Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 141

Volume 1 Chapter 141 The Task Ii


The weather is too hot today.

Now, Su Ci Yi regretted agreeing to that group. She thought previously that coming along together with them will make her goal faster. Although of course, she reached her goal of finding Qin Yu, however, who would have thought that it even became complicated? Aside from keeping the identity of Qin Yu, she had been also asked to be a spy and observe how the young Lord developed the medicine. In which case she could easily do it without so much hassle and infiltrating.


She already would like to go out and explore but Cheng Ning and Qin Tao were under their care. Su Ci Yi had no choice but to obligatory accept the task given.


She really wanted to idle now and scrutinized Jing Sang's sword however the man was too stingy for himself. Now even letting her touch the weapon.


"Damn it! Could you please stop sighing?! Are you jinxing me!" Jing Sang exploded next to her ears.

Su Ci Yi looked melancholy to him but soon couldn't help but chortle with his appearance. His hair was braided with a flowery pin. His face had a much powder. Even his clothing was a long skirt and a hand-me-down cloth.

Sang Shui couldn't let the cute herself alone on a wolf's lair, therefore he picked Jing Sang to accompany her. Jing Sang, on the contrary, agreed without baring his fang. He did go with the flow.

Things became chaotic when he knew he will be disguised as an attendant with her. Jing Sang had long thought that he'll be a houseboy, a gardener or an in-house carpenter. However, Sang Shui place him alongside with her!

With that, whose anger won't erupt?

Su Ci Yi had already been used to it.

With a leaf-grass on her mouth, she looked sideways. But still, feel a little comical on the inside. Although the ground shook and a lot of unflatten stone bump on the black tire wheel. The 4-5 seater wagon being pulled by a male cow was not bad to take.

"You're looking down on me, right? You find it funny in this dress?... Huh Your laughing within your heartI knew it! I shouldn't have accepted this task no matter what! Why do I need to stick with you!"

"You must be imagining it. I'm all fair and serious here." Then Su Ci Yi averted her eyes.

Jing Sang looked at the almost tilting upward mouth of the woman and thought of strangling her right here, right now!


"Mommy, that weird lady had a big voice?" A little girl of about 5 years old who had been sitting right across him poke her mother with her innocent inquiry.

The mother immediately took her hand to the child's mouth and whispered, "Shh. It's rude to talk like that! That's a man in drag. Don't confuse it with a lady."

Su Ci Yi even chortled.

Jing Sang glared at her.

Soon the wagon stop pedaling.

Su Ci Yi looked at the enormous manor on their front. The front gate is made of iron and a high feet wall fence. Overlooking on the semi-open gate is a humongous house of about 2000 square meter in size.

Before reaching the main house, from the gate to the front door almost reach a kilometer. On the other side, there was a beautiful landscape pond under the enormous maple tree. Its beautiful leaves were fluttering on the sunny rays of the scorching sun.

The mother and daughter that they had met on the ride entered the gate. Turned out that the mother was an employee in this household.

Also, the disaster earlier seemed to subside.

And along the way, they didn't encounter infightings of infected people on the street.

When she asked Jing Sang about it, it seemed that those people attacked only at night. During the day, they were too lax to move around.

There were also 2 guards guarding the gate outside. Upon entering, Su Ci Yi and Jing Sang handed their identification card and temporary identity as the new recruit of this manor.

Su Ci Yi and Jing Sang were led into a tiny hut over the edge of the place. This tiny hut was considered the base of the servants and attendants; along with their companion like little children.

"You should have told us earlier that you're going this way. I am Sena and this is my daughter Seng. We've been here since last week." Every week servants and attendants come in on the recommendation of some powerful individual. Hence, a normal civilian wouldn't able to be recruited at this place. Same with their situation in which recommended by Sang Shui.

It seemed that it was only been a month since this household became hit. And the preparation of the house, along with some formal procedures in order to be called a new Lord was too hectic to process.

