Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 131

Volume 1 Chapter 131 Stop Over

It doesn't take half an hour before the food was delivered to them. A spicy rabbit stew and a plump burger. Su Ci Yi's belly growled smelling the aromatic flavor.

"Have a great meal!" The waitress offered her good intentions to the new customers. This place was always full of warriors and rich merchants. Also, almost all of their customers were a regular here. Su Ci Yi and Qin Tao's appearance stood among the rest. A typical local in shabby appearance, anyone would get suspicious.

Su Ci Yi was also thinking the same. They won't go in this luxurious tavern when in the first place, it reduced her savings a lot ah! She could not do anything after all but to silently shed her tears as she took a few gold coins for just a mere rabbit stew! They say the spring onions are the ones that made it different from othersbut how could this be? Does that plant had golden fiber? Can talk? Does it had two hands? But sisterno matter how she looked at it, it's still the same spring onions she could buy at any grocery store! Why was this so much expensive?!

However, when finding a source one needed to lay her savings and empty her piggy bank. Knowledge is not something that could be acquired for free.

This shop was popular in the entire area. Lots of warriors are passing their time here. People come and go. This place was the center of people's leisure time. What people often do on their idle? Its rumors! Gossips! This place was too perfect for these.

Su Ci Yi tried to camouflage along with the local people here. She had long loose pants and a dirty-white t-shirt that showed her belly button. She was wearing a cape that served as her defense against the sunlight in the open. Her hair was tied up in a bun, not to cause a distraction to her face. Qin Tao was wearing a simple design kid's wear of pants and shirt. Appearance-wise, they didn't have it all. However, their uniqueness was long forgotten when a group of 3rd tier warriors entered. The military system of this place was very easy to understand and the lower the warrior's number, the higher their position. The first tier warriors are the ones under the command of the Chief.

Those below are being directed by a general.

Their footsteps are harsh as soon as they enter. No one could take away their pride as the military personnel of the City. They held their heads up high. They were being noisy and soon the whole environment fall into silence. Even the previous customers who were chatting loudly zipped their own mouths. Nothing can be heard, except for the loud cheering and laughing of the newly arrived people.

"Ahhh that hit the spot~ After trading the remnants of the bones of those wild beasts, I am sure too tired to even patrol on the forest. If it's moonless every night, where definitely become rich like that first-tier above us." The fat-bellied man spoke after gulping a whole jar of liquor. He even raised his foot on the table to relax his bulging belly.

"Meeeehhh, you're just a wild beast robber. Who knows that you could still make use of those bones and useless skin beast? Anyway, we made money. We should just celebrate here for a while. " Chimed in by his companions. Both are already drunk and wasted.

"Give us all your boost containers that are available inside! We'll definitely celebrate this night!"

"Give us your most expensive food on the menu, were going to buy it all! This warrior had hit the jackpot now!"

"Blessed the no Deity night! We don't need the Deity! Not even the tyrannical Deputy Chief, who acts like a p.u.s.s.y and all bark!"

His other companions even stood up in merriment and dance without music and rhythm.

Jing Sang and Shang Shui were both embarrassed by these actions. They took another table as far as they could from them and comfortably seated.

Both men ordered cheaper food. Unlike their two companions, they didn't partake in the trade. They had just come for those infightings that happened recently, apprehended those who are guilty and brought them to prison just as the deputy instructed.

They were still in a melancholy mood seeing those innocent bystanders being admonished to their death without knowing. They could only sigh in somber.

"That deputy! He will soon receive his retribution. How can he let those people throw on that prison! They didn't commit a grave sin that needs to be punished by that."

Shang Shui concluded. "There's nothing we can do. We're talking about a young chief, who was able to kill his brother just to get his succession. Others think that it's just a mere poison. But we can't be fooled by him."

"Dang! If only that useless Fu Ji Hao made his mission a success, then there's no way that this plaque is still in circulation..."

