Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 124

Volume 1 Chapter 124 Gentleman In Distress

In the end, Qin Yu settled himself by the latter. How can he get so serious about the situation that called forth a comical vibe? There are a lot of various points that wherever you look, from both sides were weird.

Was it a woman riding a flying sword with a child on her back?

Or sword that they had been looking for quite some time was in her position.

Also, was it the child that supposed to be gently tucked on his bed was out tonight and even stick out his tongue upon his sight? Was he still his child?

On the other hand, Fu Jin Hao's expression reverted to what it was before. The realization had dawned on him. If he had not been disrupted, he would have submitted already to the prey. This man in front of him had a sweet mouth to overturn his personal vision and unperturbed goal.

Once again he cast his utmost vigilance to the man.

Qin Yu saw the man acted like the usual before. Eyes that were like a hungry predator darted on him.

When Su Ci Yi saw the situation earlier, she felt agitated. Her chest couldn't stop thumping. From her unusual vision, she could see the mass of chaos from the littered shards of glasses and overthrown walls. Her mind instinctively formed clauses of ideas from the current situation.

She looked at Fu Jin Hao who was exuding his poison aura.

"Milady, to what would be the honor of visiting me tonight?"

Qin Yu stood beside her. He whispered those words behind her ears, as he stooped down her level. Qin Tao, who was on her back roughly pulled out his father's ugly face from his master. His eyes squinted seeing his father's behavior. He almost scratched him when he glued himself towards his master!

Su Ci Yi glared at Qin Yu. Is that even needed to ask? Qin Yu was not on par with the man oozing danger. A mere mortal cannot go against the powerful pull of nature. Su Ci Yi's obstinate prejudice on the mortals cannot be bend. Mortals are weak beings that had a shortlived life.

"Get back." Her words were firm as she handed Qin Tao to him. Then her whole presence disappeared within a flash.

Qin Yu's eyes darken. His pupil dilated. He looked on the trail the woman left.

Soon Su Ci Yi's appearance showed in front of a man, her body was curled and her hand formed a fist. She took a powerful punch on the man's abdomen.

Fu Jin Hao was thrown way but he was able to root his feet on the ground, cracking the wall where his body landed; though, he could feel the metallic taste of liquid from his mouth. That punch earlier was no ordinary one, it was equipped with Su Ci Yi's spiritual force.

Fu Jin Hao's action was to summon his sword. The weapon that was instilled on the floor risen and flew directly to him. The sword's ability to obey the master's order was solely leaned on the notion that his caster should be ten meters away. Fu Jin Hao wasn't able to summon his sword earlier because of that restriction.

"You stole my sword." He said apathetically.

Su Ci Yi denied to the bones. "I just borrowed it. Now I'm returning it to you."

The man didn't let himself loose and therefore flashed forward towards her while holding the sword on his hand. The two flew and exchanges blow on the air. The rooftop was busted the moment these two collide. Not making any attention to the people below. Qin Yu could only watch from the sideline. Hands clenched into a firmed fist. His cold appearance was becoming colder and colder every chance. What was this unscientific phenomenon he was seeing today? He was fully aware that Su Ci Yi had a unique vitality different from other people. But that was because he thought of her athletic physique. The one he was seeing right now didn't fall on the realms of humanity.

Was this the reason why he can't contain her within his grasp? The concern within his chest was growing bigger as the desire to become stronger was starting for bud out.

Soon the clashing stopped, someone fell out on the ground with a loud smash. Qin Yu immediately went to that person. He saw the woman stuck out on the ground. Her head was beginning to bleed, legs shaking from the massive fall. But what can he do?

Aside from observing from the sideline and merely watching her as she weakly stood up and flew up again; pouncing on the man. For the second time, he saw her fell down from the ground. The hole she created was the same hole that caught her the second time.

Qin Yu couldn't let himself see her on that kind predicament. On the third time that she landed, he would have grabbed her, but his foot stuck. He didn't saw the kind of exhaustion from Su Ci Yi's face but ratherthe look of excitement?

