Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 145

Volume 1 Chapter 145 Pre Arranged Meeting

On that night, tons of chores were being hauled towards Su Ci Yi in a sense that she had almost no time in pondering the trail of earlier events. Qin Yu had locked himself in his room; it seemed that the man was too exhausted. It was as if his siege earlier put a strain on his body. This was something that she needed to monitor; once this qi will be out of control, it'll be difficult to deal with.

Nan Kim specifically targeted her. It was obvious that she had been tramping all the works on her, aside from her original duties, the responsibilities of other servants were also being given to her.

Su Ci Yi didn't want to retaliate.

When she had finished taking the chores, it was already past midnight. Su Ci Yi proceeded to a tiny hut being prepared for the servants. Upon entering, she didn't dawdle anymore and sit in a lotus position. Her hands intertwining and forming a unique hand seal. Gradually, her breathing stabilized, creating a serene posture of an immortal under cultivation.


The morning rooster hadn't made their early noise when a man under his white garments proceeded inside the hut. His huge body almost squeezed in and he could only do a few gestures.

Jing Sang was the first to woke up and saw him.

"Sang Shui"He almost blurted out. However, upon realizing he covered his mouth. Good thing no one was still awake.

"Are you awake now? We're going back."

He said as he swift his eyes on the surrounding. When he couldn't find someone, his lips broke into a thin smile and inquired amusingly "She must still be sleeping?"

Jing Sang blank for a while. Then when something lights on his brain, he slid into a small partition room and woke up the dumb woman who was still coupled in bizarre posture. "We're going home. Prepare yourself."

Su Ci Yi opened her eyes. She wasn't able to render her full concentration last night. This place wasn't suitable for closed cultivation and half of her senses were awake, detecting any possible distraction that may occur.

Sang Shui didn't wait long and soon the trio went off. The man was like an elegant young master fluttering his jade-frame folding fan even though there was no scorching heat. Others almost went blind by his dashing radiance so early in the morning.

"How was your first day Ms. Su?"

Su Ci Yi was positioned in the middle while waiting for their transport wagon. According to the daily schedule, their transport should be here, however it was almost past the time but still no one was visible on the road.

"I only did my part and took orders from my superior. Ah, I think I'll be a waste to steal the medicine recipe. It'll not be effective even if we have the formulation." She reported, trying not to tell the whole truth about being an acquaintance with the new lord.

"Oh? Go on."

"The medicine requires invocation of the blood. There's no way we can get that blood from him."

Although it was strange for Qin Yu to have that ability, on these people from Arcanda City, it was only normal. It was believed that the Deity conferred different kinds of affiliates to each and everyone upon the beginning of everything, those who didn't believe in her are deemed to be a curse being without the possession of such strength.

Sang Shui went into deep contemplation.

When Su Ci Yi looked at him, his temples are roughly knitted against each other.

"I see... Then I'll be too troublesome to get it from him. We have left with no other choice but to get him on our side."

It was only the first day of their work, yet this woman was able to grasp a very important mission. In this case, if it this speedy, then it'll be in no time before they could let those prisoners out. He was awe by her ability. Of course, he knew that she wasn't going all out with her potential. Sang Shui had a hunch that she was still hiding her true strength among them.

He was already grateful that she did her part well.

This time, it was Jing Sang who couldn't let his mouth shut and butted in.

"Sang Shui, are you not wondering how did she manage to know all of that on a single night?..." He didn't even let Sang Shui answered and he replied on his own.

"Hmph, you got a bad taste. That woman seduced the master. Who would have thought that the young Lord was into her? And there you go, he spilled the beans because of her."

"Is that so?"

Su Ci Yi who had been listening, stomp on Jing Sang foot so hard that the man crouch on the ground.

Base on Sang Shui's Intel, the new young Lord was a lofty and distant person. Even the mistress wasn't able to get on his personal space as he would often chase every person out of his sight. Now, with Jing Sang's information, this didn't coincide at all.

The man even wears a masked when going out. That was because he doesn't want too much attention and the kind of gazes he could get from both s.e.xes was too much of a bother. Even when together with the Deputy, he doesn't exude any presence. Though the Deputy Chief was bugging him all along, his expression and aura of strict solitude never falter.