Jing Sang was even hyperactive, it felt that he was shouting in front of his companion "...he let the man escape. It's his responsibility to find him. So why was he so focused on finding him in this area? The man might get carried to a different place. Somewhere, far away from our place."

Shang Shui sigh. "There was a trace of blood and strip clothes on the riverside. It's what the evidence stipulated. The surrounding vicinity had been apprehended but in no luck, no one was found. He had luck behind his back. Maybe the goddess was looking out for him too."

This time, Jing Sang refuted. "Or maybe he had a devil's luck? Not all can be under the guidance of the Deity. It was Fu Jin Hao who had no luck after all."

"So where is this Fu Jin Hao you are talking about?"

Shang Shui sipped his tea and answered calmly. "He was on a wild hunt for his prey. No one knew where he is right now. But usually, he's lurking on the Deputy Chief's abode, either way, birds with the same feather flocks together."

Jing Sang added. "That Deputy's dog! Or whatsoever! Don't mention his name. I get irritated to him."

"Oh. Then, is the person this Fu Jin Hao needed to kill still alive?"

Jing Sang scoffed. "That bastard. Why don't he offered himself to get killed? His life in exchange for a lot of citizens to be saved. That way, he'll live in everyone's hearts a hero. Why was he so hard to kill?"

"Then, do you want to get killed for the sake of your Deputy Chief?"

Jing Sang stood up and reiterate, "Why do I need to get killed for that bastard? He's sc.u.m, he doesn't need any mercy, even more, a sacrifice!"

Su Ci Yi smirked, "Then you don't want to spill your blood for your fellowmen, either?"

Sang Shui, "..."

Jing Sang was dumbfounded. His face turned from red, blue, violet and soon settled to black. His angry veins almost popped on his head. "Who do you think you ahhhhhhhh I just remembered, who the heck are you?! Why are you butting in our conversation?!"

Idiot, aren't we? You just realized that now?

Su Ci Yi returned to her previous seat where Qin Tao was eating.

Jing Sang turned to his companion who was currently eating his portion of pork ribs. "Are you not going to talk?"

"That woman was here from the very start. You're just an idiot not to notice because your mouth was too busy."

Jing Sang eyes widen.

Jing Sang closed his mouth that was almost gaping.

Jing Sang decided to sit and not to open his mouth anymore but still throwing a deathly glare to the woman.

San Shui breath out, put his spoon on the table and followed Jing Sang's line of sight, warning him, "Jing Sang, do not provoke her. I'm getting bad vibes from her."

Sang Shui was a pacifist. Any action that leads to trouble, he will definitely avoid it.

At this time, there was still the commotion that was undergoing between his two comrades. Soon, their two companions weren't even satisfied with their ridiculous conduct and started to cause a scene.

"Lishien up (hic)" The fat-bellied man stood on the stool and step his one foot on the table. His enunciation was messed up because of drunkness but still, everyone could understand "I am the one w-who killed those beasts(hic) on the forest. I know (hic) I shan't say this but who cares, man I'm going riiiich. Sho(hic) all of you better kneel down on my presence. Hahaha."

Oh god. This one was super drunk. Jing Sang Thought.

The drunk warrior didn't stop there and continue his storytelling. Although his vision had started to double, he was still posing straight and firm.

"It was night time(hic), when all of those beasts decided to gang unto me. But I only(hic) held my sword. They all pounce at me. I thought I was a goner.(hic) But the warrior blood was pulsating on the blood. Soon I rushed(hic) and slashed them all and "


A loud slap sound was heard. A right slipper smacked right through his face leaving a hollow mark. Soon, the fat-bellied man's eyes could only see stars playing lalalala of the dreamland, before collapsing.

The stunned onlookers turned to the direction where the slipper came. It was a woman in shabby appearance, weakly trotted to picked her sandal and said in a coquettish attitude. "Ai Yah~ I didn't catch the fly. I wonder where it went through?"

She stepped on the collapse warrior like it was nothing and get her foot sandal. Turned around, picked up the child and left.

Then, there was a superrrrr loooooong silence. No one dares to spoke.

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