"Stop." He caught her before her suicidal action.

Fu Jin Hao came down from high above. Dangling his sword on the ground that created an ugly sensation to the ear. Su Ci Yi pushed Qin Yu away. She stood in her weak knee while biting her lower ear.

"Come." Fu Jin Hao's overflowing confidence was beyond like a mountain. The moon's guidance tonight was particularly strong. If not, how could he go on par against this woman? The moon was his heaven-defying golden cheat this time.

Su Ci Yi snorted, "Coming back at you." She stood up. Clasp together her two-fisted hands and smash on the ground creating a spontaneous domino effect of ground splitting. Fu Jin Hao was almost caught up in the situation. He took his chance to escape but was deflected by a sidekick behind. The woman threw a sneak attack while he was distracted.

Fu Jin Hao raised his sword, it was only then that Su Ci Yi automatically stepped back but this time she lost her footing.

Fu Jin Hao slashed his sword on the air, creating wind blades. Su Ci Yi's action to flee was too slow. She had lost a bit of stamina from the kick earlier. She could only grit her teeth from the incoming blades and accept her fate

She closed her eyes and turned sideway. Waiting for this dire situation.

Three seconds had passed

Five seconds

Thirty seconds

She didn't still felt the incoming pain.

She looked on the front, adjusted her blurred vision and saw a broad back; deflecting the incoming wind blades with his soft flesh. "You" Su Ci Yi's voice trailed off. She saw the back that was sheltering her, quivered, shook and flinch. There's no way that those blades didn't inflict immense pain. Qin Yu's bright and extravagant clothes get buttered up, fresh oozing blood came dripping. Fu Jin Hao clicked his teeth. He even released consecutive blades from the sword and all of it was received by the man

"Stop! Stop it already!" Su Ci Yi tried to grabbed Qin Yu, pulled him to her side but he stood firm on his position. Not even making a budge.

As soon as the blade stop, he fell down on the ground and was reduced to a vegetable state. Su Ci Yi immediately scooped him to her side. She can't help but gasp on his wounds. There were several critical hits on his chest which even made the situation dangerous. The bright flesh was threatening to go out of his wound. The cut was so deep, precise and crisscrossed on his proportionate body.

The moon was the sole energy that illuminates Qin Yu's vision, and the frantic and worried face of Su Ci Yi was plastered in front of his face. A quick grin rose on his face.

"Y-you don't need to do that" Her voice was so weak and gentle. Qin Yu almost thought it was pleasing to the ear.

"Are you angry? I'm not going to die. I have a devil's luck on my side." In spite of the situation, he was able to joke around.

Su Ci Yi tried to pinch his wound, Qin Yu curled in unimaginable pain. "Hmph, and you had the guts to joke around. Isn't that painful?"

Qin Yu remain feeling his wound. Seeing this, Su Ci Yi immediately channeled her spiritual qi. Though it can only strengthen the human's energy; it couldn't heal the corporeal wound.

However, every time she channeled, her spiritual energy was being deflected. No matter how she poured, it always got back to her.

Fu Jin Hao only looked at this scene from afar. Soon, his visage disappeared and showed right in front of where they are stationed.

Su Ci Yi had no time but to dragged Qin Yu away. She pulled his striped collar and ran away from the man. But when she looked down there was no one on her hand. She turned around only to see the vicious grin of Fu Jin Hao while dragging Qin Yu on his limbs.

Su Ci Yi's eyes narrowed as she became alert.

She made a full turn, flash forward to get him. Her sprinting form was too quick to see by the n.a.k.e.d eye and she extended her hand to the tip of Qin Yu's clothes. Just only an inch away if not for the sword that hacked between them deflecting her. Her body tumbled and rolled a few times on the ground.

Su Ci Yi didn't back down. She was known for her stubbornness back then on her sect. Her physique dashed forward to grab Qin Yu. She successfully drew out his shirt this time and she triumphed inside showing her wide smile. But when she tried to grab him under Fu Jin Hao's hold, the two figures instantly vanished.

Su Ci Yi was left dragging the air.

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