Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 128

Volume 1 Chapter 128 Passing Through

Su Ci Yi saw the man responsible for guiding them flaunting himself. It turned out that he was a bonafide resident of this so-called place, "village of the disappearing soul".

"The name's Wen Cheng, little lady. As the person-in-charge of the safekeeping of the gate, therefore no one will be able to pass this place without my consent." Su Ci Yi never missed the undertone of confidence of voice and she couldn't help but snort.

"Oh. Is that it? If I tell you that I want to go in, what will you do?"

Wen Cheng smiled with his yellowish teeth. "Guess?"

She twitched her lips, this was not the answer she would like to hear. After all, she was a woman of action than lip service and Qin Yu's matter couldn't be prolonged any longer.

She put Qin Tao on her side. Dash in her extraordinary pace and appeared in front of the man, throwing a consecutive hundred kick on his big body.

But Wen Cheng seemed not to feel any pain from his body, only a stimulating ticklish vibe on the pore of his skin.

Su Ci Yi felt tired and soon stopped teasing with the warm-up. She then jumped on the high air, curled her body and soon stretched formulating her enormous strength on her palm; threw a head-on hit on the man's head.

However, it was countered by the man's metal blade.

The man holds its weapon tightly. Then with an earth-shattering strength, he stomped his foot on the ground, creating a series of tremors underneath. While everyone was distracted on it, he ran swiftly at Su Ci Yi's direction. When she thought that she'd need to give this man his punishment for obstructing their way and limiting their time, Qin Tao had made his move.

On his hand, the little monkey was being tied on the tree trunk. Its limbs were tightly bound, along with his feet. There was a crumpled cloth push on its little mouth in order not to bite him. Among the noticeable part of the little thing, was it's sparkly bald head. Qin Tao was skillfully holding a hairdresser's scissors while wearing a smug on his face.

Su Ci Yi silently thumbs up on this ingenuity of his!

"You...! What did you do to my little Ah Ming?!"

Ah Ming is the little monkey's name. Wen Cheng's most trusted animal pet and companion.

As usual, this was the man's sore spot. Su Ci Yi drew near the little child and vigilantly protected him in case the man would suddenly flare at him.

Su Ci Yi signal to the child to continue what he was doing. Qin Tao skillfully displayed his on-the-spot acquired inner talent and without conforming to the barber's code guide, he started to incoherently cut and scrub the little monkey's fur out of his body.

This time, not wanting to see the horrible skinned Ah Ming of his, he started to withdraw. His voice was loud as he shouted at the two that they can pass the gate now.


When Qin Yu woke up, the putrid smell of rice haystack was permeating his nose. Tried to cast his eyes onto the darkness, he couldn't see anything at all. Though he can slowly felt his rigid body ache but compared to the intense pain he had felt earlier, this was nothing compared to those.

Upon abducting him, Fu Jin Hao really meant to kill him at a certain place devoid of any obstacle and hindrance. Flying on the high mountains in order to conduct his horrendous act, the man polished his sword and would have already cut off his head. When he thought it was all over for him, a sudden shrill echoed on the air. Qin Yu opened his almost closed eyes and saw a humungous marshal eagle dashing down.

Familiarity struck him. It was the same eagle on which had become wild and go rampant in the middle of the city some time ago. The marshal eagle was straight crashing down on their location. Qin Yu didn't want to stipulate but he could feel the gentle look of the bird casting to him. Fu Jin Hao wasn't able to dodge it and he was swept by the big wing-flapping over and after eliminating the enemy, its paw bait Qin Yu's shoulders soaring on the high sky again.

It was until then that when they were away from the man, that the soaring bird landed on an unfamiliar deserted area. His wounds were still throbbing immensely, blood was leaking from time to time. Without giving proper first aid treatment, the wound even became pestered and painful.

Qin Yu didn't know where he was but soon another group of people, dressed in an old fashioned way holds long spear aiming at him. When they saw the gigantic bird they were even afraid and shoot arrows to him. The bird flapped its wings trying to deflect the incoming attacked, however, there's too many of them and it was still pierced on some of its blind spots.

Qin Yu dragged this animal that helps him to get away. After doing so, those ancient people started to shift their gaze to him while ganging on him. Qin Yu's wound was so painful at that time. He was only keeping a farce appearance to intimidate these people. However, his body couldn't take it any longer therefore he lost consciousness and fell on the narrow cliff behind.

When he woke up again, he was in a completely different environment dim with the shadows. It was so dark, yet the atmosphere inside was completely warm and comfortable. His thoughts told him, that he was not in the wild anymore.

Later, a candlelit flickered right behind him and the voice of a raspy woman woke him from the trance. The woman put the candle on his bedside and hurriedly run to the next single room. Her words were spoken incoherently. Maybe because of the thin wall that he could hear all that they are talking about.

"Granpa! Grandpa! the man woke up. What should I do?"

There was a muffled sound coming from the distant room. Soon the woman returned in her hurried steps and scrutinized him. Now getting closer, under the dim light being illuminated she was dressed shabbily. Parchment on her cheap clothes was clearly visible. Her thin face was enough to conclude that this family was relatively poor.

The inside surrounding was much messed. This was the kitchen yet there was no table nor chairs for dining. Even the presence of ingredients and hot pots were not in the area. Only the place where traces of ashes and splintered woods used for firewood can be seen.

He also discovered that along on this meager abode, his place was stock with rice haystack which used as a bed substitute. The small bugs were already present and even the foul smell of animal dung flew on his nose.

The woman seated in a kneeling position in front of him and scrutinized his face. Wiping away a few strands of the rice plant and mud dirt was shown an exotic beauty that can only be seen in a century. It must be the first time that the woman saw this kind of beautiful person therefore, she brushed her callous hand on his face. Then her attention turned to his wounded body in which was still on the process of recuperating.

They found this man on the riverside, almost lifeless. The woman took him on her abode without thinking. His old grandfather was already bedridden therefore, she was the only one going around the house.

The village of the disappearing soul was a relatively big society composed of special people living inside. Those who are gifted with the innate talent on their blood would have lived on the luxury of life inside the Arcanda City. People with no inner talent here was being thrown outside the City's boundary. With no future path to take, cast as outsiders of the village and even threatened as vicious souls are a few disadvantages of having no ability. The moon was their deity, blessed them with powerful talent. A person who doesn't have the blessing of the deity, therefore the diety's enemy.

Amanda, the woman who saved Qin Yu was not blessed with this ability. Together with his Grandpa, they live on the slums outside, struggling to live the best of their lives.

Amanda had long dreamt to go outside the boundary of this place however, it's a mortal taboo for them to even dream about it. The elders are quite speculative and one wrong move one can be sentenced to death. Therefore, she could only resign to her fate and find her partner.

Seeing that the man hold an extraordinary physique and appearance, Amanda had all along declared her ownership. Finders are keepers. Her Grandpa was getting older and now she needed to have someone in life. A man in this rare feature, even inside the City's elegant and prim men won't be anything compared to him!

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