Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 13

Volume 1 Chapter 13 Suicidal Black Mist

Su Ci Yi tried the fashionable robe that Qin Tao handed. As she walked out of the cubicle and looked at her overall appearance, she was stunned. It was surprisingly fit to her! She really was like a cultivator being cut out straight from the wuxia novels.Her appearance from back there is not different from her now. Though this face looks weakly & pale.

Qin Tao sign a thumbs up on her over all appearance.

Su Ci Yi decided to buy it!

As soon as she was about to return inside the cubicle and took it off, she observe the people's behavior seems odd. Aside from the obvious whispering and worried face, she saw that some of them are running towards the entrance.

Su Ci Yi's curiosity triggered and she also went outside to where there are crowded people. Just that she din't expect that there are already a lot of patrol & police car along the way. People's head where staring at one direction and that is atop the mall's building when she look up, she saw a person. The silhoutto was very clear to her, the person was trying to jump down from up there.

Holy Crap! That was dangerous.

" What is she doing!" Right at this moment, Su Ci Yi heard a high pitch familiar voice.

And there she goes, as soon as she turn her head, she saw Xiang Mo Mo still clinging from Huan Ro with a look of fake concern on her face.

Huan Ro acted like he was dialing something in panic. Just then he saw Su Ci Yi look at him. Su Ci Yi return her attention towards the person above. So what if he saw her looking at him! Is it wrong to look at a person?!

Disregarding her chaotic taught, she focuses her attention towards the girl. Su Ci Yi's eyesight is a lot clearer than any other human being. Her eyes widen seeing the familiar black mist surrounding the girl. Just like what she saw from the man he confronted earlier.

And anything Su Ci Yi see that is connected with a dark arts, she will not let it pass.

Hastily she let herself pass the crowded group of people and went back inside. It was also a coincidence that Huan Ro saw her just before she leave.

"His feet immediately caught towards her thinking that her mental illness was attacking again.

"Xiao Ro!" Xiang Mo Mo shouted to him a few times but didn't turn, so she quickly followed him through running.

Su Ci Yi's beautiful robe flutters along the wind and air as she dash with her unhuman speed. Using elevator is a hassle for her and decided to take the staircase.

Huan Ro see through her motive to go upstairs and decided to take the fastest route taking the elevator hoping to arrive there before her.

But in just few seconds, Su Ci Yi reached the attic. She step up under the scourging sunlight and walk straight ahead on the person at the edge of the 20 storey building.

She was the first one who fronted the girl, though she can hear footsteps of some people going to her direction.

The girl was back-facing her. Her attention seems far off as a dark mist continue to envelop her. Her half feet was now dangling in the air and any moment she would gonna fall.

The people below who was looking was gasping in fear and worrisome, thinking why the rescue team are so slow and no one seems to be fed up there to sidetrack the girl.

The two elevator that was supposed to go up, has faced a temporary shut down. Making the people inside more panic. Among the suppose to be rescuer who will try to go up was Huan Ro, stock among the people, he can't help but be irritated. Xiang Mo Mo is also afraid and tense while clinging to him.

Back to Su Ci Yi.

She was now close to the girl. Her steps were silent as she approached the back of the girl. She force out some of her qi and channel it through the girl's nape.

She can see the dark aura fighting over her qi, but hers was just so strong that it was force out from her. Now, Su Ci Yi didn't let it escape again.

She took a massive amount of her spiritual energy then cast it, the black mist was encircled by her qi as it struggle to escape. Soon little by little it became weak as slowly it disintegrated and swallowed by her.

It was so easy to deal with since the amount of dark energy is less. Should it be more then she will be having a hard time and difficulty in extracting it.

Now that the source of the black energy was gone, she reverted back her attention to the human medium however...

Holy F*ck!

The girl was not in front of her now! Su Ci Yi look down and saw the girl falling right down. Sh*t!

If she let it happen, then her pride & dignity as an immortal sword disciple is on the line.

But in this world, Su Ci Yi will look like the murderer since she was the one behind her!

Without hesitation, Su Ci Yi jump down to rescue the girl.

Some people took their chance to close eyes , not wanting to see a horrible death.

But as soon as they look up again, there was no one who falls!

Was it just only their imagination?


This time, the elevator regain its normal operation. Huan Ro step on the rooftop but saw no one. He immediately went near the building edge part and look below over the 20 ft fall.

They didn't jump off aren't they?

"Someone must have come and save the girl. Glad that there are no casualties" Everyone sighs in relief as they went back one by one.

Huan Ro took the staircase down.

As soon as he went down, he bump into a man who happens to have a motive of rescuing the girl. "Hey hey hey! Did that woman rescued already? Sh*t, if that damn elevator didn't broke I should have arrive here a little earlier"

Huan Ro's eyebrow twitch in confusion "Sir, you didn't met someone along the way up here"

The man irked in irritation while panting "who would gonna use the staircase? Even myself, a 20 storey building is not something a normal person should take. I even took a military training yet I'm sweating bullets here! "

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