and wave their goodbyes to her with merry shouting and weird callings of her names like 'master', 'great sage', 'night goddess'

Qin Tao's resentment at those people grew.He grumbled and mumbled behind her back, His master could only adopt one disciple in this lifetime!


When Qin Yu arrived at the laboratory, chaos filled the bloody space. The glass that was bulletproof from the beginning was shattered and pieces were littered on the floor. Those employees who can run fled the scenario while those who couldn't where sprawled on the ground.

In the middle was the man whom they captured. He was standing like a stone statue inside. Something's wrong with him! When he tried to reach for him, someone from the ground picked the hem of his pants. Warning him while gasping for air, "Sire, why'd you come? The man.the man was dangerous right now. Don't go near him."

Looking at it, the man's eyes where rimming bright red. It was dangerous, his danger status hit the critical level!

Qin Yu's military men abruptly stood in front of him, shielding him from the front. As if those persons are invisible to him, Fu Jin Hao roughly glared and those men fainted on the spot.

Qin Yu stood up alone in the middle, but his feet neither trembled nor shake. In front of the unknown entity, his composure was overwhelming the other.

The bloody moon was their deity, his blood boils from the overwhelming light of the moon. This phenomenon only happened within the century on their tribe and therefore all of them go out and praises the moon's abundant graces to them. An imaginable strength and power that was beyond anyone. This was the stigma created by the Lunar Eclipse.

Qin Yu kicked the gun from the floor and caught it in midair. He skillfully hooked it on his finger before aiming in front. Then with a long snap, the bullet went off. Flying straight to the man. Fu Jin Hao didn't know the purpose of this thing and let its way to him. Then his shoulder was shot and a gush of blood spurted.

"Not bad." Qin Yu praised the gun. He was just testing whether this bullet was hazardous and on the mark. Turned out it was really good.

Fu Jin Hao felt his injury. Painful? Yes, it is. But it's not on the degree where he can feel numb all over his body.

"Qin Yulin is a shrewd man. You better watch out if you're working from that old man." Qin Yu struck the first conversation. Fu Jin Hao's murderous intent was overflowing. Enough to suffocate him inside the fully ruined space.

"What does this have to do with you? You are just a mere prey that I need to kill." Fu Jin Hao replied. His arrogance was even on par with him.

Qin Yu's lips smoothen up. If a man was willing to talk then negotiation was possible. "For the medicine of your tribesmen?" He had also made a background check on this man. As it turned out he needed medicine to cure his people. The medicine that he needed was on Qin Yulin's control up until now. This was the opening he was waiting to struck the moment he opened the conversation.

"If I tell you, I got what he had and all of them can be save by it; will you bother?"

Fu Jin Hao's step halted. Thinking deeply as his brows creased.

Qin Yu succeeded in baiting him, then released his final blow. "A week of cure is worth than waiting for a whole month right?"

Fu Jin Hao's mind seemed to take his advice. For him, this man was just a simpleton. Also, Qin Yulin's delaying tactics on the medicine opened a big gap to the man's loyalty towards him. Bringing him easier to fly on his side.

Fu Jin Hao stretched his hand, the emerging dark clouds behind him subsided.

When Qin Yu thought that he had fully grasped this man's weakness and the other party conformed to his own will, a hasty wind flew by in between them. A sword-like thing landed at the center that caused a tiny mottled rift on the ground and billowing smoke dust appeared. A silhouette of a woman stood up and hiss at Fu Jin Hao.

"Hold it right there! Just what do you think you are doing?" She said it with intimidation while her hand was gripping the sword that still stuck on the ground.

Qin Yu smirked and lightly tapped his forehead. Goodness! He didn't know if he will be disappointed or burst in laughter. Isn't his ladyship's timing was quite worthwhile to note?!

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