Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 130

Volume 1 Chapter 130 Going Forward

When the nightsky started to dwindle on the morning glow of the sun, two warriors stepped inside the forest. The bloody moonless night had passed. It's time to 'harvest' inside.

This term 'harvest', people are looking forward to it. After the dark night, a prey's body being defeated by its predator would linger on the forest. Mosts warrior would take their time to dissect the animal's body and find some valuable parts of it. If they were lucky and found a big one, they could trade its remaining meat to market, the scales were also a tradable luxury and could pitch a high price. Along with the fangs and the furs.

After the moonless night, people and warriors are scampering to get their way inside.

However, this night was different.

Or should they say, blessed?

Bodies of enormous animals and wild beast lurking on the path. The size where enormous that they would really think that it's the predator's body.

But such predator type of animals being killed, just what kind of malevolent beasts that are more powerful and even killed these?

One warrior stepped and looked carefully at one of the dead bodies of a humungous wolf. Its size was about to reach a normal people's height and with its fangs that protruded are about three inches.

"This is worth reporting to the deputy chief. This time's killings here are too strange."

The other one called Sang Shui relied on a pallid tone. His gaze was fixed to the animal. "The deputy chief had a lot on his sleeve. To stop the spread of the disease was on high priority. There was also the case of an intruder passing through on this place."

Jing Sang, the one who first touched the animal was even amused, "To think that this beast was killed in one pounce. There are truly a beast among the beasts."

"And we couldn't even take it into the market. Almost all the important parts are gone. Only this meat that was left in the open. The fur which pitches for a high price was totally gone." He said as if regretting over on his lateness.

Jing Sang replied, "Do you think someone came before us? But this was still too early to rise?"

Sang Shui had a foreboding thought. He had just prayed inside that he was wrong. In the end, those thoughts couldn't contain on his small chest but let it go outside, "There was also this possibility that that one who killed it took the fur." He said in deprecating tone as if a bad stigma was approaching. Unknown and enigmatic

Jing Sang's eyes narrowed. What kind of person had that strength? One beast killed was probable, but to kill almost the dangerous beast inside the forest in just one night? In the City, there are only a few who can do this but those people are already basking on the luxury of their power that won't have enough time to rummage from the waste?

Sang Shui didn't want to admit but this person seemed too powerful and comparable to their deputy chief. If so, then he must find it. The current deputy Chief was tyrannically living on the luxury he had.

If only the Chief hadn't been away, he won't have an interest in this person. But their Chief had gone to find the cure to the wide-spreading diseasealong with his trusted disciple.

"Do we need to report this to the deputy?"

Sang Sui had an impending premonition that it won't be a good idea.

"Not for now, we had no evidence to back this cause."

The disciple that the Chief brought, went home the last day only to bring bad news. He wasn't able to finish his mission, therefore the supply of medicine was temporarily delayed. The man whom he supposed to kill slip on his own grasp.

Fu Jin Hao was raging in fury. If not for the damn marshal bird, he would have killed the man. However, he really admitted the man's devil's luck. They had been in the secluded area. Far from possible hindrance that may occur and was too impossible for an eagle to appear out of nowhere just to back the man! This is way too unrealistic!

That Qin Yulin was even shrewder, not giving a little additional deposit for his act. He needed the head of Qin Yu in order to get his full remuneration.

Fu Jin Hao was throwing a lot of resentments in front of Gao Xiaothe deputy Chief and currently the head of the Arcanda City. Though despite his position, he was only a man in his early thirty. With a full tight body and a strong physical appearance. His face was enshrouded with a hostility vibe; one typical for every warrior in the City.

Sang Shui and Jing Sang had both reported that no suspicious man saw within their territory. It even made Fu Jin Hao's mood foul and sour.

Gao Xiao was sitting on the wooden high throne that was made with luxury woods and a century-old vine plant. His chair was imbued with fragrant soft cotton and his garments where set above all the rest. He was the current deputy sitting for a while, but with his tenancy and upright bringing, there's no doubt that the position will certainly go to him in the future.

We'll that was what he was on the surface, or so Sang Shui thought.

"You failed again." This was not a random remark but a tone with a hint of sarcasm, criticizing the shortcomings of the other party. He had fully reiterated to his fellow warrior that failed mission was never a choice to be taken.

"There's an unforeseen interruption and I wasn't able to bring the next batch of medicine."

"You are just useless. Do not reason up anymore for your incapacity." Gao Xiao was disappointed. His head turned to look at the extravagant room ahead of him, where the so-called 'doctor' was resting. In the meantime, he had stopped supplying medicine to his people. The action will resume upon the settlement of their agreement that this Fu Jin Hao had made a pact within the mortals.

In no time, this man will go back to his homeland leaving them in the middle of treatment. His people's suffering might even be increased by that time. So for now, they are showing the white man their utmost hospitality to suck on him.

Soon, another group of a warrior made their salutation and kneeled in front.

Gai Xiao gestured to state their purpose.

The officer followed and politely spoke in a formal manner. "The capital is in an uproar, your excellency. There is a rapid trade of the beast's skin on the market. The people are scampering to go on the forest just to 'harvest' those things. It was reported that there were infights undergoing from the forest fighting for their goods."

The goods they were talking about here was the beast's fur, meat, scales for reptiles and valuable body parts of a wild animal.

Sang Shui and Jing Shang both looked at each other.

Soon, Gao Xiao turned his look to the people in-charge of patrolling the entire forest. His hands were so fast as he leashes a whip on the two for not reporting this matter.

Sang Shui had no choice but to report their deduction, "T-the forest is really weird this time. There were a lot a harvest compared to the last moonless night." He secured to leave a few holes in his report. Not stipulating that those beast were almost the predator type.

Gao Xiao stood up. He called forth his first tier-warriors and proceed to the chaotic area. "Be sure to capture those who case disharmony and throw them to the 'Unearthly Prison For the Dead'.

Both Jing Shang and Sang Shui gulp, the 'Unearthly Prison' was where the affected people with no hope getting cured by the disease are being thrown and being tossed into that prison was no different from committing suicide without hope to see the light anymore.


Su Ci Yi moved forward, from the wild forest, it didn't take an hour to reach the civilization. Once a person get out of the forest, thatched houses and small families lingered on the side road. After walking and strolling on the entire place, they soon settled in a small tavern that offered aromatic soup. The food was permeating especially outside and the spice smell was totally making their belly grumbled.

Su Ci Yi and Qin Tao seated on the less conspicuous place, she scooped first the gold coins on her pouch and put it on the table. This was this place's currency that circulating the marketplace. Su Ci Yi had learned it when she traded some of her first-grade wolf skin to the shop owner earlier.

She handed quite a large sum to the waitress that offered the menu.

"What was the most expensive dish in this place?" Eating a loaf bread doesn't satisfy her stomach and it needed real food to function well.

The waitress seemed shocked at first by her statement and even more to the coins being put on the table, but soon realized it was rude for her to judge them by just appearance only.

" Spicy Rabbit Stew with a sprinkle of spring onions from the Hailu Mountain."

Su Ci Yi took note of it. "How about for a child?"

"We had a large size burger and sweetened buns."

After stating, the waitress looked in a befuddling manner between the two and thought, How on earth they had this amount of money in their pocket?!

Su Ci Yi didn't mind the waitress strange behavior but rather, took a peek to her spatial bag that weighted a bit more now and had a few added extra collections like; a tiger's fang, claw's of a leopard, a bull's horn, some furs that she found useful and a stockpile of gold coins on her spatial bag!

Finding money on this place was too easy like digging stones ah!

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