Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 132

Volume 1 Chapter 132 Points Of View

Lin Fei Fei had come to the Qin's Mansion for how many times already and Qin Yu seemed to disappear out of thin air. Now without anyone to turn into, she rushed at Qin HuZao's residence. Qin Yu's cousin was also her childhood friend, the three of them grow up together inside the Qin's Mansion. However, when they reach a.d.u.l.thood, Qin HuZao separated and took his own condo while she left to get on her own.

After ringing his buzzer, the man immediately opened up with only a towel covering his important hood and a wet top. His hair was dripping with water, proof that he had just come from the night shower. The droplets of water on the fully furnished floored was too much evidence that he had rushed to welcome her.

When he saw Lin Fei Fei, he immediately scampered to change into fine clothing. Leaving her on her own, to step inside his bachelor's pad.

After a few seconds of rummaging his clothes and finding what best for the situation, he picked a tight white t-shirt that will define his body built and pants.

"You going somewhere?" Lin Fei Fei immediately scrutinized his clothes.

Qin HuZao didn't mind if she criticized him as he brought up a freshener drink and offered it to Lin Fei Fei.

"No. I'm not going anywhere." Qin Huzao responded. A little bit shy from the earlier events.

Lin Fei Fei arched her eyebrows. Qin HuZao and his eccentric night get up. Is he going to sleep on that clothes of him?

But Lin Fei Fei didn't go further to critic this man's fashion style. She was here to asked Qin Yu's whereabouts. The man had been missing and she was getting worried.

Qin HuZao already knew the topic of her arrival. Upon their childhood, Lin Fei Fei's admiration towards his cousin was too obvious, but Qin Yu was too oblivious to see. Now, with the state of events coming over, he can't help to bring the topic of Qin Yu's new adventure of love. He knew the man was just acting out on a whim and sooner he'll get tired of it.

He got to admit that only Lin Fei Fei was the only one who could understand the man and would stand on his side. She was able to do so for the past 20 years, he knows Lin Fei Fei can do it for the following 20 years. That was why he never bothered to look into the woman whom Qin Yu was having his new endeavor.

However, this man Qin Yu, no matter how his appearance thrills someone. He was a hallow person inside with no idea of a woman's inner thoughts. He just goes with whatever he may think without minding the other party's own grievances and thoughts.

If this woman of his, was not a gold digger then he'll eventually dump this man on the trash.

As soon as Qin HuZao admitted that he himself, didn't know the whereabouts of the father and son, Lin Fei Fei was disappointed and her shoulder droops down. Could it be that her father had really made him eliminated for good? Together with his child?


Lin Fei Fei was so furious.

She doesn't know what to do anymore.

It was only then that Qin HuZao broke her melancholy mood. Finding optimism beyond light and tried to appease Lin Fei Fei's perturbed emotion.

"Qin Yu would be okay there. I'm sure he'll be back in one piece together with his child. Let's have fate on them. He knows what's best for him. Staying here might be a little dangerous, given that his house was not secure anymore. The raid made a mess on the huge mansion and even the employees there are beginning to resign due to the terror."

Lin Fei Fei, who didn't know these things... even though she always went to that place almost stood up. She seized Qin HuZao by the collar glaring, " Just what are you talking about? They had been attacked?"

"Haven't you know? I'm sure you already know the culprit. This time was fatal, your old man even assigned a professional killer that even the elite guard wasn't able to go against."

Lin Fei Fei has gone all blank. All her blood run through her head. She dragged Qin HuZao by the collar and went out. Qin HuZao who was like a dog being howled, obediently tuck himself inside the car. Lin Fei Fei pulled something under her feet and it was a lightweight gun!

Hold on! Are they really going to that old geezer Yulin with that!?


Su Villa

Su Mo who had been enduring his curiosity finally couldn't let his silence continue any longer. He soon made a thorough investigation towards Su Ming who had still wasn't able to report to the company. He can fully understand Su Ming's situation, however, he couldn't look over the disappearance of his first one. Su Ci Yi had just disappeared out of thin air.

He wasn't worried at all and he knows that from time to time, he should give his children their own privacy. But this isn't time for that freedom he was talking about!

The company was left hanging by her disappearance.

"You better spill anything and don't try to hide that sin of your sister! Tell us where she had been these days?" There's no room for negotiation. Su Mo only wanted to know if there's any valid reason for her not showing up.

On the other hand, Su Gi was standing on the sideline. Will act as a judge if these conversations turned into a messed again. Su Ci Yi's action made her worried. Who knows, what if her sickness was acting up again?

Su Ming eyes cast sideways. Now, they're grinding her. However, no matter what they do, after all, she didn't know where she went!


"She eloped!" Su Ming sits straight and had answered without thinking. His father's voice was like a thunder that anything in her mind slipped. "Just kidding. It wasn't like that. Somehow, there are other matters she needed to settle." Soon she took back what she said.

Though those words didn't go through Su Mo's ears. He only heard her first sentence and broke into a heavy sweat. Followed by his ragged breathing and soon collapse.

This first daughter of him will be his death anytime!

Su Gi called forth their family doctor again. This time, Su Mo was bedridden again for the entire week.

Su Ming was very remorse and tried to talk to him. But Su Gi was trying to appease the situation in the meantime. Therefore, Su Ming who had no choice but report to the company despite her nagging and elusive dream.

"Haven't your sister back yet?" One morning when Su Ming had come from a board meeting, she was welcomed inside on her own office by the stunning Baronette. As usual, she couldn't be compared to her style of vulgar clothes.

Baronette sit crossed legged on the sofa. Her long legs coated with black leggings were too eye-catchy even for a woman like Su Ming.

"I had few sources. I don't know if you'd like to see these photos?" She started and laid off her things.

Su Ming instantly caught up the photos that she had threw on her side. On it, was two or three people picture. Both were sunny and bright.

Su Ci Yi's smile was specifically radiant together with Song Mao and her child. Anyone could see it, find these photos very harmonious.

"It so saddens me that you were too focused and breaking your bones to work inside, but she was just taking her sweet little time. Are you really sure about it?"

Su Ming didn't took it to her heart, even though deep inside she was a little disappointed. Su Ci Yi said, there should be matters that needed to discussed first but in truth, she was only escaping the difficult times.

"She had her reasons" She refuted.

"Aren't your father still sick. I wonder how he will react seeing this."

"There's no need to show this to him. He had been in too much pain, lately."

"Was he not interested in his first daughter? I can really see the difference in treatment. Is she an adopted child?"

Su Ming couldn't take it anymore and her bottom had almost been hit. She wasn't able to control herself and burst out.

"This had been a private matters of our family, so I suggest that you should stay out of this." After saying this, Su Ming made herself busy that she wasn't able to see the look of surprise on Baronette's face. Afterward, she clicked her tongue out of disappointment.

This human was too difficult to get on her side!

She left the office in disturbing thoughts.

However, her footsteps stopped and her gaze landed across the clear glass window. She was at trance for a few seconds that employees stared at her mysterious action. Soon, her lips perked up.

'Someone's going to awaken soon.'

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