Although Jing Sang had a bad habit to collect rumors like any gossiping aunts in the neighborhood. Jing Sang won't disseminate it unless he had heard or experience it on a first-hand basis.

His curiosity towards Su Ci Yi even skyrocketed.

"The new young lord wasn't someone you think of. And personally, we could pull him on our side without any mishap. He's on the side of every citizen anyway."

"Ms. Su, base on your confidence level how would you rate this venture?"


Jing Sang and Sang Shui both stare at her.

Then it was Jing Sang who opened up his mouth again. "Sang Shui, I'm warning you, it's still early to pull out. This woman has always something on her sleeve. One moment you let your guard down, he'll strike you." Jing Sang tease again.

As if Jing Sang didn't learn his lesson. Su Ci Yi stomped on his another foot again. The latter crouch on the ground cuddling his knee.

'So small yet indestructible.'

Sang Shui puffed small laughs. These two really get along well.


The current state of the manor was gloomy. Gloomy to the point that servants and attendants can both perceived the dark aura hanging on the young master's room. Even those people who're in-charge to deliver his meal were afraid to approach.

Amanda who saw the situation decided to butt in. She knew he was on the mourn for his dead friend. At this moment, he needed someone to confine into.

She went knocking on his door and was answered by a cold tone.

"Just leave my meal outside. I'll get it later."

Amanda didn't follow him. She insisted on going in and was welcomed by his broad back looking at the front of the window. His gaze was unfathomably dark.

"I've brought your food."

"I didn't say you can go in." Amanda was startled. But then she took all her courage and tried to step near him. However, she wasn't able to drag her foot when his voice reverberated.

"If you are finished there. You can go out. Don't enter my room casually without my permission."

She knew he must be disappointed. But Amada, even if she was treated like that. Her courage was far too strong that any mountain. She won't get intimidated by this man's spur of the moment mood swings.

"I'll get back again later to check on you." But before she could entirely go out of the room, Qin Yu's voice was heard, "Are we accepting any kind of people inside the house now? Your security is way too lax isn't it?"

"I'll talk to the security in-charge today."

Qin Yu didn't answer. But still, his gaze lingered outside. Amanda was curious about what was he intently looking for. However, the man is in a bad mood. He doesn't want to make it worst either.


It was already late in the morning when a disheveled wagon appeared in front of them. This time there were no passengers lurking on the seat.

Jing Sang and Su Ci Yi were chatting nonchalantly as if there was no tomorrow and their conversation was somewhat normal. Jing Sang wasn't even using his high pitch tone when talking to her.

It turned out they were talking about the sword and Jing Sang's affiliates.

The sword was conferred to him by the Chief upon passing the warrior authority exam. When a person was destined to be a warrior, he would be given a unique sword embedded with his unique affiliate. Jing Sang's sword was somewhat ordinary. A double edge, 24 inches long alloy blade. On its scabbard was a unique graffiti of intertwining vines akin to slender snakes.

Upon a touch of the holy blood of the wielder, the sword will consecrate a divine light and would have the ability to control the surrounding's green pigmented living things.

On the sideline, Shang Shui was only listening with great interest from the two, while Jing Sang was trying to show off his strength. Of course, Su Ci Yi needed to coy him in order to let him touch the sword.

It was such good weather. The sun wasn't scorching yet. They passed by a thick line of trees with little civilization. There were purple butterflies on the beautiful blooming lilies on the sideline. The morning shadow of the towering trees served as a cool shade on their path; either way, this trip should be fine and everything is new to her.

Wait a minute!

Su Ci Yi cast a doubtful look at the surroundings and soon she confirmed. This wasn't the road going to the base!

"Were here." The man who pulled the reign went down. His movement was somewhat lethargic like a man that had undergone three days of overtime and had dark circles on his eye. When he took his rattan hat, a face with a patch on his left eye appeared.

Su Ci Yi was horrified to see his face. No, it wasn't because of the patch on his eye but rather the familiarity he exuded in front of her.

Her intuition even strengthens when Jing Sang blurted the three familiar words of his.

"Fu Jin Hao, what is the meaning of this?"

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