Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 126

Volume 1 Chapter 126 Forest That Hides The Valley

The shadow of two people soars up to the sky. One big and one small. It was after midnight yet the morning c.o.c.katoo of the roosters can be heard from the distance. Before proceeding to that enigmatic place, she needed to drop by to a certain someone.

The national hospital, which was also a branch of XS Hospital where she had stayed for almost three months was her current destination. Huan Ro was staying there for a while. Up until now, he hadn't been discharged yet and had been staying for 2 days.

The front entrance of the memorial hospital was full of people. Marching over there and with a lot of formalities before visiting a patient will take her time. Now that she was racing against it, she had no way to stay idle and procrastinate.

With these thoughts on her mind, therefore she took the shortcut going to Huan Ro's Room. Sensing his spiritual aura, Su Ci Yi looked up on the fifth floor. The only room which had an open window. A small balcony limited for a few steps. Some unknown potted plants were beautifully placed and put as a decoration.

Securing Qin Tao on her back, she springs upwards and landed on the verdant balcony of his. She wasn't able to control her landing resulting to break a few potted plants and loud cracking noise.

Huan Ro had been reading for some time. He wasn't able to sleep because of the bright moon's view was too good to sightsee. Seeing its ephemeral beauty, he opened his window to catch its magnificent rays.

He didn't mind it when he heard a small ruffling noise over there, some stray cats made that place their hideout every night. Without minding outside, he returned his focus on reading.

However, soon there came another loud noise.

Huan Ro had no choice but to peek outside.

But he saw no one. He was about to close the glass sliding door when a cold hand tapped him on his shoulder. Because of the various weird things that had happened to him, experience thought him that the best way to get away from danger was to run without turning back. With that said, he stepped backward and was about to run away.

However, before he could run, he was stopped by a rough force pinning him facing the wall. His hand was twisted on his back and he silently grimaced in pain.

"Running away eh?" Su Ci Yi's disappointed tone echoed. He struggled to face the woman.

"Ci Yi, so it was you? Wait, release me. I won't run."

Su Ci Yi even pinned him and Huan Ro heard the loud cracking of his bone from his shoulder. He was so sure that it'd been dislocated again. He only submitted to his faith knowing he can't do anything about it.

Su Ci Yi saw that he was not resisting anymore, therefore, she released him.

She walked without being invited inside and seated on the hospital bed. Huan Ro saw the bulk bag on her side and he was curious. But he didn't dare to ask.

Right now, his arms almost popped out on their socket and he felt terrible pain. He can't even feel his left shoulder now.

"I want you to guide me in that forest." Su Ci Yi immediately stated her purpose without delay.

"Eh? This night?" Of course, Huan Ro was flabbergasted. Now, he took notice of the small lump on her back. Who could it be but her child?

Su Ci Yi as if didn't hear his astonishment, fish out the antique map on her bag. She opened it and studied for quite some time. Her eyebrows scrutinized because no matter how she looked at it, she can't help but be sidetracked by the drawing of stick figures and crooked lines that even a genius person in the century would it find hard to decipher.

Now that she thought about it, Su Ci Yi swept a fierce glare at the man in front.

Huan Ro flinched and his head full of sweats.

"Say, where did you bought this?"

"From the old woman who opened her store on the side road. She was famous among the students for her divination and foretelling abilities which holds true and accurate. " Of course, this was not only the case. Huan Ro didn't believe in all of this. However, with all these commotions, how can he pretend to be blind and not see things?

Also, it was the old man who encouraged him to buy this at a cheap price. He took an interest when the old woman mentioned that some answers to his question will be found on this map.

The first thought of Huan Ro was to find Su Ci Yi and asked her standing in this matter. Who would have thought that he would be battered up on this?

Su Ci Yi imagined the old woman that Su Ming and she met some time ago. The foretelling of her palmshe didn't understand it. Either way, she's not the type to think things deeply, she preferred to take action than procrastinating time for thinking.

Looking on the wall over the white wall of the hospital, it was almost 30 minutes since they arrived. It was already a lot of time procrastinating inside. "We should leave now." Therefore, she abruptly stood up and tucked Qin Tao on her back.

Seeing that the man behind him didn't make a move, left with no choice she dragged him. Poor Huan Ro was clutch on the tip of his collar protesting.

"I hadn't made recovery yet! Wait 'til I am fully healed. Can you see the bandage on my head? I am still admitted to the hospital. We can't go now."

What a blabbermouth. Lot's of reason.

"Doesn't matter. As long as you have complete arms and feet, everything is possible."

So even if he had broken limbs, they'd still go?

"I really can't. Can we go to the nurse station first and get my discharge now? Wait! I also need to change."

Su Ci Yi didn't listen at all. She just took him by the collar and jump down from the fifth floor of the hospital. Su Ci Yi admitted that dragging this man was too heavy as her arms started to get numb. She only left her hold from him when they are already on the ground. And request him to get his car.

Huan Ro resigns on his fate. This woman was too bossy to deal with.


It was already dawn when they reach their destination. Huan Ro had been here once, so therefore he knew the route already. She had even wondered how he was able to discern the place where in the first place the map didn't stipulate the exact location.

Before going to that village, there would be a forest needed to trail in which located on the outskirt of town. The people living near the vicinity almost got their livelihood from the forest and would like to live there for the rest of their lives despite the good opportunity in the city.

People are a little behind from the growing modern society and were still inclined to the traditional ways.

Su Ci Yi went down the luxurious car. The light sky was already showing in the sky. There are already people around the area starting their daily life.

She scrutinized the forest, there was no malicious energy lurking inside but she could feel the elusive mist that was enshrouding the area, that was why normal people would get lost inside the forest. It was deemed to get trailed by people with cultivation.

Su Ci Yi's mood hype. She had just stepped out to enter the wooden gate that sets off the boundary between the forest and the place when she felt a stinging sensation of being stared at. When she looked back. There was no one.

"Aren't you the same person at that time?" A woman in second handed dressed and patched clothes spoke. She took a glance at Huan Ro and stayed her stare at Su Ci Yi. "Are you still looking for that place? We told you that there is no place like that here."

"How could you be so sure?"

"What are you, lunatics? How come you still looking at that mystical place in this century?"

Su Ci Yi stepped in. "My friend was abducted. We are suspecting that he was brought here."

The woman's face remained still but she can see her eyes contracting.

"If you really want to go inside the forest follow me. I'm going to hunt in the wild. You are free to stroll the area if you'd like and find what you are looking for." It was a big rough-looking man and with a rusty ax on his shoulder. He had well build muscle, trained from carrying firewoods.

The man, after saying that didn't idle around and step trailing the path of the bountiful forest. Su Ci Yi and Huan Ro followed closely.

They hadn't been able to proceed to a hundred stepped when out of nowhere something jumped out on their sight. Su Ci Yi's instinct was dodged it.

Huan Ro stumbled on the ground when something jumped on his face. That thing has four limbs. Two hands and two feet. It clings to his face obstructing his view and the two kept rolling on the ground. The little monkey seemed to get angry at Huan Ro who pushes it, therefore, get irritated, pulled his ear and bit it.

The little thing reverted its attention towards Su Ci Yi. Soon it jumped out to her and she was able to catch it in time. She held it on its head, while its four limbs were scratching her arms creating minor wounds from his claws.

She glared at the wild animal and spoke in a fluid tone, "Behave or I'll smash this head of yours into a mushy ingredient to a monkey soup."

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