Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 127

Volume 1 Chapter 127 The Forest The Hides The Valley Ii

The little monkey shivered and seemed to be scared of her. It stopped struggling on her grasp and remained steadfast, without motion.

"Good Boy." Su Ci Yi changed her hold of the animal and change it to its nape.

The man in front only looked at her then turned to move forward. Not minding their other companion that was clutching his bitten ear or the little thing on Su Ci Yi's hand.

"Aren't you a little apathetic towards your pet?" Su Ci Yi opened up as she followed the man behind.

"What are you talking about?" he spoke but didn't stop at his pace.

Pretending not to care about this little thing? "Why would the little monkey attack us specifically when in the first place you are on the frontline? After it bit my companion, it turned to me. If I'm a little bit slow, my face won't escape its sharp teeth."

"Young lady, you have a wide imagination." The man's pace was unusual and from time to time he would look back to see the people following behind

"Should we try if I'm wrong or not?" She stopped. With that said, Su Ci Yi pulled her hidden dagger from her spatial bag and thought of slitting the throat of the animal. The little monkey was scared as it curled itself while being suspended on the air.

"Okay. You are right." The hunter took his pet from her grasp and let it crawled on his shoulder. Then he stopped walking and face the people following him. His grey eyes especially stayed on the woman. A tint of hostile intimidation erupted from him. Su Ci Yi didn't back down and she fights those intimidating glare by a fierce glare.

Qin Tao only shrunk from her back not wanting to see the face of the big man. Huan Ro was still following behind but his attention was directed to his stinging ear. He was thinking if monkeys have rabies and therefore would he be in danger? He doesn't have anything right now and he only wiped the wound with his handkerchief and prevented it from bleeding.

The forest was especially light. There were several enormous trees, prune tall grasses, and vines that was intertwining on their way. The number of animal noises was rampant on the air, whichever it is no one was able to determine. The morning sunlight was being filtered by a thick line of trees creating mottled shadows and warm light on the ground.

As they go deeper, the trees and plants had become thicker that they couldn't see anymore which path they would take. The sunlight that was limited earlier disappeared leaving a dim environment.

"You are quite a fierce lady? I haven't met someone who would fight my glare. Usually, women act bashful when being stared at. So I guess there are a few exceptions."

Su Ci Yi nonchalantly replied while following him. "Stereotyping is a bad habit."

The man didn't answer. In front of them was a large grassland. The longleaf of the plants would almost reach a person's height and in order to walk, one needed to clear the path by hand or cutting the leaves. The man in front acted as their grass cutter.

Once they reach a lone boulder under a cypress tree, the man put the little monkey in which it had become vigilant towards Su Ci Yi. Qin Tao broke into Su Ci Yi's bag and pick a bottle of water.

"I'm going for hunt. I'll leave you here. I'll get back to you soon before the sunset."

"You are so sure that we will not be able to find what we are looking for."

The man turned sideways and look at the far distance. "There was no place like that here."

"Oh, isn't it? Then, if you don't see us this afternoon, therefore, we have gone to that place. Don't search for us."

"You have confidence finding that place. However, I suggest that you consider your boyfriend's weak state before going to any places." Looking at the seemingly pale man with a bleeding ear, the man shook his head. Too weak.

Su Ci Yi raised her eyebrow. "He's not my bf."

"Was he? Despite his appearance, he still followed you behind."

Su Ci Yi didn't find it hard to describe Huan Ro's status to him and reiterate. "He is my servant."

Huan Ro looked at her protesting.

The man burst into laughter. "Hahaha. You didn't put men into your eyes, aren't you? You really are quite unique. He certainly isn't your type anyway."

Su Ci Yi nodded her head. "I don't like the p.u.s.s.y type as much as the rough-looking one with a scary scar."

The man, ""

He didn't refute to her and left.

Qin Tao felt hungry and even rummaged Su Ci Yi's bag. He found a pack of loaf bread and a container of liquid cheddar cheese. He took it only to find that his strength was not enough to open the lid. Then he swept a look at Huan Ro. Hearing his master's conversation earlier, therefore he extended his hand towards him. "Servant, open this up."

Huan Ro flinched, now even the child was underestimating him! It all started with Su Ci Yi. Always had time to get her hand on him. Being with her makes his mortal status drop from the bottom of the sea.

Qin Tao sense that the man was reluctant to get it. He found another container with a loose cap and handed it to him for the second time. "I forgot you are weak. Here. This is not too difficult to open. Servant, open it up."

Huan Ro didn't take him seriously.

Qin Tao didn't give up. "Servant, are you deaf? Did you suffer from sudden hearing impaired when the monkey bit you?"

This time Huan Ro glared at him. The one that any moment would flip out. This child was getting cheeky, he needed to teach a few lessons to him in order to behave!

He stood up, when he was about to pinch this child, Qin Tao broke into a hysterical cry. Loud and clear that even Su Ci Yi, standing from afar turn her head.

Huan Ro stepped back. Dang! This kid is shrewd than he had ever imagined!

"Mommy, mommy where did you go? The uncle over there is a little scary!" He said while pointing to Huan Ro and stressing the first two words of his sentence.

Su Ci Yi turned to look at him. Cold shrill travel down on his spine. He could only shrink back and not usher any words in the presence of the two.

"Get up!" Huan Ro stood up once.

Su Ci Yi instructed them to follow behind. She had found a suspicious cave from the distance.

She had felt a long time ago, the abnormality of this cave. She could feel the humid air. As if there were nearby water resources. But in the normal eye, nothing was there. The cave was specially situated in the middle of grasslands and the scorching heat of the sun would have made the outside so hot. However, Su Ci Yi was feeling different.

She tried to extend her hand. True to her thoughts, her hand felt a different atmosphere compared to where she was standing. Her hand was humid but her foot on the ground was warm. A different dimension lurking behind the average looking and conspicuous cave.

It was some kind of barrier in which normal people are prohibited to enter. It was easy for her to detect it since she had her spirit energy.

She gestured between the two to follow. She took the first step to go inside while clutching Qin Tao on her hand.

A massive terrestrial land welcomed them. A wet rain forest. The ground was moist compared to the place they thread earlier and was dim and dark. The sunlight had no way of entering because of the humungous plants and trees. Even intertwining vines were on the same thickness of Su Ci Yi's arm.

Qin Tao shook his hand that was holding her in order to get his attention, "Master, your servant is missing."

Su Ci Yi turned to look. There was no Huan Ro nearby. As a mortal with no affinity and abilities, he could never set foot on this land. Su Ci Yi didn't need to worry about the man. He had been lost in that forest once. Therefore, he could go back again.

Su Ci Yi had only made one step when a swift ax flung on their way. Without restrictions, she picked a stone on the ground and threw it to collide on the metal ax. The weapon's trajectory redirected to a different place. Looking at the direction it came, her eyes shone. "Yo! Were these the greeting we could get coming from the person who specifically led us here?"

A big man with an inconspicuous scar appeared on their sight. On his hand was the very same rusty ax that he had sent flying on their side earlier.

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