Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 144

Volume 1 Chapter 144 Restrained

The hectic evening night at the Deputy's Office and the rapid mood of a certain someone who had been complaining non-stop to the Deputy's room. The employees who had been working there should have gone home, however, during this late of the night, they were still held having an OT for the unfinished piles of doc.u.ments.

This situation was out of their league; no one predicted. As if the arrival of a certain someone ticked the pandemonium of bad luck.

That certain someone was none other than Fu Jin Hao, who had been barracking massive complaints to the Deputy. He had gone for a few weeks and when he came back things weren't on his control anymore. He was even relieved of his mission of finding the man.

He knows he should be grateful that medicine had discovered.

But on this premise, Fu Jin Hao would be treated a failure in a row of the first-tier warriors. Indicating that his efforts this entire time were all useless.

Now, in front of a seemingly youthful person. An individual clad in a high ranking medal and the high power. He stood up in a mood of total rage.

However, Gao Xiao at the moment was totally exhausted. He treated the person in front of as part of the whole air. Totally non-existent.

Fu Jin Hao turned the table upside-down. Slit open the semi-concrete wall and even created crooked rifts on the ground. As soon as he almost lost the balance of his breathing, he slumped on the floor while cuddling his sword.


"Have you finish throwing a tantrum? It was quite unbefitting for a warrior to act like that. And you have this reputation of being useless. What a fool. Sang Shui is much more of a capable person than you are."

Fu Jin Hao really hated this name to the core. That arrogant brat who flaunts his intelligence and appearance! Everyone wanted him on their side. Even the Deputy was trying to win him over on his side.

His clutch on his sword tightened as he glared at the Deputy.

" I'll find that man no matter what." It would be a crash on a man's ego to retreat on a mission. Especially if this was the type that sends him to humiliation and disappointment. His non-capture and failure even set his irritation and the mood to pursue the matter no matter what.

Gao Xiao saw this imbecile subordinate of his. He went near the window and tilted his head on the moon's bright shower ray. A portion of blood drip on the floor. It was only a small amount yet when Fu Jin Hao saw it, his eyes widen and his whole body shivered.


He scooped as far away from him but he was too late. The temperature inside dropped to zero. The seemingly bright light from the candle flickered and eventually died. The room darkened and the air filled with dark animosity. Fu Jin Hao didn't think that Gao Xiao will use his blood to him!

No one knew how terrible and brutal Gao Xiao's affiliate is. People thought that his blood was sacred as the man rarely used it. However, Fu Jin Hao knew the terror lies within it. It's far from being sacred at all!

Rather, it was devilish and pure evil.

"Stop. What are you doing? I am you're subordinate!" Fu Jin Hao tried to get out. But that thing was towering him.

Gai Xiao didn't turn his attention to him, rather continued to look further into space.

"Deputy! What are you doing? Get this thingahhhhhhhhh!" The echo of Fu Jin Hao's cry was too shrill to hear. But to Gao Xiao's ears, it was like the melody of the siren. Soon his words, like whispers drifted on the air. It was so small that no one would be able to know who he was talking about.

"Now. Now. Just get his right eye. He's still my subordinate hmm? I need him intact. Be a good boy. Aren't I giving you a heard of first-class meat to farm on the prison cell?"

"What are you talking about being defective? Some of them don't have any injuries at all."

"Hmm, you want this one. But you can't eat him alive, well get in trouble."

"Forget it. I'm tired. I'm going home now. Just do whatever you want."


Su Ci Yi had been thinking for a while. Qin Yu's aura had been increasingly unstable. The surge of energy within the man was too thick. Ordinary eyes won't be able to discern it. Only the eyes of a cultivator would be able to grasp these things and Su Ci Yi was too familiar with this type of aura.

Even if the world turn upside down, she won't get this energy wrong.

What only baffled her was that why was it present on a mere mortal!

Ahhh, a bright light pop inside Su Ci Yi's head. He must be being possessed? Just on the forest, Su Ci Yi had encountered a large void. One that contains too much dark qi coming from the bottom of the earth. The hole had too much dark qi flowing out and it'll get dangerous during the night. It could even influence the lurking beast nearby that had stayed dormant for the past years.

Yes, this must be it. She looked on the man's hollow eyes and tried to break away for the second time.

"You're not tired of escaping? Of running away? Even I do have my limits. Chasing the person that was oblivious from the very start. If you were in my position, would you persevere? Ah, you don't need to answer. You won't be able to answer it anyway. " His face was too gloomy. As if, he was a child that had been rubbed with his favorite candy.

Su Ci Yi on the other side was speechless.

"Naive just like a 6-year-old child, too ignorant akin to a newborn baby..." He chuckled in a low tone. "Should I try the straight forward approach?"

At this time, Qin Yu even pinned her on the wall.

Even the way he held her was too suffocating.

If this goes on, she'll really suffocate.

When it was about the time when she needed to force her qi unto him, she saw Jing Sang loitering from afar. It seemed that he notice her since she was facing his way. Qin Yu's back was against him.

"Hey! What are you doing here" When Jing Sang finally saw what was happening - herself getting pinned by a man on the tree, his eyes widen.

He stepped closer in order to break the current mood. However, who would have thought that Qin Yu was stubborn and even cling tightly to her waist.

"Ack" Su Ci Yi felt her bones had almost crushed.

"Who is he?" Jing Sang inquired and his eyebrow almost each his forehead when he raised it.

"Just help me here okay? Pull him out."

"What? Why don't you push him?"

"I should have done it if I could right?"


Jing Sang went near. Then he looked at the tall built man and his elegant appearance. Holy Cow, isn't this the young master! The master whom they are catering for a while! The one Shang Shui was deathly obsessed.

DidDid this woman seduce him at all! Looking over the almost blank eyes of him, what the heck did she do!


"I know you're mad. I know you're curious. But before you act can you help me pull him out first and quickly?"

With two people, they were able to separate from each other.

After Su Ci Yi was separated from him, Qin Yu turned around. A little gloomy. What is it? She only broke away with him right? Then why does she feel that she had done unspeakable wrongdoings to him! She's the victim here.

Qin Yu's behavior was getting out of the line. This was definitely the work of the energy surrounding him. Earlier, this thing wasn't on his body and they could still talk normally.

As if this thing just emerged on its own.

"Hey, I know Sang Shui told you to get the formulation of the medicine. But he didn't say to involve your body. Seducing him is out of the question. I know I am a stranger here, but Sang Shui declared that he likes you. Don't fool around with other men."

Su Ci Yi almost choked her saliva. "I didn't seduce him. There was really something's wrong with him." She said as she pointed to the man.

"Either way. I still do not approve of your relationship with Sang Shui. You need to prove yourself to me first then you can have him."

Su Ci Yi kneaded her temples. Things had become more complicated now. How should she deal with this trail of misunderstandings?

Qin Yu on the other end, stood up.

Su Ci Yi and Jing Sang became vigilant.

However, he only went near her as his shoulders droop down; mood's not good either. Su Ci Yi's eyebrows knitted. Qin Yu pulled out his outer robe and dr.a.p.e it on her thin attendant clothes as he spoke in such profound coldness in the deepness of the night, " It's cold now. Better get inside the house."

She only heard a long sigh and soon he walked out.

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