Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 134

Volume 1 Chapter 134 The Base

The warrior who had given the tasked to pronounce the blood-curling announcement had a wide chagrin smile. When he saw the scampering rioters fled one by one, he unleashed his whip and caught them on their feet. Even those who had ran away a few meters were still caught and were threw in front of him.

Su Ci Yi also made a ran. Even though she didn't know this so-called "Unearthly Prison for the Dead" she could comprehend that it's a bad thing. Whilst everyone was in a total mess, Shang Shui pushed her on the bushes away from the chaotic crowd.

Looking over, no one saw this act.

Cheng Nuo was not lucky to escape. However, when she saw Su Ci Yi hid on the bushes, she pushed her son unto her, even if they were still strangers but in the pandemonium of chaos, no one will look over on these trifle reasons.

The empty space earlier was now filled with shivering and scared people.

In front of the Deputy Chief's abode, a horde of people was forcefully push on a wooden cage. Ready to transfer of the prison. Their howling and cries where never been heard against the stoned face warriors. They were caught for a mere crime that doesn't even consider a grave sin. But their punishment was like those of murderers and serial killers. After they left, only the remnants of small pieces of litters from those people were visible on the street.

Shang Shui followed the prisoners as they were hailed to their destination.

The 'Unearthly Prison of the Dead was located in the south area of Arcana City. Just a few paces and it'll be on the forest where Su Ci Yi came from. If one would describe the place, it was a placed riled without hope. People who had lost the amber of life were waiting only for their death. On the first day where a person was thrown, he was still healthy and brimming of life, just wait after a week and that same person will be on his death bed. That's just how the disease was fast spreading.

Jing Sanghimself, didn't want to be left behind, was left together with Su Ci Yi and Cheng Ning under Sang Shui's instruction.

The three people were standing like a statue in front of each other. The kid was left shocked, Su Ci Yi was in rage while Jing Sang was disappointed.

How could Sang Shui let this civilian be part of their group?! What can they do in their movement? Forget about lifting swords, they can only wash dishes and serve hot meals to the participants. Truly weak! What they need was a fierce warrior who can be on par against the Deputy's forces.

He turned around indignantly daring not to talk to the woman. He huffed in arrogance and walked without turning his back. However, after a few steps, he turned around only to see that those people are not following him!

"What are you dilly-dallying for?!" Jing Sang shouted.

Su Ci Yi looked at him in a total blankness. Not sure what he meant.

Jing Sang was even disappointed. "Do I need to spell it out? F-o-l-l-o-w me." Then he turned away and walked briskly.

After a few steps, Jing Sang felt curious about his followers. When he turned around for the second time, the two were still not following him. Again in flurried footsteps, he went back. "Are you people foolish? Can't you know the basics of following behind?"

"We could not follow any stranger aren't we?" Su Ci Yi refuted.

Jing Sang stomped his foot. So that was the problem? Tch. This trifling formality was too boring.

"I am Jing Sang. A third tier warrior. The gentle person earlier with a fan is Sang Shui. He instructed me to get you to the base."

"I see" Su Ci Yi's passively reply.

I see? What did you see? Did you boast your perfectly two eyes? Congrats, you can see me? What the heck with those introverted replies. Jing Sang specifically introduced himself, his position. Anyone would get awed, having an acquaintance warrior was already a blessing! What's with the uninterested reaction!

Jing Sang almost flipped the table, it's just that there was no table to be flipped over.

"So now folks, will you follow me?"

Su Ci Yi slipped her two hands into her pocket and requested. "Lead us the way then."

Jing Sang only turned his back. He had already stepped a few paces when Su Ci Yi stopped him.

"Wait! I need to stop by somewhere. I'll return immediately." With that, she disappeared leaving only her dust and her marked footstep.

Jing Sang even flared up, smoke coming from his nose, "Woman, get back here! This Laozi is not fond of patiently waiting for someone! You damn woman!"

Of course, Jing Sang had no choice but to wait for the damn woman. Sang Shui will grind him if he will not see her around on the base.

When Su Ci Yi returned to the market, she passed by the crowd of people staring at the glamorous parade. The carriage was glistening with gemstones and brilliant sapphires. The wall's decoration was made of pure wood that was ornamented with flowering vines. A lot of servants were following the carriage looking too embarrassed. This was the tradition here. Every time a rich Lord would pop out, it needs to get acquainted with the public. Although this so-called acquaintance was a mere flaunting of wealth, as it turned out to be a public entertainment for everybody.

Every time someone who passed by, onlookers would flag on the sideline. As if a celebrity had come and all of them were cheering and shouting. Of course, after this parade, there will be a big party to hold. Those welcomed guests will depend on the new Lord's preference. If the new Lord holds sympathy and closeness to the public then he'll invite the masses. However, if he would be the same as those arrogant warriors and high ranking people, he'll only invite those who are on top. This was what people are speculating while looking over the enormous carriage.

Su Ci Yi squeezed on the crowd. A little curiosity striked her. However, even if the inside of the carriage could see clearly the passers-by, the people below couldn't see the inside.

It was also just a pure coincidence, that the person inside saw the back of a familiar woman. Although she was petite and almost got squashed, among the crowd she stood up.

The curtain soon lifted up, his mesmerizing eyes cast on the dense mass of people. He can't be hallucinating this time. He surely saw her.

But the woman now was nowhere to be found. Su Ci Yi had lost interest in the parade of these wealthy people. She was already long gone to picked Qin Tao.

The ladies who just happened to caught wind of the man's beautiful face almost stumble on their weak knee. They caught a glimpse of a beauty that no one on the City could go against! They squished their butts on the crowds, just to take a last glimpse of the face but the curtain was soon drawn.

"You're in a good mood? Did you see someone familiar?" Amanda inquired, full of jealousy to those girls that showed interest in front of the man.

Qin Yu hummed in mirth. The corner of his mouth perched up and an ambiguous tone replied. "She's here."


Su Ci Yi picked Qin Tao whom she had left inside the Inn. The child was fuming inside because he had been left again. Su Ci Yi had to coax him with a few candies and butter bread that she had bought nearby.

When they got back to Jing Sang, the man's face was full of black lines. He greeted him in a total sarcastic tone. "So you took your sweet little time huh?" Seeing the woman had brought a kid, along with a dozen food snacks on her bosom, he could help put sneak a glare. Did she take her time shopping eh? Did she think this was just a vacation trip?!

Su Ci Yi put the child down, give him his snacks. Cheng Ning was a little small that she felt some wind could blew him away, therefore she took him on the hand and handed a few snacks of Qin Tao.

On the other hand, Qin Tao's heart was filled with grievances. His food was taken, his master was holding the hand of this child and his master let him walk by himself!

He wanted to chop the hand and replace it by him but when he thought of doing, he knew it was bad and his master will get angry at him!

Su Ci Yi hadn't known anything that was happening behind his back.

Soon, after turning around the corners, entering a few shady establishment, walking on the smelly garbage dump and trailing a small corridor they stop in front a small door. It was so small that they needed to crawl inside just to enter. Jing Sang was a big man, she found it a little strange for a man himself squeeze in the tiny hole with only a size of a cupboard box!

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