Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 147

Volume 1 Chapter 147 Monstrous Beast

Sang Shui and Fu Jin Hao exchanged heavy blows, along with the fluttering of their robes and clashing of their swordsthe entire ground was swept like a turbulent tornado devouring all the things that would go on its way. For safety's sake, Su Ci Yi was still hanging on the thick branch of the tree while trying to fight the large pull of the torrential wind.

Jing Sang couldn't escape it ultimately and he was swept a few meters away.

Su Ci Yi didn't help the man at all. When she saw him tightly cling on a thin branch hanging for his dear life-threatening to be blown away; or when the slender branch snapped and the man rolled and rolled over the ground; or when an almost humongous bird passed by and threaten to take Jing Sang away and when that bird successfully kidnapped him and rapidly flew far away!

Honestly speaking, she wasn't trying to get back at him!

It's just that she was too focused on the large fight that undertook just in front of her eyes.

Few moments had passed...

Out of her periphery vision, Su Ci Yi felt an incoming object being hauled to her direction. Without glancing over, she caught a thin branch of a tree. Thinking over, isn't it the branch that Jing Sang was clinging a while ago?

Then a whole loud voice appeared under the tree that she was standing.

"Damn woman! Don't you think you're being too honest with your feeling of grievances towards me! Hmph! either way, I didn't need your help at all!"

Looking down, Jing Sang's hair had turned into a chicken's nest. A rough face full of dirt. A portion of his robe had been torn off and scratches are visible on his body.

It quite clear that he had a once in a lifetime fated encounter with that humungous beast earlier.

She looked at him a few seconds, then scurried to gaze at the battle in front.

Sang Shui's style of fighting was elegant, a lot opposite compared to Fu Jin Hao. Even the time when they had a fight, Fu Jin Hao's a hot-blooded risk fighter. As if he wasn't thinking during the battle and it's all of his instinct that was acting up.

If they would only fight cleanly and without an underhanded method, of course, Sang Shui had a chance to get back at him. But this shouldn't be the case, Fu Jin Hao had a twisted personality. His aura, even his ability were all twisted. As soon as he dragged them on this mire trap, he had laid a far more dangerous plan ahead.

A swoosh of something heavy seemed to come. A sudden shudder flex into Sang Shui's body. Not only that, but even Su Ci Yi who had been fooling around with Jing Sang suddenly fixated a sharp gaze.

Something was coming from the distance.

Running at a fast speed.

It was enormous that the tree it trail fall down and its size should be a dozen times than a normal human.

A loud swoosh of the wind flew, ransacking all things that on its way. The trees were cut into two and the ground were it landed created a hole.

Sang Shui was even caught off guard. The hem of his sleeve slid down on his body showing the fully build muscle on his chest. Good thing there was no blood that oozes on his body.

Fu Jin Hao was even ecstatic. The thing that created a commotion was nowhere to be seen, but it was just lurking on the sideline. Willing to attack at any moment.

The perpetrator looked down from its high position of the tallest pine tree. His arms crossed over. Sang Shui was even keen to know of Fu Jin Hao's companion. He didn't step back amidst the danger approaching.

"Looking tired eh Sang Shui? Now, why don't you show me the reputation and strength you boast every day? Or was it just a public appearance?"

Sang Shui knitted his temple. There was no day that he became boastful of his ability.

"Fu Jin Hao, isn't it too unscrupulous? That thing wasn't yours to begin with. How could you command it?"

"You want to know? Why don't I show you?"

Soon, the man lifted the patch of his right eye. The eyeball and white organ was totally out of its socket leaving only a big fresh wound that oozes pus and was not even properly treated. The wound was deeply grim to looked and too horrible to know what happened to his eyeball.

Sang Shui concluded. "I see, the expense of your right eye ah."

"Of course, but that thing was still hungry, therefore I lure it here to feast for the three meaty flesh."

Afterward, after saying all of that, Sang Shui felt that thing was coming closer to him. The foliage of leaves had started to flew by without anyone trampling on it, even the ground subsided for around 2 inches down.

"F.u.c.k!" he bit his left arm and smeared his blood on the sword. Soon the weapon tingled on the response on his calling.

Two pure white wings grew on his body, and he rushed on the man's stage. Dashing and dragging him down. If there's someone who will be a human porridge his time, then it should be this man.

Fu Jin Hao saw him and smiled. "Sang Shui you really are an idiot. I thought your IQ was above level but turned out they were just ordinary."

Soon, a loud explosion at the back resounded.

The explosion didn't come from a gun powder that had exploded. Rather, it was from a malicious big entity that stomped its whole body on the hard ground creating loud tremors and ground shaking. The billowing soil dust was making him difficult to see what had happened. But when he does, he saw two people already lying on the ground.

Sang Shui rushed to their side, it was then that Fu Jin Hao saw his chance and swept his blade on the man. Sang Shui was able to dodge but it caught its white wings.

Fu Jin Hao laughs seeing that Sang Shui was petty riled up.

"I told you, I'll make you into a bird stew."

The wing on his back flopped down as a red drop of blood oozed on his back.

Sang Shui felt Jing Sang and Su Ci Yi's breathing. He heaved a sigh knowing they were just fallen unconscious.

Now that it came to this, he flopped again his wings and dash. However, Fu Jin Hao raced him through the gap of the wind. With Su Ci Yi and Jing Sang on his both arms, his agility decelerated. And there were even two enemies coming at him.

He tried to ponder what kind of thing beneath Fu Jin Hao. It was such the first time that he encountered this. With its menace and lethality of its attack, it would be probable that it's not any wild beast from the forest.

It was far stronger than that. Much stronger that it was like the ability of a personyet he didn't know of whom.

The more he thought it, this might be the reason for the disappearance of the people. That thing eats flesh and organs. Fu Jin Hao was prime evidence of it. That thing wasn't just any wild animal but a horrible dubious man-eater.

However, without knowing its full vitality, it'll be a disadvantage to their group. Thinking over, Sang Shui put the two on the safest place and covered them with some bushes.

At least, even for a little glimpse, he wanted to see what this thing is made of.

"Tired of running away?"

Fu Jin Hao walked towards him. That thing must be on his back now.

"I want to see it." He boldly inquired.

Fu Jin Hao scoff and soon talk to his side. "He said he wants to see you."

The next moment, Shang Shui's eyes plastered a horrible look.

A gigantic Caelifera with two sharp edge scissor-like claws appeared in front of him. The huge like wall beastly insect had a vibrant clover green eyes that shone darkly. Its horn-like antenna gave an anecdote of similarity to a devil's son. It's six legs were both slender and long. Only its tibia had been maliciously coated in thick thistle that could be deadly when spike. The mouth part had a razor-sharp pointed tooth that was tinted in grim red. Looking over Sang Shui could even see a tiny portion of meat that stuck between its teeth.

Sang Shui gulp down and step back.

So this was the thing that kept eating them?! Horrible with his thought he clenched his fist. Just how many lives did this thing get?

Soon the humongous grasshopper-like beast flash, it disappeared right in front of his eyes. In the face of the devil's creature, how could a mortal like Sang Shui compare?

Sang Shui only swallowed his saliva as the beastly monster reappeared right in front, its jawbone was open wide and the dozen pointed teeth felt like smiling on him. On the account that it would bite him, Su Ci Yi's eyelids flutter as she opened her eyes wide and a flash of urgency appeared on her pretentious weak face.

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