Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 135

Volume 1 Chapter 135 Sang Shui

After Su Ci Yi had crawled the cupboard size hole, she stood up and looked at her surroundings. Her eyes narrowed on this peculiar event! In front of her was a group of menwarriors she presumedbut what the heck was with their outfit! Why are they wearing skirts, had frilly hairdo and heavy make up? What happened to the grizzled and mustache fearsome warriors that she had seen?

Across her was a ten or so burly men in eccentric get up. Added to the weird atmosphere was the liberated and vulgar decorations. In the middle of a two or three-person group, was a wooden table holding a jar container filled of liquors.

Isn't it still early for merrymaking?

On the outside, no one will think that this small room was totally wide and enormous inside. There were even private rooms situated on the second floor.

At the far end corner, a tall burly person whistled and shouted in a liberal way towards Jing Sang's group, "Jing Sang my boy! So you finally brought home a wife. Come here, come to mama and let me give you a loud smooch."

Jing Sang's nerve popped. "Shut up, Tian Xuo! Sang Shui was the one who invited her here!"

The one called Tian Xuo acted like he was disappointed. On his girly face, dropped two fake beads of tears. "Mama is so disappointed. Here I thought I could see my boy grow into an a.d.u.l.t with a woman on his side."

"I am already an a.d.u.l.t!" Tch.

"En. You said so." Then Tian Xuo burst into laughter.

Su Ci Yi looked at the almost erupting volcanic face on her side. She had guessed, if this man was a woman, Jing Sang might have been visited by his red tide today, his mood was always at 38 degrees celsius high!

This man Tian Xuo was a happy go lucky guy. It was clearly observed that he was fond of teasing Jing Sang until the other party was red in fury. He wasn't even satisfied and still spoke to him in a roundabout manner, "Ai, the woman you brought doesn't compliment you. Next time you picked, remember to choose the plum type, one that would teach you the a.d.u.l.t stuff. Hahahaha. It's okay, there'll be always a harvest next time."

This man was not listening at all, he had already explained that it was under Sang Shui's command why she was here?

Su Ci Yi was only listening on the sideline. But deep inside, she couldn't take this further. Women would always get anxious especially when they are being compared! Hence, a certain pebble secretly flew towards the man's head. It was only small but the lethality was high.

A big lump on Tain Xuo's head appeared.

"Aw Who dares to hit me? Huh? Come on, this big sister will never let you lose!" The guy frantically examined his left and right but seeing no culprit, Tian Xuo turned to the person next to him and blamed the poor guy. Soon there was a big brawled and infighting, the whole inside was turned a mess. Tables were flipped over, chairs are flying each other's head, much worse those plates had served as a boomerang weapon throwing against one another. What was more befuddling, was that no one stopped nor mediate the fight, all of them was acting like it was the usual.

"I'm sorry about that. Those rascals are so energetic and hype. There'll just direct their disappointments from the government on this stuff."

Man! What a huge woman.

A gentle type tall woman neared them. Su Ci Yi needed to lift her face in order to see and level their gaze. However, Su Ci Yi can't let her guard down. This place had weird people around. Even if this was a woman, her voice was too low and deep. Too suspicious.

Soon, out of curiosity, she walked to that person and boldly touched her chest. Her doubt was justified and declared, "You are a man."

Just as she thought, you can't flawlessly define a person's gender based on his looks.

Jing Sang's jaw dropped seeing this woman's atrocious act. But as soon as he recovered, he pointed fingers to the woman while dragging away, Ting Lin. "Woman! Show a little decency! Don't just casually touch a man's chest."


Su Ci Yi tilted her head innocently, "Decency? I couldn't see it around here." Then she looked on the informal dresses of big men and their stand out make up on the face.

Jing Sang didn't refute on it. His mouth closed on their own.

It was Ting Lin's small laugh that broke them. It was so small yet it's like a piece of music to the ear. "You certainly is quite interesting. No wonder Sang Shui recruited you. Follow me, he's waiting inside the room."


The room they entered was shockingly formal. Compared to the first floor, the second floor was calm and quiet. Qin Tao and Cheng Ning were led to the kid's room. Although at first, Qin Tao didn't want to get separated, when he saw Cheng Ning acting brave and not having a fuss at all, he behaves himself.

