Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 14

Volume 1 Chapter 14 Chua Ting

Su Ci Yi and the girl landed on a flat platform away from the crowd. The woman is exhausted that she couldn't even move. Su Ci Yi let her rest for a while under the shade of an enormous maple tree.

"Master!" Su Ci Yi didn't need who it was. Now that she called her, she thinks that she did something wrong with this kid. She ditch him in the middle of the commotion earlier! Though looking at him now, there was no remorse nor sulking face she could trace, rather he was beaming with so much energy despite the scourging heat. She envied the youthful energy of the kid.

Qin Tao excitedly excitedly run through her side and slump looking with his adorning eyes.

"What?" Su Ci Yi can't help but ask what is going on his head again?

"Master your awesome! You can even jump that high storey building. As if you really are flying! Do you think I could attain your level someday?"

"Dream on kid! You still has a lot of growing to do."

Qin Tao's eyes sparkle upon hearing Qin Tao's confirmation. "Great! In return I will you marry my daddy!"


Su Ci Yi nearly choke from his words. How quick this child change the subject. "There are a lot of women who likes to come to daddy everyday. But I'll give you the privileged of having my approval. Now you only need my daddy's consent"

Who's giving who honey? I don't really care about your dad anyway.

You really looked up to you daddy aren't you?

Su Ci Yi didn't respond to him.


"Who are you people?"The woman behind them spoke up upon waking. Seeing the different surrounding and unfamiliar setting makes her forehead crumpled.

"Our identity is not the important. How are you feeling" The woman feels her whole body. It was aching all over. Strange, she didn't remember anything aside from strolling the mall earlier?

"You've been possessed. Should I am a little late and you'll be dead. Do you remember standing at the rooftop and falling off?"

The woman's eyes widen. "Did I? Am I still alive?"

"Don't worry ,your still in your human form but be sure to be strong next time. The one possessing you feeds from peoples weakness and negativity"

Hearing this, the girl droop her head upon remembering something. But that was only a split of second and afterwards whispered " How should I thank you then?"

"It's not costly, since I only saved your life..." Su Ci Yi trailed of and her lips perk up into a strange smile " ...just pay me 10 million"

Qin Tao's head turns immediately towards her. The girl is also surprise with her price.

[How come your surprise, I save your life right? No money should be able to amount to a person's life. You should be thankful I am only asking 10 M?!] That was her taught.

Money is an important part of person, she might be a cultivator in her past life but that didn't mean she has no inclination to money? Her Senior brother often scolded her whenever she extorted money to those people whom they save. But what can she do, those people felt guilty not giving anything upon helping them?

"Hmmm, but I don't have 10 million right now? If it's okay, can you get the money afterwards? I'll need to go to my shop first. Don't worry, I will not run away"

"Doesn't matter, just pay me whenever you have" Just like that, the two closed their negotiation. Su Ci Yi gotta admit, this woman is quite generous and didn't ask anymore details about them. It's as if she believe them immediately.

The woman stoop up upon gaining some strength, them dust the dirt that has come to her clothes. ""By the way I am Chua Ting. I have a shop nearby and you can go there" Chua Ting pulled inside her wallet her business card and handed to her. "Su Ci Yi" She said while handing the rectangular paper on her hand.

After a few moments, a young woman walk on them. She was Chua Ting's assistant and came to fetch her. Su Ci Yi bid her goodbye as she look at the disappearing back of the woman.

When the two was left alone, (Su Ci Yi and Qin Tao). She took her head towards him. "Aren't you going too?"

Qin Tao was reluctant to answer but he knows that his father was already calling him a hundred times. He can't really ignore him or the old man will nag again and ground him.

"Master can I stay for a bit?"

Su Ci Yi shakes her head. Actually she didn't care whether this kid stay or leave but she can't stand the kind of glare someone was throwing at her. She knew that this kid has someone on his back guarding him. But who would gonna taught that the man was also skilled and a level 5 martial artist. In her past life, she was a level 8 but now that was all wishful thinking. She could do Kung Fu but it was only on the level three. She still needs time to enhance and develop this weak body of hers. Not to mention, she needed to find a spiritual sword that will be compatible with her current cultivation level.

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