Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 137

Volume 1 Chapter 137 A Night Visit

The hall was engulfed in total silence again.

Then after a few pauses, a loud bang on the table was heard. A high whistle tone, aggressive yelling, and shoutings came from everybody. Congratulating Sang Shui for his brave announcement. They really applauded this man's straightforwardness. Of all people, no one can go against his frankness.

Some had given their blessings.

Others are already planning for a banquet.

Tian Xuo's mind was counting how many cattle they should kill on the engagement.

While Ting Lin was already planning to let Su Ci Yi borrow a hand-me-down bridal gown that his sister had used at her wedding.

Aren't they too ecstatic? They aren't even confirming her marital status, her local religion and they are already jumping at the wedding party!

After the out-of-nowhere, half-hearted confession Sang Shui who has been the actor of the stage returned inside the room. He was the first who walked out leaving the ecstatic crowd.

Su Ci Yi was silent on the sideline, stunned for the turn of events while Jing Sang was glaring daggers at her. If looks could kill, she had been pierced through and mutated a long time ago.

The hall was in a joyous position. Everything was on the right track, except for the abrupt fall of silence. Su Ci Yi had also long observed the rough footsteps coming nearby. It was refined, formal and had rhythm. Strong that anyone who had a keen sense would discover immediately.

Tian Xuo, who had been the jokester and the obnoxious pacesetter returned to being vigilant. The cross-dressing warriors all become a busy body and get back to what they should call their original position; full of panicked and anxiousness.

Su Ci Yi didn't know what was happening but she had guessed it must have something to do with the incoming people.

Soon there was a loud banging of the door that could make the door fall over.

Quickwitted Jing Sang dragged her under the table that had a fine table cloth. Together, the two ogle on the small tight space. She didn't even know why he took that place! She just went with the flow together with him.

A group of big men came. There were five of them each holds a unique sword and in their uniform post. When the door was open, those warriors huddled on the sideline to make way on the person at the back.

A short person walked in. Compared to the towering warriors his height only amounted up to their shoulders. The man had white hair and a phoenix eye that eminently looked shrewd. His face looked young around in his teens. The man was clad in fine silky clothing. His cape that only goes under his shoulder had a gold lining. Even his cane was ornamented with a gemstone. The man's aura was exuding an arrogant rich second generation.

From the tiny hole of the cloth, Su Ci Yi was able to peek. On that youth's back was a tall man. She couldn't see clearly his face, it was blocked by the two broad warrior's body situated on the front. Either way, that man had a beastly masked; even if he stood facing her she won't recognize him.

"That was Gao Xiao, the current Deputy Chief." Jing Sang pulled her ears and whispered.

"The one in front or at the back?"

"Of course at the front, idiot. The one that looked young but don't get fooled by him. That man was already in his late thirties." Su Ci Yi didn't register a shocked face. She was far too used to young-looking people. Cultivators on their peak level of cultivation had a young and brilliant appearance despite being over a hundred years old.

"How about the one on the back? The one that has a weird mask?"

"The new rich Lord of the town. He had a mask because he doesn't want someone to fuss over his beauty. Rumors said that he had a heaven defying's face that even the goddess couldn't compare to it."

The Deputy and a few of his dignitaries were led to an extravagant looking table. The one that had a wide space and located in the middle. The warriors following him seated on the separated table near their side.

Su Ci Yi tilted her neck in order to see the other face but it's too difficult given their position. Jing Sang felt irritated on her hype movement and dragged her back.

"It seems that business is faring well?" The one called Gao Xiao spoke. As soon as he seated, those two beside him followed and made themselves comfortable.

Ting Lin, who served as the house's manager smiled. "Just the same as usual, Sir. You are still always our one and only loyal patron. Would it be the same as usual again?"

Ting Lin pulled a writing pad on his skirt and a brush.

Gao Xiao nodded.

Ting Lin clapped his hand and soon the center stage lit up leaving the other side in darkness. Followed by a breathtaking silence and an eerily tranquility.

Su Ci Yi who had been under the table which was a few blocks away from the center and in which the stage was very far, decided to slipped through. She can't get a good show on this spot and in the absence of attention, she took her time to sneak under the table, one that had a big space under.

At first, Jing Sang tried to grab her and the two ended playing a tug of war - in which the latter win. He only gulped a few mouthfuls of saliva while seeing the idiotic woman transfer a hideoutwhere the Deputy and his dignitaries situated!

The music played. A melodious and seductive tone emerge, even the background lights are in a pinkish glow. A group of those frilly men headed by Tian Xuo entered. Now, their outfit was vulgar and in pieces. Their muscular biceps are jingling along with their movements. It was too awkward to look however, Su Ci Yi was surprised to received different treatment from the newly arrived guest. As if they were mesmerized on the show.

Tian Xuo wriggled his h.i.p.s, pouted his beardy face and throw a wink on the table in the middle. This was too hardcore to see! Su Ci Yi tried not to spit out what she had eaten and force herself to swallow and watch the show until the end.

Gao Xiao leaned a little closer on the man with beast mask yet Su Ci Yi could still hear their conversation.

"The man in the middle is a third-tier warrior. You won't believe it right? If you see anyone on your liking to them, just tell me. I'll arrange a night for you."

The man just nodded.

Gao Xiao returned to the show. His eyes beaming and excited.

The music finished with a few twists and turn.

Su Ci Yi was still grumbling and digesting the events. What kind of house did she had entered? Then she took a peek at the other table where Jing Sang was. Sure enough, the man was glaring at her! She was forced to go a little further in the middle only to bump on one of the long legs of a person. Shit! She scooped away, tried to stay alert.

If anything goes wrong, then she'll just use brute force in order to escape.

Just as she thought, a hand came and acted like it would lift the table cover

Su Ci Yi could only watch and clenched her fist. Waiting for the incoming...

"Is there anyone that came into your liking? We will give off a discount on our precious items."

Sang Shui startled them as he appeared. He walked with a professional smile and a fan on his side.

Sang Shui's interference interrupted the hand that came and soon Su Ci Yi relaxed a bit.

"Sang Shui, can I trouble you to find a good person for my brother Yu? He seems uninterested, this is his first time here and I want this to be his memorable night."

"Is the master Yu didn't find anyone on his liking? I fear that those are our only precious items to offer."

"You can't do anything at all?" Gao Xiao's tone was becoming rude and arrogant

Shang Shui acted like he was thinking and soon change his mind. Of course, he had a spare of those muscular beauties in their spare room.

"Follow me. I'll show you."

Gao Xiao's eye beam and stood up. Those men also followed them. Only the man in the mask remained while drinking his boost appearing not interested. The wine he was drinking was not that strong and the aroma was just enough to the man's taste. After those men disappeared, his table became empty. Seeing the opportunity, those gayish men tried to flirt with him but those who tried to come on his way where all chase by his any-living-person-do-not-approach aura.

Su Ci Yi who had tried to find the right timing to get out was bummed out knowing this man didn't budge on his seat. Anyway, the man seemed to forget her below therefore, she'll just slowly get out while his attention was away.

Jing Sang made a few faces. Guess he'll be her lookout for a while.

He waved at her indecisively, peeking over at the man he seemed busy. Therefore, slowly Su Ci Yi crouched down and crawled on Jing Sang table.

SlowlySlowlySlowly.that he won't notice her.

However, a certain foot stomp on the hem of her long skirt and disrupted her from crawling any further.

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