Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 125

Volume 1 Chapter 125 Midnight Getaway

Su Ci Yi was frantic. Fu Jin Hao was able to take away Qin Yu under her watch. There was no use following since their presence disappeared completely. She then decided to land on the ground. First, she needed to take care of something. She looked for the child from the remnants of the chaotic building. Then she caught sight of Qin Tao under the table. Su Ci Yi went to his hiding place. Qin Tao was curling and hugging his feet. She rustled his hair then she picked him up while casting a few soothing spells that she had learned back then.

The child seems to get back in his track as his deep blue eyes came back into reality. He hugged his master's neck and broke into small sobs.

Qin Tao was afraid earlier. He saw his master was defeated several times. If his master can't beat the man, then this man was stronger than him. After he hides from the far end corner, under his father's request he couldn't dare to look at it. It's too blurred with all the debris that came from the destroyed objects.

"Master, where is daddy?" His small eyes poke around the corner of the ruined building. When he couldn't see his father, he tightly clung on Su Ci Yi's neck. Finding assurance that she was still there.

"We're going to get your daddy, back. The master is strong. She will certainly bring him here." She said that as she patted the child's back.

"Father was taken by the monster? Master, we should find daddy immediately!"

"En. We are. Just take a rest for a while okay?"

Soon Qin Tao felt an indescribable sleepiness that was not present earlier. His eyelids voluntarily shut down as he remained on his master's embrace.

Su Ci Yi's eyes turned black. Her mood soured. She wouldn't be worthy of being the lady cultivator back there if she won't be able to take back what was taken away from her.


Su Ci Yi went back to the villa. She didn't know how she managed to jump around the building, crossed the lanes unnoticed and in the end settled to sit on the top of the bus. There were no people around the area because it was approaching night time therefore she's not afraid someone might notice her.

It didn't take her long before she reached her destination. She went through the open window and easily slip through, even if there was a child behind her back. She gently put him on the bed before she rummaged her clothes and other belongings. Then she searched for the map that Huan Ro left for her. This was supposed to be their guide when they go to that place. Huan Ro had mentioned before that the village of disappearing soul was a place filled with strong people. Su Ci Yi had once suspected this man's origin. But she concluded it when he saw the man draw his energy from the moon.

The tribal group who lived on the village of the disappearing soul glorify and praises the moon deity. Su Ci Yi was fully sure that this man belongs to this ethnic group.

Su Ming, who had woken in the middle of the night, passed by Su Ci Yi's room, then she heard the small shuffling and tumbling noises from the inside. She decided to knock inside and Su Ci Yi was there.

Su Ming decided to enter. She seated on her bed as she looked at her two feet. Her mind was fighting if she would tell her sister about this weird dream of hers. She needed to confine to someone and released some feelings that she couldn't point out.

"Sis" Su Ming started.

"Hmm..?" Su Ci Yi hummed as she continued to pull her clothes from her wardrobe, folded it and stuffed inside a travel bag. The same with some basic necessities as she loaded it all in one go.

"Where are you going in the middle of the night?" Su Ming then decided not to pursue her matter anymore. Su Ci Yi's suspicious act was too much not to notice.

Su Ci Yi acted as if she was thinking then replied. "Vacation?"

Vacation? In the middle of the night! Just what on earth was she up to again? Su Ming narrowed her eyes upon remembering the one thing that may cause this. Oh, God! She didn't think this up until this time! She then pulled out her phone and dial the mental hospital. Her sister's sickness is showing symptoms again.

Su Ci Yi had no idea that this was already the trail of thoughts of Su Ming. She was totally immersed in finding and arranging her things for her escapade.

After three rings Su Ming was successful, there was an answer from the hospital. It was Lin Fei Fei who answered the call.

Lin Fei Fei knew the number. Before they went out of the hospital, Lin Fei Fei exchanged numbers with the two sisters. She didn't only get Su Ci Yi's contact but assured Su Ming also.

"To what would be the call from the Su Family"Lin Fei Fei wasn't able to finish because Su Ming interrupted her.

"Doctor!" Her usual frantic voice echoed through the air. "My sister had been showing symptoms again! You didn't prescribe any medicine from her right?"

Lin Fei Fei calmly talked to her. "Relax. Can you tell me about her situation?"

"My sister came home late tonight and was packing her belongings. It is night time and she insists to go out with her overflowing bag. A sane person won't go in a hasty decision like that!"

Lin Fei Fei weighted her decision. Before considering all the factors and variables, she breathes out. If she's acting like that, therefore there's only one thing that comes to mind.

"Your sister must have been planning to elope."

Su Ming ""

The doctor must be right!

Su Ci Yi finished packing her things and went to Su Ming. She forgot that she seems to talk about something but was neglected because she was too preoccupied.

"What was your concern again?"

Su Ming looked petrified at Su Ci Yi. Her sister had been planning to elope with that Song Mao! But why do they need to do that! Even if her father will be against it, at least she will never abandon her. Why, why doesn't she trust her with it!?

Su Ci Yi seeing the weird twinkle of Su Ming's eyes, therefore flinched her forehead.

"Whatever you are thinking, I'm not going to be like that."

Su Ci Yi then walked on the window frame. "I'm going somewhere for a while. Be sure to look after the kid." Then she gestured and pointed fingers to the child.

"Where? Where are you going?" Su Ming insisted.

Su Ci Yi didn't answer. She leaped out on the window with her sling bag on the side. However, she almost fell down when her baggage seemed to weigh a bit?

She didn't bring that many clothes with her, she was sure of it. Su Ci Yi looked down to see a bun tightly cling on her clothes. She landed on the ground and break away the sticky brat whom she thought was already right there sleeping.

"Kid? Be good and stay at home okay?"

Qin Tao's bleary eyes welcomed her. He had just woken up and heard his master leaving. When he thought she almost went out, he leaped and cling to her tightly.

"Master is bad. Bad. Bad. She will leave Qin Tao alone here."

"Listen, do you want to get your father back?"

Qin Tao nodded.

"Then be good and listen."

"Master, Qin Tao will be a good child. So please bring Qin Tao with you?"

"No means no."

"Master must see Qin Tao a burden. She doesn't want to bring him. Even if father was in a dangerous situation now!"

Su Ci Yi stood firm to her conviction and put the child on the ground. This was still the villa therefore the vicinity was still safe. Then she turned to leave. Qin Tao acted that he would follow but Su Ci Yi put a barrier.

Qin Tao was stumped. Then he flopped on the ground and wailed like an unreasonable kid.

"Qin Tao doesn't want to be left! Master don't leave Qin Tao behind MasterMaster."

Su Ci Yi pretended not to hear anything.

Qin Tao was still wailing and tears almost reached his mouth. "Master. Master. Master. Please bring Qin Tao with youMast"Just then he wasn't able to finish his sentence because he choked down his own spittle and snot.

Su Ming saw the aggravate scene, therefore, rush down to pick the child.

Qin Tao's coughing was too pitiful to see. He had lost hope already and her master was gone.

He only resigned to his lonely fate and rolled on the dirty ground with his small coughs. Soon, he felt someone towered him. His gaze turned upward and saw the glittering eyes of Su Ci Yi.

"If I see you misbehaving, I will not hesitate to drop you on the river of burning fire."

Qin Tao stood up as if his childish act was just an illusion and went to Su Ci Yi. He clung to the hem of her pants and hugged her feet as his lips rose up. In the end, his master cannot resist his sweet charm after all.

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