Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 140

Volume 1 Chapter 140 The Task

Jing Sang, who had been idle for a moment made a defensive stance. Now is his time to garner recognition. As he looked confidently to the woman coming to him, he put his hand on the scabbard of his sword, ready to pounce the moment the beast charged at him.

Meanwhile, Su Ci Yi deliberately allowed herself to get chased by this wild beast. Of course, she had already far sense this boy's obvious thoughts. Being a warrior, how can he lead a single woman alone inside? Much more if this woman was the cute, pretty and delicate type? It's definitely a suicide to go. But seeing that Jing Sang was vigilant and almost not the type to do this kind of thing, she had already guessed so. Any man would like to get themselves looked cool. Not the one getting look down. He wanted to get her recognition. Su Ci Yi could definitely understand him. Who doesn't want to get acquainted with an awesome and brilliant lady cultivator!

So to play a little trick, she specifically lure out an innocent beast who was lurking on its cave. That boar was dangerous either way. On her way inside, she had found sparse bone fragments and broken skulls littered on the dark cave.

Su Ci Yi played a little scared and hide behind Jing Sang upon reaching him.

Anyway, it's not only Jing Sang who had an ulterior motive. Su Ci Yi had also hers. From the very beginning, she had been too curious to know how these people activate their ability. She had been too excited to know people like Fu Jin Hao who had a poisonous blood.

Jing Sang stood in front. Took his sword and slit his wrist. Then he dripped the blood into the sword in which illuminate a dim light. Then in the next second, the ground shook. Countless of intersecting and intertwining vines appeared on the gash ground. Surrounding him on foot and felt like alive as it spread and wriggle behind him.

Su Ci Yi's eyes shone in amazement.

Jing Sang pointed his sword upfront, the vines like have their own cognitive ability dash forward to the beast, attacked its four limbs and suspend it on the thin air. The 8-foot tall boar roared ferociously. However, the vines tightly hold it that no matter what it did, the vines won't let go.

"What a bummer. That was a little sweat to take." Jing Sang boasted proudly. Of course this feat was just a cinch to him. He looked at Su Ci Yi and saw her adoration eyes and thought: 'This was a piece of cake. Surely this woman will adore the mighty him from now on! Ha-Ha-Ha'

However, this was just a misunderstanding at all. Su Ci Yi's eyes were all glimmering and shining because of his sword. The beautiful sword, no matter one will look- just an ordinary one without even style-but to her eyes, the sword felt like radiating in a divine white light!

She touched the other end of the gleaming sword. The sharp blade of it that shone. She even brought it to her nose to smell the radiating metallic scent it permeating, rubbing it a few times. Then, she pointed it front, she saw a little reaction from the vines. When she pointed left, the vines swayed on the left, when she pointed right, it swayed to the right. When she pointed upwards, those vines straighten up and almost reach out towards the vast bright sky.

'Ah, what an obedient little sword this is! Should she steal it again from the man?'

Jing Sang who had been fully immerse on his own world suddenly frowned. It seemed that there was something wrong on the surroundings.

When he returned to his senses, he heard a 'ka-cha' sound. Then a loud snapping of the intertwining vines from the four limb of the beast. The boar escaped from being tied down by his vines. Jing Sang looked down to see that his sword was not on his hand anymore. The weapon was already on the hands of the woman who was playing and waving it indiscriminately!

Jing Sang abruptly snatch it away from her. Then return the formation, tried to grab the foot of the beast. However, this beast seemed to already notice the purpose of those vines therefore upon contact it leaped in the air escaping its imprisonment.


This one had a consciousness. Jing Sang step back. This was a little shrewd. Now that it knows his attacked, he'll need to find trick among his sleeve in order to bring it down.

Su Ci Yi ran as far as she could. Hide beneath a big boulder and monitor every action scene.

Jing Sang once again wounded his skin and pour blood on his sword. Then with the same routine lash his sword toward the incoming beast. He knows the beast will try to avoid it again.