Those individuals taking care of those jobs were already going in and out of the public affairs office.

Jing Sang seated with his legs spread over. The warm breeze spread down there. Damn it. This was why he didn't like to dress like this. If only he could wear something like an underpants inside, then he'll feel a little more comfortable.

Su Ci Yi while looking at the tight space room, with no bed at all, she ponder inside: Suppose to be there are 5 or 6 servants inside the household, how they could scramble on this small room!?

Sena was in charge of the kitchen on the far end of the house. She had one staff that assisted her in doing the chores. Upon the two's arrival, one of them needed to assign to her.

Jing Sang presented himself. After all, this woman beside him can't be trusted at all. He doesn't want their mission to get failed!

Therefore Su Ci Yi was assigned to assist on the inside chores such as sweeping the floor, dusting the ceilings, mapping the storage rooms and arranging the room. This was of course under the supervision of the very strict Nan Kim. An old lady in her 30's.

Sena was a kind young woman. While this Nan Kim was a bit aloof. On the first hour that Su Ci Yi went with her, she had garnered an earful of scolding like:

Repeat this area! There is still dust covering.

What's with this wet? Did you overdo mapping?

How come there was a hole in this part? You only do dusting, how could you even ruin the house!"

"Ahh, this is insane. From which household you came from? Get out now!"

Su Ci Yi could only stand aside and later was thrown outside. She had been separated from Jing Sang but another Jing Sang appeared right in front of her. Dang, she really meant to meet this kind of person. Full of hot pressures and intensity!

Su Ci Yi wasn't just useless. However, every time she made effort unfortunate circ.u.mstances occur. Cleaning wasn't her thing after all. She's only cut off to cultivate and increase her cultivation level.

Now that she had time. She sniff on the surrounding. She needed to find Qin Yu on this whole manor. Base on the blueprint of the house, the master's room should be in the middle. The one that had a beautiful decoration. Also a place with bustling maids going in and out.

It didn't take time until she found one.

Seeing no one from the vicinity, Su Ci Yi ran through the inside and bolted to close the door.

What she saw was the broad bareback of the man preparing to change his clothes. Su Ci Yi's eyes widen then abruptly get out of the room and slam the door. However, she hadn't recuperated from her predicament when she saw the ugly face of Nan Kim walking towards her direction. She had brought along a few assistants with her. It's evident that her destination is this room. Although, she hadn't seemed to recognize her yet from afar.

This time, Su Ci Yi bolted inside the room again and locked the door. She had thought the man had changed his clothes by this time, however, the man hadn't still put on his clothes and was still dilly-dallying! She had no choice but turned her back against him.

Qin Yu heard the footsteps coming by. He looked on Su Ci Yi clinging to the door and soon spoke. "Are you here to change my bandage?"

Su Ci Yi turned to look at him. Now that she gazed at his body, she could see the big wounds that he had received defending her. Although it was on the process of almost healing, the flesh inside was still not fully recovered.

Su Ci Yi heard the footstep of Nan Kim just outside.

She coherently replied and jumped on Qin Yu's side while observing if Nan Kim would enter or not. Soon she spoke, enough to be heard on the other end of the room, "Yes, Milord. This servant had been tasked to take care of the wounds and change the wrapping."

Qin Yu's reply was gentle and slow. "Kindly do so."

Su Ci Yi smeared the herbal ointment to his wound, then organize the bandage cloth that would be wrapped on his back and afterward, slowly she wrapped the white cloth on his broad body.

Nan Kim's voice came from the other side.

"Milord, do you need my help?"

Qin Yu lazily replied but still, his gaze was on Su Ci Yi. Fully observing her medical skill, sometimes his lips would form a smile, sometime when she clumsily hit his wound he would frown. "No need. Someone is already doing the job."

Soon, Nan Kim's faltering steps wasn't heard at all.

She heaved in relief. With that, Su Ci Yi successfully infiltrated without a hitch the young master's abode!

Mission accomplished.

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