Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 136

Volume 1 Chapter 136 Sang Shui Ii

The Anti-Oppression Front was founded just recently upon the boycotting of medicine from the public. The organization's vision and mission lie on the wails of the local citizens on which they couldn't get a single drop because no stock was available, or they were too costly to afford by the ordinary citizen. Along the line, there were also warriors on the lower rank who cannot buy the antidote because it pitched an enormous price on the market.

The plaque, which was rampant among the masses and wide-spread among the public and high ranking persona; characterized by a severe fever that lasted for a few weeks, followed by blatant small rashes on the body which later turned into a mottled skin wound. The wound was accompanied by a rotten decaying smell. It was said, that those with low immunity had a high risk of getting the disease. No one was able to determine the root cause and even the notable medical practitioners had no way of countering the disease.

Sang Shui was the acting leader of the group. The position was offered to him by those people who truly despise the current government. Sang Shui's potential was outstanding among his peers and he was the best candidate among the participants.

Sang Shui came from an honorable lineage of first-tier warriors and he had no doubt threading the same path as they are. However, as good as their family, sadly Sang Shui was the only one left on the entire clan. They were wiped out by their totally heroic conduct and a suicidal helping hand to others.

These were some of the details she had heard regarding the state of this place called the 'Village of Disappearing Soul'. The Arcanda City was also a place with internal political struggle and public conflict. Their situation was no other different than the modern world but in this place, there was no law that limits the power and influence of the high ranking individual or maybe there is... but that thing only served as a dangling decoration in the library.

Jing Sang jumped on Sang Shui's side to fully hear his instruction. When Su Ci Yi looked at him, he could see the sparkles on his eyes.

" So who is it? Who is it this time?"

Sang Shui pointed finger on Su Ci Yi's position.

It was then that all eyes started to focus on her direction. Some show a glint of disappointment while others are curious.

It was like the center stage had lit up and she was the main actress of the night. All eyes are swallowing her every move. One single remark will determine if they'll be interested or not.

Now that Jing Sang thought about it, Sang Shui had really planned it from the start. The reason he recruited this woman was for this sole reason. He could see that it was the most probable action to take this time. However, the problem lies with the new recruit. If she really was a trustworthy and reliable force to the group. If one step went bad, their group could be annihilated and subdue by the Deputy's force.

Jing Sang turned to Su Ci Yi, "Woman, this is a great honor to be received and given a task on your first join. You better do your job and don't let our hope down."

They were so sure that she'll join them?

Su Ci Yi's eyebrow arched. Her arms crossed in front and her posture straight. They were on the second floor. To be more exact, on the place where visible to the onlookers on the first floor. The stairs were right below her and she leaned on the handrails beneath her.

The cross-dressing warriors who are too loud earlier peeked at the situation above. They turned their mouth shut and observed the current turn of events. Even these people were like psychos, at the very least they knew how to respect the leader. When they thought it was Sang Shui's turn to open his mouth. They all became silent.

All of it, she didn't really care.

"Say, you have the confidence to corner me here. Tell me your exchange?"

Sang Shui's next movement was elegant. He took behind his fan on his back and towered Su Ci Yi, in a way he was looking down on her. However, there was no presence of enmity nor tyranny on his aura. On the contrary, it was cozy and fluffy inside that any woman would feel the false emotion of security on this man's side.

"We have your child on our custody."

Su Ci Yi's heart heaved up.

"You are not a citizen of this City, you can be charged with treason and can get executed by the Deputy."

Su Ci Yi's heart was pierced through. Dang!

"And then" Sang Shui went near her ears and whispered, "The murder of those beasts on a moonless night was you're doing right?"


Su Ci Yi backed a few steps. The hair on her skin stood up. She escaped like a kitten that was afraid of his master.

How the heck he know these things? This manSang Shui. Just how did he collect these details? She had thoroughly made sure that no one could pinpoint her actions, she was fully aware that one little misconduct will cause her to fall. Now, these unpleasant things that she didn't want to occur happened.

A burst of laughter erupted on the once silent and awkward audience. All those burly men in frilly hairdo were laughing, those who play reserved put a hold on their mouth yet their shoulders are shaking. Soon, they resumed their once merry and mirthful mood.

"Hahahaha, don't scare the little squirrel Sang Shui. She's really scared of you. She's so small, if you tease her any further, you'll become a big bully." Tian Xuo's voice was like being broadcast in a large megaphone. It was clearly heard by all and was laughed by many.

Ting Lin also join in seeing the situation. " Don't underestimate her. Looks can be deceiving sometimes. She might be that tamed on the outside but wild on the inside."

"Well, what can you say, the little lady was a little pretty too. It'll be a bummer to let her a spy on the night. Might as well try her to seduce the mighty new Lord. Hahahaha."

" The new Lord had a wife. They say she was violent and fierce too. Little lady, be careful of her."

"Ehhh, that young Lord was taken? Anyway, they say that he's good looking. Our little lady won't have difficulty coying her way in. She might get inspired working there. Though your small but it'll be on your disadvantage and show your charm~"

"What can be kept hidden with the small visage? Look, even Jing Sang was underestimating the girl. Sang Sui, we all know that you are the one who recruited her. Are you sure, you don't have any unbiased motivation towards the girl?" Said one of whom Su Ci Yi didn't know and she had no interest in knowing in the future. These lair of dumb people, she'll just name them then: Dumb #1 and Dumb #2. Their banters and frivolous conversations were full of their mindless idiocies, good thing the children are not here.

Jing Sang didn't let himself get sink on the conversation and dived in, "I bet, she'll make a good servant. She declared that her talent was dishwashing earlier. Lol. That was a pretty rare talent. No one in the entire universe had the guts to declare that ability but she was an exception. He-He-He."

Sang Shui's folded fan returned those idiotic conversations on the right track. If he let these people go on, he didn't know where it will lead in the end. So before it diverted into a different track, he gets back to the subject matter. Explained to her what needed to ponder and take things into consideration.

"Don't worry, before you go in I'll train you of the probable etiquette of the inside manor. You'll act as an attendant inside but your job will only take on the night."

"In case I am not around, you could find Jing Sang to teach you. He's substituting me here every time I got other matters to attend. Even though it seemed that he has always high blood, he's reliable and meticulous. Although I'm warning you already, do not get intimidated by his angry face. It has been already his signature face since the beginning."

Jing Sang who had been admiring him crumpled his face. He couldn't believe he had said that!

"See, he's doing it again." Then Sang Shui plastered a beaming smile. He said it in a face that was bright and sunny. Su Ci Yi could really determine that the person's face might be par on Qin Yu's beauty. Yes, she literally called him a beauty. Being handsome was not well suited on his face that even men might get crazy over.

He was even beautiful than any peerless beauty she had encountered on her sect. Those women's beauty even bloomed because of face powders they brought upon their faces. However, Sang Shui's face looked pure and exotic.

The man whom she had given a thumb-ups on her heart drew close. He stopped when they are a few meters within each others line of sight.

Tian Xuo, who had always been fond of trifling things couldn't hold it in,

"Sang Shui, you're going all out on the woman. You even specifically recruited her and then personally teaching her. Man, if you continue like this we're going to misunderstand your motif."

Sang Shui's smile grew wider.

"Then just be it. It was all true after all. I like Ms. Su's overall bearing and appearance anyway."

Su Ci Yi's foot slipped.

Say what?

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