Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 133

Volume 1 Chapter 133 The Riot

It's been weeks already. Su Ci Yi had exhausted every place of the capital looking for Qin Yu. Even her powerful ears couldn't detect any information about the man. Searching all over the market, behind every house there, on the sideline, along with the garbage pit, on the riverside and even sneaking into some powerhouses was to no avail.

Qin Tao was also helping her using his cute little charms. He would sometimes open up a stall on the market roadside and boost his cute little face to big sisters out there, which was pretty effective because they offered a few coins and candies for him. Did they switch him for a cute alms begging beggar?!

In the meantime, they were staying on a simple Inn just across the busied market.

This place was also part of the capital in which means the center of transactions and a lot of information can be gathered together.

Under the scourging rays of the sun, Su Ci Yi had only her cape. As soon as she tried to find a spot to rest, someone's child grabbed her hand. The child was almost the same as Qin Tao's age but compared to that spoiled healthy young master, this one was weak and thin.

Su Ci Yi almost bends herself to picked him up but his mother caught off to them and reprimanded the child for grabbing a stranger.

"It's okay. It wasn't his fault." Su Ci Yi tried to appease her. The woman was frail and thin like the child. She only took a passing look on her and turn around with the child.

Su Ci Yi could only eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Just what do you think you are doing? Now that we are busy, didn't you know that your father was rallying on the east rode? You are making things difficult for me." She berated her child for his misconduct while pinching his ear.

The child didn't refute but only listen to her mother's ranting while tears are beginning to form on his eyes.

"Wait." Su Ci Yi's curiosity was peaked from her statement. "What's the commotion going on the east?"

The capital was a big place divided into pieces. The market was placed in the north. The west where the warrior's barracks stood. The east was the residence of the Deputy Chief while the south was where they had come.

The woman looked at her in confusion and soon decided to explain to the newcomer.

"It had been days since the discovery of the medicine that could counter the contagious disease. However, the government was boycotting all the medicine and only giving out to those worthy warriors. Not giving an ounce to the average people like us. Every day, people are dying because of the disease but now that the medicine came out, they got their hope rose only to get crushed instantly."

Ohohoho. So this was some sort of political propaganda?

"Where did the medicine came from?"

The woman, seeing his child walked slower, tucked him in. "There was no stipulation. However, the supplier of that medicine hit their jackpot and became a new rich lord of the town. My husband was rallying there, fighting for their rights even if it's just a spec of medicine they could spare the poor people like us."

"You spoke of the Deputy, where was the Chief anyway?"

The woman looked at her in disbelief. Where did this come from that she didn't know the tiniest details? Her doubts about her skyrocketed.

Su Ci Yi felt her dubious looked and plastered a happy go lucky vibe. "Hahaha, my situation is a little special. As you know my mom won't let me hear those ridiculous rumors and would have liked me to focus on my affinity."

"I see" The woman was convinced. There are parents who don't like their children to participate in political matters of the government, therefore, they prohibited their child from hearing those stupid rumors. "The Chiefhad not returned yet. The Deputy was an enemy of the local people. Rich people and warriors hail them. The unfair rise of this type of government was what makes people sick and angry. However, no matter how we resist, what can we do?"

She heard the hopelessness on the woman's side. Her look was very far beyond.

Su Ci Yi could only grasp one thing, what the woman had saidthese means RIOT!


The east coast of the capital was truly in a mess. When they arrive, people are beginning to fight those warriors in front of a semi-stoned house. Compared to the thatched houses with light roofing, these ones were made in roof tiles. One can literally see that the people staying are of high status.

Cheng Luo was the woman who was with Su Ci Yi. Together with the child, Cheng Ning, they stood on the far end just to see the commotion undergoing.

Local people against the tyrannical and well-built warriors, one can see who are on the disadvantages.

"Give us the medicines! This is a tyrannical monopoly!"

"We need the medicine more than you people, give us our fair share."

"Stop with the boycotting! People are dying left and right here, will you only look and turn your back on us?!"

These were the cries of these local people. With only their sickles and hoe, against a sharp edge sword. The local people were furious and in hot-blooded mode. Each of them was throwing themselves in front of those warriors without care. Out of irritation, the leader of the first tier warrior had his dark eyes looking on them. Disgusted and unsympathetic.

"If you really wanted a glimpse of the medicine, you better pay for a few thousand gold coins. Don't just march in here with only stupidity and brute force. You all know you can't win!" He spoke with intimidation as he stomped his foot on one of the locals who collapse on the ground.

That person, grumbled in pain as the big foot was crushing his stomach. Pushing his limits to surrender.

"Husband!" Cheng Lou, on Su Ci Yi's side, burst out and rushed to his husband's side. "Stop! Why do you need to trample him? You lowlife people?!"

The warrior glared at her which made Cheng Lou shivered. "Woman, you started this. You better received the punishment for your actions."

The warrior looked down at the woman. His right foot kicked her on the abdomen as she was thrown a few meters away. Blood spurted on her mouth and she almost lost her consciousness.

Su Ci Yi rushed to get her.

Looking over the proud faces and the dignified appearance of these people, she can't help but spit curses. Now, this was what you call power tyranny. If this happened on her Sect, she already dashed and punched these people's faces until they couldn't be recognized by their own mothers. However, she was meant to lay-low for a while. Not until she could find Qin Yu, until then her restrictions are lifted and she could do what she needed to do. In the first place, there was no law that prohibits killings in this place. She could go all out the way she wants!

Seeing the abusive power of their comrade. Jing Sang and Sang Shui get neared to the woman as they assisted her to get back on her two feet. While doing so, they couldn't help but curse.

They were only a third-tier warrior, the person who kicked Cheng Lou was their superior and was called Bou Bha who had a violent reputation on the barracks. Whenever he felt it, a warrior under his command would soon lose his life out on a whim. The reasonhe doesn't like them.

"Listen up! Weak people!" Buo Bha shouted, enough to make people stop their affray and turned to him. "Continue this meaningless action and you're all going to get burned alive. I am sure you know my affinity right? Continue to provoke us let's see who will remain in the end."

The local people gasped. One by one fled from their current position.

They knew very well the lethality of this person's power. Even though, they were stupid to provoke a person like these.

"Getaway already!" Jing Sang warned as she shoved Su Ci Yi and Cheng Lou away. Buo Bha was now emitting this hot atmosphere which was a very bad indication at the moment.

"Are they always that kind of people?"

Su Ci Yi couldn't help but to voice out her disappointment.

Sang Shui silently observed her and soon folded his fan snapping her out of her trance. "If you wanted to know all the grim passes of the government, then follow me. "

She looked at the out-of-nowhere invitation. Jing Sang was surprised and couldn't hold his mouth. "What? She's just a local?! Do you want to recruit her?"

Sang Shui didn't budge and replied. "Along with the woman on her side. Don't you think we need a lot of an additional chore assistant?"

Cheng Luo was also curious about what they had meant. However, their almost quite environment was disturbed again, when a dozen horses - carrying another batch of warriors, galloped in the middle where the commotion had occurred earlier. Their faces were lithe with an unknown sarcasm as they swipe a look on the locals.

"There was another order from the Deputy. All participants of the riot need to be imprisoned on the 'Unearthly Prison for the Dead."

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