Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 142

Volume 1 Chapter 142 Amanda

Having Nan Kim kicked out, Su Ci Yi flopped on the bed.

Qin Yu's room was enormous; a heavy ornamented receiving table and a humongous bed that was separated by a see-through and thin curtain embroidered with an eagles feathers. The size was enormous and the cloth fabric of the bedding was especially smooth.

When was the last time she had laid on the fluffy and clean bed? She looked over the high ceiling and thought of Su Ming. She just hopes that she's doing fine there. She left abruptly on that night and haven't explained where she will go.

Su Ming might be worried for her.

In that line of thought, she needed to wrap up things here and get back as soon as possible.

"What's the deal with the medicine? How did you manage to create it?" She looked blankly on the ceiling wall with her hands around her neck. Her two feet were leisurely dangled on the bed.

Qin Yu took a sip of the tea he had just made. Then he explained to her the details of how he survived all this time.

Because of the appearance of that marshal eagle, his life had been saved. Washed up on the heavy torrent of the river and found by a regular inhabitant of the area. He stayed in his weak state for over weeks on the dilapidated hut and with a severe patient at the other side of the wall.

Qin Yu's wound tends to heal fast, however, his body seemed to even degrade. He felt weak as the days passed by. Burgeoning headaches often hit his head and sometimes he would vomit. The woman, Amanda Chen had been taking care of him nonstop while taking care of another patient that had a contagious disease.

His luck struck when accidentally, the water that Amanda used to clean his wounds and contained the blood of him was used to the old man's porridge. Amanda without knowing mixed it on the food. She just found it out the next day. However, things escalated when Amanda's old man his wound healed in just a span of a day. The deep rotten smell disappeared as well as the pain and the swelling. What remained was the still moist wound and the fresh scab that was about to heal.

Amanda was star struck. He didn't doubt Qin Yu's identity and even far more awed by his ability. It could be said that the people of the Arcanda City had strength in their blood. This so-called blood came from the blessing of the Moon Deity. Could it be that the Deity piety her deplorable state of living and sent someone to get her out of this pathetic cycle of her life?

At first, they test it to those infected. Those that are half dying on the outskirt of town and beyond the dirtiest and slums of the city. She didn't give it to them raw. Instead, she bought a meat bun and drip Qin Yu's blood on it.

Sooner the wound on those infected people begun to subside.

It was then that she sought the Deputy and declared she had discovered an antidote. Getting the attention of the Deputy and formed a bilateral agreement, Amanda had become a busy body. After the formalities regarding the ownership and rights owing to the medicine, Qin Yu was the one who handled it since he could move and his body was getting the treatment from a medical expert already.

Therefore, within a week the management and distribution of the said medicine took into motion. People from high ranking and first-tier warriors were the ones who got the first batch of the medicine that came out. Right now, the distribution was limited, the process was still on the initial stage, and Qin Yu couldn't get his blood totally sucked isn't he?

By this, the supply of medicine is limited. Only those who had ordered on the first come first serve basis will get their capsule on hand; on the premise that it should be paid ahead of time. This was the reason, why the Deputy hold too much importance to him. By him- which means Qin Yu had the sole rights to determine who will buy and distribute the medicine.

Su Ci Yi digested all the information she had received. So that was the reason why the man was pale and looked emaciated on the outside. His face was pale and somehow his complexion wasn't right. Turned out he was only anemic.

She had been too absorbed in her thoughts that she wasn't able to sense the bed had sunk. Another weight added to the soft bed.

Qin Yu supported his weight through his left hand and leaned closer. Then his voice was heard next to her.

"So what are you thinking now?"

What should be her standing here? So, basically Qin Yu was still a wanted here. She had heard that Fu Jin Hao was still looking for him. His identity needed to keep hidden. Somehow, Fu Jin Hao and him, haven't still met. Even if they met, Qin Yu was wearing a mask. It's too hard to discern what kind of face lying under that beastly masked of him.

Sang Shui was aiming to get the formula of medicine. In which case, even if she told him the procedure, there's no way he could get the same formulation.

Now, how she should act on this?

"Should I send Qin Tao over here? This place looked secured either way."

"Uhm. I hope that child didn't because you trouble on your way here? Qin Tao is a child that he'd take whatever he likes. He won't stop until he grasped that thing he was aiming."

"Don't worry, your child is behaving well. On his attitude, no need to get befuddled. He's growing into a young fine man. He is my disciple and I'm proud of him. I'll take responsibility as his master."

"Thank you. I'll trouble you to bring him here tomorrow."

Su Ci Yi nodded her head.

Tonight's mood was especially hot. Qin Yu's chest was itching for some action. However, it was inappropriate right now. His imbecile hand couldn't stand the atmosphere, therefore, fiddle some locks of her hair that had scattered.

"Yi" He hadn't finished speaking when a voice called out from the outside.

"Young Lord, the Madam has requested to enter."

Su Ci Yi was startled and abruptly stood up. She didn't know what had transpired that she scrambled to get out of the room. She reached for the window yet it was totally locked and needed to find a key to open. She can't even use brute force since it'll look suspicious.

In her dilemma, Qin Yu took her by the wrist and dragged her on his bosom. He seated cross-legged on top of the bed and soon flung the wool blanket on his body; covering himself with his head only the visible part.

Soon, there was a clicked. Then a sluggish footstep appeared.

"Young XuYu, I am afraid I am bothering your rest?" Amanda took her seat and face him. When she saw the big bulk of the blanket on his body, she arched her eyebrow. "You still feeling cold? I'll get the doctor immediately to examine your state."

"No need. It's just the cold wind. Now that I took the blanket am all good." He said as he pressed Su Ci Yi deep on him. Su Ci Yi could only keep silent and snuggle under the man's bosom while holding her entire body not to fall off.

The familiar scent wafted on her nose. The pungent smell of his body was too intoxicating that her nose itch to sneeze. She tried to compress herself, not to let any single sound or else, they'll be dead for sure.

"Did the deputy pressure you to produce as soon as possible? Don't mind him, he only knows how to hold people on their neck. It's not good if you always pour out your blood."

"Uhm. I already know it. You don't need to remind me."

That was it! Su Ci Yi was fuming by this man's lack of attitude! For your benefactor, your reaction is too placid. The other party was sincere and showing her concern, a simple gratitude would do in exchange for her emotion!

"You should take rest, am going out now. I've disturbed you." Good thing Amanda didn't take the man's reply to the heart.

Su Ci Yi felt relieved. Her situation was too much messed up!

"You've made you're way up here, do you have something to say?"

Su Ci Yi couldn't help but pinch the man. If she says she's going out, then don't let her delay! It was too suffocating inside!

With that Amanda sit back. Her posture was straight and her face was serious.

"I think I've found someone you've been looking for?"

Su Ci Yi perked up her ears. Qin Yu had been looking for someone?

Amanda's face was strong-willed. As if she was determined with her next words. Yes, if she wanted this man to stay with her, she needed to chain him on her side. Without someone dragging him back to his past home. She believed that the deity had specifically brought him to her, to aid her on her lonely self, to uplift her demolished life and to have a companion for the rest of her life.

"I could give you a proof of it. Follow me. Her corpse lies outside."

"Hey, are you looking for someone?" Su Ci Yi peeked herself out while Amanda wasn't looking around.

Qin Yu's face fell. She could feel his whole body temperature lowered. Then he replied, "I was looking for you."

"Huh? Then whose"

"Get back." Qin Yu pushed her again.

Amanda stopped just in front of the door and turned her head.

"You're going to follow right?"

"I'm coming."

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