Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 143

Volume 1 Chapter 143 Unrequited Feelings

'Is that so supposed to be me?'

Su Ci Yi followed Qin Yu and slipped into the attendants who trailed after Amanda. After threading the long corridor of the manor, Amanda stopped at the backyard.

Though it was still night; the moon hangs brightly above, illuminating under the prime pear tree. Underneath the tree was a lump of weight covered of white cloth. Su Ci Yi swift a suspicious glare at Qin Yu.

Amanda, this girl declared that she had found the person Qin Yu was looking for. Since she boosts in high confidence, Su Ci Yi gave her a thumbs up.

Amanda wasn't someone who had the elite charm of a person born from a wealthy family. This is already given since she had been a poor inhabitant from the outskirt of the City. She only rose to fame because of Qin Yu.

Since she is Qin Yu's benefactor, Su Ci Yi also holds gratitude and goodwill towards her. However, that was until a couple of hours ago.

When a suspicious lump of white cloth appeared in front, under the night's guidanceshe could clearly see the silhouette of a cold corpse. Laid flat on the hard ground and faced front. Its entire body was covered by a silk satin and only the pale white foot was visible.

What's even more, was that when Amanda lifted the corner of the clotha severely burnt face was openly shown. From the face to her whole body was covered in injury that came from the scorching fire. Even the body's hair was all burnt up.

Such a dreadful appearance stunned the bystanders and those with a weak stomach couldn't hold the urge to vomit.

'This corpse...should suppose to be her?'

It seemed that Amanda doesn't have any idea what she looked like and Qin Yu didn't set any detailed specification in finding her.

This notion held true in Amanda's situation. Qin Yu only specify that he was looking for his family member that had gone missing on their expedition. The man stated he was an adventurer, along with him was his cousin.

A pretty woman in small visage.

That was all into it.

Amanda, having no idea what she looked like, planned for her next move. When Qin Yu's injury would heal, the first action that he would take is to find that woman. Therefore, she took the first step and shattered his plan. If there's anything she could do just to chain the man underneath her, she will do so.

In that regard, she bought a woman's corpse outside town, and burn it into a whole. Specifically targeting its face that it won't be recognized anymore.

"Young XuYu, this person is what you have been looking for. She was an adventurer that has cut her life short on the night where there is no moon. She was burnt by some fire affiliates beast just inside the forest. Took for a while before finally found her."

There's no need to exhaust for witnesses, Amanda already bribed a few young adventurers to be the witness of said perilous circ.u.mstances.

Qin Yu's eyes flashed into a glint. "Oh, that must be a bad timing then." He didn't hold emotion to his words while looking into the corpse unfathomable.

This was contrary to Amanda's expectation. But then, she felt glad. This man doesn't hold any particular belonging to this companion of his. She could try to win him over her side then.

"If you don't have anything to go on, this household will be open to cater and accept you. It'll be your home forever."

Soon, there was a sobbing effect of noises outside. Su Ci Yi looked and some of the attendants cast a gloomy and crying face. Afterward, something like grievances and sad longing echoed in whispers beside her,

'Such a poor girl. She must be looking forward to meeting the master.'

'What a tragic fate. They were really doomed not to meet.'

'May the moon Deity took care of this poor soul. Hope the Young Master is alright.'

'Madam is so kind as to find the person the Young Master is looking for. She must care too much for him.'

Su Ci Yi also looked into the disheveled corpse and mourn. This poor soul of hers, she is still alive yet someone was already preparing the tomb for her. She pondered who and where this corpse came from.

Qin Yu walked forward and returned the cloth to the corpse. He stood there. His back turning against the people. When one looked at it, it seemed that his lonely back symbolized the aggrieved and lonesome state of a young man who lost his companion.

"I needed some time. Could you get out here? I wanted to be alone."

Amanda thought, even if this man felt like a stone statue and without emotion sometimes, now those hypotheses were wrong. It must be his pretenses earlier. He doesn't want to look weak.

Amanda walked forward and touch his shoulder. She knew how this feeling. She wanted to stay together with him but the man's gaze was eager to be left alone. Therefore, she had no choice and left. Along with a few attendants of hers. Leaving only a couple to stay far away in case the young master needed something.

On those who stayed. Su Ci Yi was among them. She bribed her other companions with a silk dress and a few gold coins and in the end, she was the one left.

"I don't think I deserve a funeral while am still alive?"

Once she got on his side, she scrutinized the body.

"It's my fault. It was beyond my imagination that she will do this."

Su Ci Yi nonchalantly stood with her arms on her waist. With a flick of her hand, the cloth covering the body flew. "This face should be beautiful. Even I can see the exquisite features of her fine nose. Not bad. You're description suits it well."

She wasn't even ashamed of praising herself.

Qin Yu was not fazed up by her straight forwardness. He only rustled her hair on the side and stooped low on the body. "It is a good thing, that she didn't burn someone alive. This body should already be a corpse before it was burnt."

"Oh. How did you know it?"

Su Ci Yi had also her way discerning the body's cause of death. She wanted to know how Qin Yu will put it into a description.

" The corpse died in strangulation. Her neck had been twisted yet it was reformed after rigor mortis."


"Anyway, this was not an important concern now. This place is beyond my control anymore. I'll trouble you to leave my child in your care first. There seemed to be something that holds me into this place. Won't it be bad, to stay in this City for a while?"

Su Ci Yi had no concern over it. She too had been too occupied in this place. Even if she was eager to go back, if she still had unfinished business in this place, it'll haunt her down.

But somehow, Su Ci Yi was in the mood to tease the man. Since Amanda had taken a liking to the man, she even took the trouble of wiping her out just because she was insecure.

Su Ci Yi was not nave, she was not blind to see Amanda's adoration towards Qin Yu. However, she still couldn't discern if it was only pure adoration or lovesickness. After all, she was not an expert with regard to this matter.

"It's not an issue to me and I can take care of Qin Tao. However"

She took a peek on the poker face of the man, "Amanda's current actions. You don't need to take it negatively. I could sense that deep down, she's a good woman." Seeing that she is his benefactor, Amanda's existence was already a positive influence on her.

Qin Yu sensed that this conversation seemed off, and Su Ci Yi's motive was quite obvious.

" If she's been the reason why you wanted to prolong your stay, I can understand. Settle everything first, I won't mind an additional person when we came ba"

Su Ci Yi wasn't able to finish her sentence when Qin Yu dragged her under the tree. Her back slam unto the wall as she looked at the cold and unrelenting eyes of his.

"Do you have any idea what you are talking about right now?"

He's angry.

This was the first time that Su Ci Yi saw this man's dark side. If not for the meek man that always fond of teasing her, this person in front was definitely someone she can't afford to get any angrier.

"All this time, I haven't made myself clear? Or are you just a stupid woman who can't get hints?"

Aside from getting angry, he even cursed her. What hints he's talking about?

Su Ci Yi could only look at him in his limpid eyes.

Then the next moment, Qin Yu's hand traced the fine contour of her face. Lifted her chin higher that she won't avert her eyes unto him.

From the usual color of her face, now it had reduced to a bright tomato paste. This was the first time that someone had come up that close to her. Out of discomfort she was feeling, her hand already made a fist and was about to punch on the man's stomach.

However, before it could happen Qin Yu caught it.

'Hot! His hand was too hot!'Su Ci Yi felt alarmed and retreated the hand that formed a fist earlier.

'Something's wrong with him!'

She declared as she looked into his two eyes that window to an unending depths of darkness. Blackened and dangerous at the moment.

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