Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 146

Volume 1 Chapter 146 Underhanded Infightings

Aside from the patch on his left eye, Fu Jin Hao's appearance boosts in total weariness. His whole body emits a kind of lethargic mood of someone who hadn't slept for the straight one-week time. It was as if he had been on a lot of pressure lately. At his back was his 'midnight fang' that Su Ci Yi had once wielded and given a name.

Compared to Jing Sang's sword, this weapon of him was much more compatible with her. Aside from the usual lightweight material of it, Su Ci Yi like the anarchic sentiments of the long rusty metal. However, such a beautiful sword was on the hand of his mortal enemy, a total bummer!

Su Ci Yi's presence seemed not yet to noticed by the man and she sprinted behind Sang Shui's back. Though they had enmity, she could still foretell that the man wasn't into her at this moment. His center of attention was on these two, or should she say maliciously targeted on Sang Shui.

Fu Jin Hao was pretty obvious since he was aiming his glare towards Shang Shui from the very beginning.

Fu Jin Hao was wearing a dark blue robe in a golden badge with a graffiti of a dragon on his chest. The thing was a massive determiner for the position a warrior has. 2nd tier had a silver badge engraved with a serpent's head. While those on the 3rd tier had a bronze badge with an eagle's head drawn.

Fu Jin Hao's aura was immensely turbulent as if the man was dying himself to fight them. His blood boils and his head burns just seeing him!

But for 1st tier who was eager to duel the 3rd tier? It's like an arrogant middle schooler trying to pick a fight for a grade school student. Truly pathetic and juvenile. What had this Fu Jin Hao reduced into?

Sang Shui and Jing Sang remain vigilant. Their hands-on the scabbard of their swords and any moment would flick it in the prelude of danger.

"This is treason, how can you raise your sword against your fellow comrade? You really haven't had an ounce of strong camaraderie and is a bastard one. It's not really shocking at all that you failed your mission. Did your momma deputy throw you away because you're useless at all?"

No matter where they go, Jing Sang's mouth is really the opening for hell. Truly skillful to pissed people at.

Fu Jin Hao's answer was to force a crate open on the ground and directed it towards the people in front. Sang Shui and Jing Sang leaped, Su Ci Yi didn't let herself get caught and also do the same. However, before she could do so, Sang Shui had lifted her up and placed her atop a towering tree on the far end.

The view wasn't that too good for a normal person but with her current cultivation, it wasn't a huge deal.

As soon as he positioned her in a distant place, he leaped back to the battleground.

Fu Jin Hao was not a lip-service man. A complete opposite of Jing Sang who was even a chitter-chatter than a woman. The man seemed stimulated by Jing Sang's adhesive ridicule as he dashed right in front of him.

Against a sword that clashed on Fu Jin Hao along with his tiny vine-minions, Jing Sang's on the disadvantage. Moreover, Fu Jin Hao's ability is poison; for the living plants, Jing Sang's power was subdued.

Fu Jin Hao's ability was on a whole new level compared to him. His pacing was quick and his movement was skillful. Jing Sang didn't stand a chance against him and he was immediately tossed backward.


"You're all bark but no bite."

Su Ci Yi dangled leisurely her two feet as she sits on one of the bulky branches of the tree. She was looking down on Jing Sang who was tossed right under the big trunk Sang Shui temporarily sheltered for her.

"Shut up, you deadweight mannequin!"

He refuted as he spat a few mouthfuls of blood. As soon as he focused his gaze on the two people clashing, he couldn't help but be doubtful. He bit his upper lip in response to the agitating disturbance he was feeling.

He knew he could bet against Fu Jin Hao. Sang Shui's aptitudes where far more excellent that their batch mates. He should already be a first-tier warrior if not because of this age restriction goddamn matters. Moreover, this time around Fu Jin Hao's moves was unusually sloppy and out of concentration. It seemed that he had just left from a forceful fight and was pulled into this fight on his.

Either way, it was his fault for picking onto them.


"Where was the leader?" Ting Lin inquired seeing that Sang Shui's room was vacant though it was still in the morning. Usually, Sang Shui had a habit of waking up early in the morning and proceed with the handling and affairs for both of the situation and their business.

However, this morning was different.

The man was not present on his usual mahogany desk and it was still empty with dust sticking over the pile of books from the evening vacancy.

He was befuddled because it was really not his style to go out without informing some of their members.

Tian Xuo, who happened to pass by, saw his crumpled forehead and therefor also took a peek inside. His reaction wasn't that similar to Ting Lin since he knew where might the leader be.

"He just went to the young lord's house. You know, yesterday was the two's first mission inside. So he might be picking them this morning and around this time."

"Must he go there?" Ting Lin was dumbfounded.

Tian Xuo scratched the back of his head. "Ehhh, maybe. He might be worried of the girl there. You know she seemed inexperienced and looked innocent. If things do not turn well, he will need to settle it himself since his the superior of those two."

"So he must be serious about her." That was Ting Lin's conclusion. If not for Sang Shui's other motive that person won't let himself pick them up, instead he will only request one of them to take a look at the situation. Not that his almighty self needed.

Ting Lin stepped inside and put the scroll on top of his table. Then proceeded to go out. When Tian Xuo saw the lump of another material, his face twitched in the incomparably unsightly manner and clenched his fist.

He knew those reports that Ting Lin had just put inside.

"Is their number still increasing?"

Ting Lin sighed. "As usual. There were no decrease in their number. Their disappearance is increasing each day."

It was not only the sickness that was getting into their nerves but also the lack of authority's action with regard to the prisoner's disappearance that has been recorded lately.

The matter was already reported to the authority. However, it was all declared as treason for those missing persons believed to have escape outside. In which the authority turned a blind eye and it didn't even pursue to find those escapees, giving them more reason that they believed that there are far more than the stories being told.

Last week the report only concluded with only five person's missing cases. However, a day had passed and the number skyrocketed to eight at this current moment. A priority that needed to look into or else it'll be too late.

That was why he had been looking for Sang Shui. But seeing him not round, guess he'll just return later.

When he came down the stairs, Ting Lin was somewhat welcomed by an anonymous mood. A somewhat troubled ambiance; buzzing on their whispers and reluctantly glancing on a certain portion. They were looking at the very far end of the table, a single child seated down without motioning at all; like a stone statue, rigid and was already at his limit.

His small lip were pouting and dark circles coming from his eyes. It seemed that the child didn't have a good sleep last night.

Qin Tao tried to become a good boy despite his master is away, as he slept together with Cheng Ning. However, in the middle of the night, he was woken up without anyone on his side. Cheng Ning was huddled on the far end and his father had been missing. A series of unpleasant feelings struck him as he curled as the corner waiting up until the morning sunset.

His father had gone missing, his master had been pretty busy lately, and Qin Tao didn't know what to doif everif ever his master would forgot him again this time!

He had already witnessed his master's untrusty brain-damage-short-term-memory-loss was a nuisance that she would sometimes forget his existence. What if this time

Tian Xuo also went down. Seeing the ambiguous ambiance of the child, he grinned as he approached him, "Kid if you really turned gloomy, your master might really forget you. So if you ever wanted your existence not be to forgotten, you oughta be lively to be remembered by all!"

Tian Xuo, without knowing, added fuel to the fire and soon Qin Tao's eye's swelled up. A foreboding drop of liquid was peeking to go out on their sockets.

Ting Lin rushed immediately and coax the child while delivering a killing glare to the man.

However, all is too late.

The child sobbed until morning that no one could ever stopped him.

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