Sang Shui is a charismatic man. He boasts a vibe of high intellect and confidence. After a child was born, their fates are already written on their palms, there's a child who are bound to rule and there a those that are fated to serve. Sang Shui's category falls on the first. He was a natural-born leader. The way he conducts his movements, his fair judgments, and even his unbiased decision were all both respected by those people on the first floor.

When they arrived, the man was waving his satin cloth folded fan. The weather was surging hot that a bead of sweat appeared on his forehead. Though even on this state, he was still elegant and the onlookers would feel cool just staring at him.

Sang Shui's appearance was something that one couldn't overlook. His contour on his face was glowing in healthy white. Despite being a warrior, his skin was smooth and silky. Su Ci Yi couldn't even see tiny pores nor any dark spots on his unblemished face.

She looked down on his chest she's so sure that stuff inside was fully developed. Was it a six? Or the legendary eight pack?

"You're here. I do apologize for the rough treatment of my fellow comrades. They don't mean any harm to you so please do forgive them."

Sang Shui was a third-tier warrior. Although he was on that low rank, other warriors on first-tier were respectful to him. His age was what restricted him for going over the high ranking. He was only in his early twenties, a pre-requisite on becoming a first-tier was a person should age thirty years old and above.

Without being gestured to sit, Su Ci Yi seated on a wooden chair and took a bite of a snack that was being offered in front.

"I do not know why you recruited me. But I can only say, aside from washing dishes, I can't do anything."

Jing Sang also followed and seated right next to her, facing Sang Shui. "Yeah. It's pretty obvious. Your limbs are so small and bet you can't lift a sword." He then turned to Sang Shui, "Hey, why bother with her, I'll recruit men tomorrow to add on our labor force."

Sang Shui is a highly intellectual man. Therefore, he sensed the woman's rejection.

There were clearly two conclusions that he can draw based on her statement.

1) She doesn't want to involve herself deeply in the group.

2) She wanted to have a glimpse of their movement. That was why she didn't refuse but only volunteered. This was already enough, as long as they could recruit her, there is still a chance.

Because Sang Shui was so sure. He had investigated secretly. This woman was the one who killed those ferocious predator-type beasts on the night of the moonless night. No one could really tell, but she sure knows who to hide her aura.

Then his doubts were strengthened, on the night when their comrade went berserk on the tavern. Her hit was concealed, but the slipper that slapped the man's face was deliberately conducted. It didn't even slip his eyes how this woman, slipped her hand and took that man's pocket money and gone outside.

The conclusion of this event was that, when that man woke up in the morning all his money had gone and he had nothing to pay for his ordered food and drinks! The manager was in fury and kicked that warrior n.a.k.e.d in the middle of the day! That was quite a sight.

"What is your name, young lady?" Sang Sui politely inquired. His eyes never straying away from her.

Su Ci Yi stopped crunching the biscuits. Look at him straight without blinking. Sang Shui felt intimidated. "Su Ci Yi."

"Well then, Ms. Su"

"Leader, our spy had returned from the new Lord's mansion. Please see him immediately." Su Ci Yi saw a person kneeled outside while cupping his hand.

Sang Shui abruptly stood up and left. Su Ci Yi followed on her accord. She too, was intrigued.

When she arrived, a person who had his right arm severed appeared on her sight. He was weak and gasping for breath.

Sang Shui stood emotionless. "Speak, what was your observation."

"The new Lord was no doubt on the Deputy's side. No commoner was allowed inside the big house, only the high ranking officials and warriors. The man was young, but he was not someone we could trifle too. I, myself was caught off-guard by him and was soon discovered."

He paused between breath and continued, "Milord, I could not certainly go back there. I could not anymore. I just couldn't. It's too scary" He begged to him.

Jing Sang interrupted. "Sang Shui, we need someone who doesn't look like us. Someone who could pretend they were out of their league. I'll find someone on the guys who could disguise to replace this man here."

"No need, we already have someone on our area."

Sang Shui then turned to Su Ci Yi.


The lazy Su Ci Yi won't do favor unless there's a catch.

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