Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 139

Volume 1 Chapter 139 Daily Life

The familiar scent of the man wafted strongly on her nose. What was happening? Why hadn't she noticed this aura earlier? Was this something to do her cultivation? She had been slacking off lately, now can't even pinpoint this man's aura?

Su Ci Yi's brain had been circulating fast that the man's embrace even tighten. His face on her neck, tightly wrapping her within his arms. Just as he thought, this woman won't leave him. She even came here just for him. Ah, the sweet harmonious night was eating him. He could stay like this forever.

Qin Yu felt satisfied. Coming here was all worth it.

"Where have you been these days? I've been looking all over for you. Qin Tao is with me too."

Qin Yu's response was simple. He even secured her within his arms.

"I thought I'd die at that moment. The sharp fang of the blade that twisted on my flesh... the warm blood oozing all over me and the surge of pain that envelope my whole body that I'd thought I was already a goner, but now I can even see you."

Su Ci Yi's mind glimpse on that tragic night and she felt guilty. Therefore, she let the man nestled within her. It's just a small matter to compare for his act.

When Qin Yu receive all the attack that was supposed for her. Her expression became complicated. "You didn't need to save me back then. I owe you again this time...Thank you."

A trickster smile appeared on his rosy lips. 'It was worth it.'

Seeing the situation, it was strange, how two people conversed under the white satin curtain. As the wind blew over, it brushed off on Su Ci Yi's skin, however, at those times she can't notice that single sensation.

"You let me go now."

As if Qin Yu didn't feel any numbness on his position, he didn't let go. Su Ci Yi is a small woman. Slouching down was a big action for him. But even so, his reply was to lift her up, his back leaning on the wall to support his weight tightening his embrace on her back. "Can we stay like this for a while?"

As if there was a mechanism that clicked on her brain, she forced herself to get out of this weird predicament which 'caused the half-tied curtain to fall off from its pin and spread like a blanket on the two who were snuggling inside.

Su Ci Yi struggled to get outside, left with no choice and rift the curtain open.

Jing Sang didn't have any apprehension of what had transpired. He had been too engrossed with summarizing the excellent achievement of Sang Sui and his meritorious conduct. By chance that he turned his head on the back, his eyes widen.

"You." He stammered while he grabbed Su Ci Yi and dragged themselves away from a suspicious life form. A tall bulk of curtain was floating!

"What have you done again?! What is that?"

"A mountain man."

Pointing to Qin Yu's position. The cloth hadn't been lifted and his whole visage from head to toe was wrapped with a curtain.


Qin Yu walked over to Su Ci Yi and tapped her shoulders. "I'll get you when I've settled everything." Then after saying it, he proceeded out of the room.

"Hold it!" Jing Sang was still fuming over the suspicious man. So he followed him outside, only to bump on a lanky masked man that was together with the Deputy earlier. Flinching, he stepped back and bolted inside, slamming the door.

Qin Yu, "" What an energetic kid.


It's been 4 days since the incident. Su Ci Yi's peaceful time inside the secret base was peaceful and fulfilled. She had also discovered the business that Sang Shui was running in front of the public. Turned out that it was a gay bar. A gay bar! That was why all those warriors are cross-dressing and in female get up. They are on post during the day, filling their duties and responsibilities. In the night-time, the entertainment house would be open to the public.

Although it was only for appearance purposes and gathering data from their foremost enemy can be achieved on these ventures but it's servicing well and catering to every customer. Furthermore, it had garnered a lot of loyal customers among the City! Even the Deputy is a visitor himself!

Sang Shui was intently teaching the ways of being an attendant to Su Ci Yi. She didn't tell anyone that he knew the new Lord. There are things that she wanted to ask Qin Yu, but it seemed that it was a little complicated on his side. Whatever action he had undergone, Su Ci Yi should know it. However, she was not desperate to get it now. Things will come to wait. The good thing is that, she had found the man and in order to go back, she needed to lay their path safe and without a hitch.

"Have you digested all that I have been teaching you?"

Su Ci Yi snapped from her idling and get back to reality. Sang Shui had been patiently teaching her the virtue of being an attendant. Although she came from a developing country. The soul residing on it was from the past. So a thing like these, she knew it pretty well.

"It seemed that you are spacing. You don't need to digest it all. We can go back from the start if you cannot master it."

Su Ci Yi returned her posture to standing straight. While her hands were peacefully tuck in the front. Walked in a gentle manner that was not brisk and too fast.

"Perfect. Now it's Jang Sang time again to teach you." Sang Shui praised her effort. Su Ci Yi beamed with a smile.

Jing Sang crept from the corner and immediately pounce between them.

"Sang Shui, do I really need to put up with her! Come on, she's too useless. Even in this lesson, it took a whole day to master the proper walking! Let's not talk about how many dishes she had broken because of her clumsiness and she claimed she's good at washing? Even putting fire for cooking, a little bit time and the fire would erupt, she'll make us roasted human! Never mind cutting vegetables, the cutting board was even cut into pieces! How could I teach someone like this?!... Moreover

Su Ci Yi only heaved a big sigh. She was speechless. He really had a grudge towards her!

Jing Sang saw her breathe out. Therefore, he focused her attention on her. "and you, how can you be you useless. You are so small and yet your strength was so big huh? If I teach you, better focused and don't let your mind wanders around"

Su Ci Yi pouted her lips and even teased him. " How could that be, your classes are so boring I thought I'm going to sleep."

"Huh? So now, you know how to refute! You better"

FUFUFU. Sang Shui laughs at the two that were bickering. Or should he say to Jing Sang who's pretty spent up?

"You two get along pretty well huh?"

Su Ci Yi and Jing Sang looked into each other.

"Are you blind?!"

"You're blind."

The two looked at each other's almost the same answer.

"See. I told you."


Inside the forest lurked the dangerous beasts. Jing Sang brought Su Ci Yi to gather some firewoods. Since she had burned all the remaining woods to be used on the shed, it's Jing Sang's responsibility to gather it again. And since it was not his fault at all, he decided to make a little detour.

Why doesn't he make use of his position as her master?

"I'll just wait here under this cypress. You go and find branches and twigs inside. There are small, you can carry them. Bring them here after you collected." He lazily instructed as he lied under the large root. On his mouth, was a piece of lemongrass he was chewing.

Su Ci Yi didn't react. She just left him there and set foot. Anyway, she had been here.

Jing Sang's lips screw up. He knew this forest was dangerous. The more you go deep, the fiercer the beast lurking. He had only wanted to scare this woman. And when he heard her scream inside, he'll dash and kill the beast. In that part, she will gain recognition on him. This woman was looking down on him. A little shrewdness to set and show his brilliance. He can't let himself get looked down! Hmmm.

He has still not able to rest when out of nowhere he heard a tremor on the ground and the leaves of the cypress tree were shaking. Jing Sang sits straight. He observed where the sound was coming and it was straight from the forest!

He saw the woman who had just come from the forest came running towards him! Behind her back was an 8 feet boar that had a spiky fur and long claw running after her!

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