Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 138

Volume 1 Chapter 138 Unexpected Meeting

Su Ci Yi looked back and tilted her head on the portion of the cloth that prevented her from going forward. It seemed that the man still didn't notice her so slowly she took a hold of the cloth portion and tried to free it. However, she didn't know if it's only her imagination but it seemed that the man's foot was exerting effort and deliberately trying to hold her down.

Su Ci Yi felt she had been in a predicament similar to a prisoner that was trying to steal a precious key from a jail guard in order to scape. The feeling of anxiousness and agitation was killing her inside! Her sweat was dripping like bullets on her forehead.

No matter how she tried to pull, he won't budge.

Jing Sang was getting annoyed already. He had been looking out for her but still, she wasn't able to get out. Stuck on whatever predicament that was holding her down.

She wasn't able to get out of her situation when Sang Shui's group came back. They were a few meters away and because the light was dim, her position was not clearly visible but even so, they were facing straight towards her - they will definitely notice the bizarre situation especially since those warrior's eyes and beastly instinct won't let her pass!

Jing Sang was even frantic. When he saw an incoming waiter with glasses on his plate, he extended his right foot and tripped him. A chance came and the waiter stumbled just in front of that masked man in which case abruptly stood up. His comfortable posture was disrupted. Su Ci Yi grabbed the chance and like an active croaking frog, jumped on Jing Sang table.

"Brother Yu!" Gao Xiao was stunned by how dirty this person became. His long white robe had been stained by a dirty white liquid color.

Sang Shui only looked at the pair of naughty people but soon redirect his gaze to the current scenario.

"Goodness gracious! Sang Shui, aren't you training your employees well? How come they were incompetent and could be tripped for serving drinks! Don't you know how brother Yu promotes cleanliness? Tell me what you can do in this situation?!"

The person on the sideline who tripped, stood and trembled. Sang Shui gestured for him to get out of the crowd first. He'll just deal with these bunch of wild lions.

Su Ci Yi and Jing Sang were already out of sight. They scrambled themselves to hide inside the unoccupied room situated on the second floor.

Sang Shui deeply bows his head, his both hands on his back clutching his fan.

"Please accept our deepest apologies, Sir. We'll do something and find another set of clothing for Brother Yu. We will reimburse the damage caused by providing the same clothing style and of the same quality. All of my employees are competent ones. There is just a time when unfortunate circ.u.mstances call and no one can go against it."

The so-called brother Yu, didn't act arrogant and overreacting like the Deputy. Actually, he was calm and even seemed in a good mood?

"It doesn't matter, I'll just wipe it. Anyway, where was your washing area?"

Sang Shui acted on good concern and immediately escorted him however, the other party refused, "No need. Just point out the direction."

Sang Shui pointed at the far end of the second floor. The man fully received his instruction and nodded.

After the man left, Gao Xiao's expression became sullen. That man was their treasure and somehow he felt the need to suck on him, or else he won't sell to him the antidote. This man, who came from the deepest part of the city, from the deepest part of the clan was the sole supplier of the medicine that can counter the disease. It's only been days since he appeared and go out in the public but he had already made a viral reputation.

Little girls and women were crazy for him, while men envy his pure struck of luck.

Although it's quite a bummer that this man had a wife and if he still hadn't he will surely arrange an engagement for his niece and him.

Gao Xiao lazily leaned on the table. His hand supporting his chin.

"Sang Shui, had there been any news about that person we'd been looking for?"

The person questioned seat in front of him and shook his head.

"If it's taking a little longer, take other priorities. That man might not be here anymore or maybe got killed along the way. I'll assign another tasked to you."

"What about Senior Fu, you are withdrawing on your request Sir and this will really give a big impact on him given that he had seemed too attached on finding the man."

"What do you know about it, let that crazy guy go berserk? It's not that he could kill a whole area. That guy never listened anyway." The Fu they are talking about was Fu Jin Hao. The man was unrestrained and would always act on his own. He never even listen to anyone except for the Chief.

There was still one thing that Sang Shui was bugging him. But seeing the Deputy was not in the right mood, he held his mouth.

"Sang Shui, I don't want you to get on that man's nerve - you know our position right?"

Sang Shui already knew it. This man was the medicine seller. The sole owner. Therefore, he had a lot of rights under his control. The man called brother Yu was not a fool. He had already calculated what would be his standing selling out the medicine. Sang Shui can point it out that under those beastly masked was a deep and calculative eyes.

"It'll be our honor to serve him with our utmost diligence, Sir. So please take it easy. We will do everything within our means to serve him since he was recommended by you."

Gao Xiao sneered while raising his eyebrows in front of this loyal dog.

He also admitted that he had slightly admired this child's quick-wittedness however, a small portion of him was getting a little bit vigilant. His excellence and brilliance were something that he needed to look over. These types of characteristics were critical, the one that could overthrow a sleeping lion on a cave.

Fu Jin Hao was only unrestrained, but that man in masked cannot be fooled. He possessed unique air around him and his bearing was different from others.

"By the way, have you discovered the cause of the forest's abnormality recently?"

Sang Shui even though he knew it, of course, such precious information won't need to get on him. He had already within his grasp that person. Just a little more push and she'll eventually dive in on their bidding. He had also sense that this woman had a great sense of personal justice and an unbreakable principle.

"It was a beast. But we don't know what is it." Sang Shui told a lie without batting an eye.


On the second floor, Jing Sang and Su Ci Yi as if being felt a thorn had been lifted on their chest, slump on the vacant room. The window was opened wide with only the satin curtain fluttering over.

After Jing Sang recovered, he began to berate her.

Jing Sang was positioned near Su Ci Yi that when he screamed, the dust on her eardrum almost flew out.

"You really are an idiot woman! How dare you drag me under that stomach-churning situation! I should have left you back then to get you into trouble but since it would be Sang Shui who will be in trouble I decided to help you out. So don't get the false idea of thy great me helping YOU at all."

" If that's what you want."

Soon there was silence. Jing Sang was even disappointed.

"How rude you are. A person like you don't you even know how to say a proper thank you?"

Su Ci Yi couldn't even get the gist on this guy. He's singing a different tune from his words.

"Thank you then."

"Hmph, if you make trouble with Sang Shui, I'll grind you again. Better behave yourself."

She walked near the opened window, staring at the vast the sky. Jing Sang's back was turned to her while muttering and cursing her.

Jing Sang wasn't a bad person, Su Ci Yi could tell he's just a socially awkward person that doesn't know how to express himself especially to new acquaintances.

The starry night was like a christening gemstone. Too good to the eye. The evening wind blew on her face and she felt shiver down her spine.

One second she was still leaning on the window.

Another second, her appearance disappeared on the scene but the loose lump of the curtain on the other side grew bigger.

Su Ci Yi was snatched out of nowhere. A sneak attack from the enemy! Except that this enemy was hugging her back and leaning on her shoulder? The tall physique that was warm and tender. A vivid contrast to the cold starry night hanging beside the bright moonlight.

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