Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 129

Volume 1 Chapter 129 All Thing Is Well

On the third day of Qin Yu's stay on the meager detached house of Amanda, he was struck by a high feveraccompanied by his vomiting, wound inflammation and hallucination. Their cause cannot be identified and Amanda was not fully knowledgeable in medicine. Hiring a doctor was not applicable since Amanda was poor and it's a luxury that the outcasts cannot afford.

Qin Yu had been in a dire situation before, this should be nothing new to him. But this fever and the contraction of his wounds were painful that he could feel it whenever he was awake. Apart from this state, something was stirring inside his brain. Sets of various scenes in which he was aware weren't his own personal experience. But then again, what was it?

A soup was brought to his mouth on a shabby wooden spoon. Amanda had already come home from the forest hunting little wild animals for her dinner but she made first his meal for him. After digesting his soup another bitter liquid was brought to his mouth. On his hazy consciousness, he saw a suspicious liquid being push to him. Qin Yu was grateful that this woman was taking care of him, he had made a little note on his diary that he'll pay this gratitude once he was healed.

Once Amanda had finished taking care of him, she then proceeded to the next room where another patient needed her care. His grandpa's sickness was one of the spreading diseases of the city. The one that was contagious and spreading. Amanda was the only one left without being struck by this disease but then again time will only decide. In the graciousness of the Deity, she wasn't able to contract that sickness. Guessed, it has something to do with her immunity.

Going over a little slower, what he did to Qin Yu he did to his Grandpa. The old man was fully wrapped in stripped of clothes. Only a portion of his eyes can be seen. The cloth that bundle his whole body was either soak in blood and an indescribable smell.

"Granpa, drink this. I'll help you with the pain on your wound." Amanda offered. The old man wasn't that of a waste that he couldn't even hold his bowl.

"Granda, I save a man from the river. I hope you don't mind letting him stay here for a while right? I know you already knew this."

The old man brought his soup to his mouth while keenly listening.

"Granda, you don't mind him to stay forever here right?"


The old man almost spilled the liquid on his mouth. He looked dubious to this granddaughter of his.

Amanda chuckled in her little tone as soon as he saw her old man getting worked up. A small muffled tone appeared on the old man's mouth.

Amanda shook her head, "I see. I see. I know you'll give your blessing. I'll get it as a confirmation that you agree to this. Hehe."

Amanda didn't wait for the old man to protest but immediately left the room.


It was night time. The forest outside the city wall was especially dangerous. Especially at night when there was no moon. The people believe that such a cause was the absence of the Deity's guidance. At this time, the goddess won't be able to protect her people.

Malicious beast lurking on the deepest part, wandering souls of the dead for those who had the gift of seeing, and the evil energy coming from a very deep hole. It's some of the dangers that one will encounter passing this night. Only idiots and fool who doesn't care for his life would commit suicide in this place.

The only light illuminating on the thatched house was a single candle with flickering lighting. Qin Yu's wound was still throbbing and painful for him to be able to sleep.

Amanda was still awake. She was observing the eerie night time. Soon the sound of light knocks on the semi-ruined door vibrated. When she peaked on the little gap on the wall, two build men with a long spear, wearing a long blue robe that almost go beyond their feet and a pair of horns on their head appeared in front.

They had this fierce aura of a willful warrior.

Amanda immediately opened up the door, not wanting to cause any commotion or disrespect to the City's benevolent warrior.

"Your gracious excellency. It's my honor to receive such distinguished guest in the middle on the night." Amanda tried to coy her way to them. These persons, to the outsiders, were considered and respected with reverence. On the hierarchy of position, the chief tribe holds the highest position followed by the excellent warriors and foot soldiers with excellent abilities. This was a place where talents and abilities hail high above all. You have talent, then you have power; if you don't possess one then you're the lowest among all.

The two warriors observe first the surrounding. They soon discovered a lump of a person lurking on the far end.

"Had you found a suspicious person? Someone from the outside world was able to sneak at our base. The City had already on high alert and was searching for the man."

Hearing this, Amanda's chest skips a bit but she didn't dare to show it in front of them.

"Rest assured if by chance I found a person like that, I'll report immediately to the authority."

Amanda offered a few drinks to the distinguished guest to show her hospitality. However, those two people scrutinized the hot water she brought, finding it suspicious to drink the two intentionally spilled in on the muddled soil.

"Who was the man?" The one on the right side inquired. His eyes had been observing Qin Yu for some time now.

Amanda turned mechanically to him.

"He's my husband. We had been living here for over a decade now. Pardon his rudeness, but he cannot stand up for this moment."

The warrior stood up and get near Qin Yu. Good thing that there was only a dim light. He can't clearly see the face but he could see the clothes patched with lots of blood on his upper body.

"This is"

Amanda hurried to Qin Yu's side. Kneeled and stretch out the blanket that had been thrown away.

"I am sorry, my husband had contracted his disease from the capital."

The warrior who had his footsteps a little closer to him abruptly stopped. His face twitched and showed a disgusted face.

"Why hadn't you say, earlier? This is a contagious sickness. If we happen to get contracted we'll hang your head over the pine tree outside!" Threaten the man. Then the two like a scared dog went out without looking back.

Amanda heave in relief.


Su Ci Yi and Qin Tao spent the night in the dangerous forest. The inside of the thick laded trees was like a maze that she couldn't pinpoint the north and the south.

Covering the ground with a light fluffy cloth and opening a bonfire, Su Ci Yi and the little child snuggle beneath the big tree. There was no moonlight that appear on the night sky. The dark forces under the shadows seemed to be rejoicing under the absence of the light. The night time: cold, dark and dangerous, was their only rest-up place for the meantime. It'll be too dangerous to proceed. The loud howling, eerie crunching noises of a predator eating its prey and the big strides of wild beasts was a clear sign not to travel anymore.

In the middle of the cold night, Qin Tao broke into small sobs. Soon his bleary eyes woke up. He clutched the hem of Su Ci Yi's clothes and in sleep talking mode uttered a broken word.

"P-pain, paingo awa-yyy." After tapping his hand on her lap. The child went back to sleep again.

She didn't know what was he dreaming of now but when she saw him settled in, she return to sleep. She had made a guard barrier in their place. Any danger that may come inside, she will definitely feel it. But for now, she'll sleep for a while. She was too exhausted for the day. Haven't been able to sleep makes her head spin and felt dizzy.

When her consciousness was fading, Qin Tao woke up again in a semi-conscious state.

"Daddy.Daddy Daddy" This time, he broke into tears.

Su Ci Yi had no choice but to sit up straight and patted his head. This child must have been missing Qin Yu. Even though this child had a temperament on an a.d.u.l.t, on the weakness of the night, he showed his vulnerability.

"Sleep Child. We'll be going to find him tomorrow." Her words were spoken with extreme gentleness. Like how a normal a.d.u.l.t would coax a child. Amidst her tone, a simple spell that helps a kid sleep tight on the night was cast.

Tomorrow's going to be another day.

As soon as the child settled down, this time she could no longer sleep.

On the empty darkness, she could not help but think the scenario they were currently in. Lying in the middle of the night. Right under the malicious threaten of the wild, she reminiscence her past back on her sect. When she always sleeps on the open, with her Senior Brother traveling the whole continent. This time, she was the a.d.u.l.t and had already a disciple following her.

Time swift and time flies. History repeats itself but this time, she was the one teaching and had a disciple of her own.

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