So when the next time it leaped on midair, he'll catch it off-guard.

The beast saw the incoming vines, jump on the air. As soon as it caught a glimpse of another incoming vine, it forcefully tear it down with its sharp paw.

Su Ci Yi's eyes widen. When she saw Jing Sang's predicament was not doing good, she took a pebble on the ground and breathe her qi unto it. Then she flicked it towards the beast hitting it on its head.

Bullseye! The beast stagger on the ground. Jing Sang saw his chance and release his maximum vine attacked towards the beast. Now it wrapped around its body. Not leaving a single space behind to the point that its nose was the only part visible.

When it was time, Su Ci Yi came out. Jing Sang had already pierce the boar's throat. Now he'll just need to collect the remains and sell into the market. However, this was not what she saw. Jing Sang just walk past the bear and walk away, walk away, and walk away!

Su Ci Yi followed behind.

"Hey, aren't you going to sell it?" The boar's fur could pitch a high price on the market. While its organs are a tasty ingredient to a hot soup.

"Dissecting it. Getting it's body parts. It's too dirty. It's not that I am desperate of money today."

"I see. Then could I get it?"

Jing Sang glared at her. Su Ci Yi stopped. Sometimes, there's a need to lay low being a money grabber.

The two went back to the base. Su Ci Yi had been wondering if it's okay to go back without the firewood. It seemed that Jing Sang didn't forgot it, he deliberately didn't just do it.

However, when they thought they'd find it easy going back. They were wrong. The market had been plunge with a kind of messed up scenario. There had been people in bandage squandering the townspeople, harassing and picking fights. When Su Ci Yi looked over, these people had a stench coming over from them. A bandage and a wound that was half rotting.

"F.u.c.k!" Jing Sang blurted out.

Then he grabbed her and they run in opposite direction. Threading secret alleyways, going down on a deserted road, vigilantly on the looked out for people.

What was happening now? Why those plaque people able to go out? They should be on the Unearthly Prison Cage.

This predicament, if only they encounter beasts, he had a fat chance of countering it. But this case was a different scenario. Even though those opponent were only people and he could fight them anytime. He couldn't risk getting the disease himself. One-touch from those people and they could get infected.

When they reach the base, the whole building was closed. They entered the back door. Su Ci Yi immediately finds Qin Tao. Good thing the child was sitting on the corner of the room. Gloomily observing the whole bustle and hustle environment. When he saw her, the child immediately pounced at her and climb on her back.

The new commotion stir the whole organization. Sang Shui was sitting in the middle of a large table while a few men seated on his front.

Somehow an emergency conference was being held.

"Did someone really do it on our group? Damn this is treason. How can they act behind our back!" Tian Xou was angry to the point he slammed the table. All the people's faces were all gloomy and depressed. Seemed the recent incident took a heavy blow on them.

Another person on the line replied to him. "We still cannot confirmed it yet. We do not hold evidence. Let's calm down, this is one of the government's political strategy to suppressed our group. Even though they still hadn't snuff our base we need to be careful about our every action."

One person chimed in. " So are we turning a blind eye on the surrounding? Those infected hounds just escape and now trying to spread the disease. The people are panicking and shot their every home close."

Ting Lin added, "The government was trying to eradicate a certain portion of the population. Don't you think? Of course, those infectious people will only find civilians. Public officials and a high ranking individual had their own safe houses and bodyguards. They can't be attacked. But the civilians are the ones getting degraded on this. Therefore, I really conclude that this was their strategic tactic of faction reduction."

The whole group silence. What Ting Lin said struck them hard.

Sang Shui was thinking. Then he snapped his fan. His eyes were sharp as he swift on the crowd. Then it landed on Su Ci Yi's place.

"I guess now is the time to get our trump card out."

The other people looked at him in confusion.

He walked past those arguing people and stood in front of her. Lifted her chin through his folded fan and spoke. "Ms. Su. Your task is up now. Would you like to offer your body towards this organization?"

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