Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 148

Volume 1 Chapter 148 Collaboration

In a flash, Su Ci Yi pulled Sang Shui out of the situation and leaped unto an inconspicuous place. She felt that she had leaped abruptly and twisted her waist. The result, she winced in pain and could only drag Sang Shui behind.

Dang, this is the karma she could get for her false pretense earlier, trying to hide her cultivation skill.

Fu Jin Hao was dumbfounded. Even the beast was eager to find them. Who would have thought that out of this, when he thought he could get rid of Shang Shui someone would meddle and cut off his merriment! Why? Why does this always happen to him? Even when the time he had wanted to kill Qin Yu, someone and someone was bound to interfere along with his plan.

"Find Him!" Fu Jin Hao need not to command it. It went rampage turning every hole of the ground just to find its prey. However, he couldn't have any method to blow away his disappointment and anger that was beginning to emerge on his chest. It felt like any moment he would tear any person that will come into view. However, no one will come. This road was headed to the forest. No man would like to pass through this. He had chosen this place in a term that he could easily get away when he killed Sang Shui.

On the other hand, Su Ci Yi was curious as to what is that thing. However, things had their precedence, first thing first. Her hands had been drooling all over to touch Sang Shui's back, touch the angel-like white wing on his. And when she does, her eyes lit up and her mouth hooked into an indescribable freaky smile.

Itsy bitsy touchy

Each of the feathers was soft and smooth. Its purely white color was even whiter like a jade crystal. However, despite the silvery color one couldn't underestimate its strength. She could imagine the vigorous slap it could make on the wind as it flapped and retrenched into a wide snow-white cl.u.s.ter of feathers.

"Miss Su"

Su Ci Yi looked upon the man only to see his head full of sweats.

His eyes were also bleary, breath's puffing hot air and his face flushed in deep red. If there was one adjective that she could describe it on this, was that somewhatlewd?

Okay, so this was unexpected.

Or should she say that she was only the one imagining it? She was merely caressing his wings, pinching his feathers, and touching here and there; and that wasn't considered s.e.x.u.a.l alright? Waitanyway, why does she think this could contribute to this man's hot face?

Su Ci Yi was even more dumbfounded when she thought the face was too cute?!Dang!

A little angel, weak and fl.u.s.tered. Su Ci Yi's protective instinct had been triggered.

However, just after a moment, Sang Shui's face reverted to that gentle and caring type. No trace of flushed deep red or the suspicious pheromone he had been leaking.

"Let us go back now. I got a hold of things." Sang Shui declared. A little weak to stand up, therefore she pushed herself and assisted him while they took Jing Sang with them and went back to the base.

She could only look back at the beast. Now's not the time to get wild. Sang Shui's transformation was enough to get a hold of her curiosity and sneak under the fury of Fu Jin Hao.


When they arrived inside the base, the whole house was quiet and a little dark. Jing Sang was still unconscious on Sang Shui's back. The man had already reverted his pair of wing back and now only the grotesque back filled with injuries.

They had ultimately escape Fu Jin Hao because of her talisman but that doesn't seem to end because they just lit the violent flag of the man. Fu Jin Hao or that beast on him sure sounds bad luck. However, she was in no position to rummage since this might trigger more casualties and would create even more victims in the end.

As soon as they step inside the entertainment house, they were immediately welcomed by the sweaty Tian Xuo who seemed nervous and panicky, at the same time a trace of anxiety enshrouded his face.

At the center, there was a dense mass of the crowd and the buzzing whispers of people surrounding the area. In the middle, seated in lofty and comfortable mannera man in his sky-blue robe with a silver lining. On his lap sat a small kid that had been wiping his tears away using the hem of his father's robe.

As she looked at him, he also looked back. Making the people turn their heads into their direction. Curious what had transpired.

Tian Xuo may seem a little agitated and out of line, however, when he saw Jing Sang fallen unconscious he immediately caught him and brought over to be given proper medical attention. While Ting Lin came over to report the sudden appearance of the new young lord. Even he and Tian Xuo didn't know his purpose who was looking for their leader.

However, it was also that time that the child was making a scene and when the young lord saw it he was furious. Soon he coax the child who began to stop sobbing. No matter how they look, a scene of a gentle father calming his son was beautifully plastered right in front of them. This even made a lot of assumptions and rumors on the public lips.

She pondered over this scenario but soon decided to divert her footsteps and slipped from the crowd.

But when she does, Qin Yu's solid tone echoed enough to let anyone become curious about their relationship. Even Sang Shui was dumbfounded.

"Yi, stay here. Or are you still pretending? Qin Tao was afraid that you left him off."

She automatically turned sideways.

She felt the hot gazes of people on the surrounding throwing into her and therefore realized. She can't stay hidden for a long time, isn't she? She scratched the back of her head and walk on their table. Sang Shui followed.

She was focused on the attention she was getting that she wasn't able to notice Qin Yu's cold glare behind her. Even Sang Shui flinched on the receiving end.

But then when they settled and the mood was becoming heavier, the crowd decided to give them a private space to discuss the matter. Sang Shui was still the leader so they ought to give him the respect he should have.

Qin Tao, on the other hand, stopped with his rimmed eyes and looked towards her. But Su Ci Yi didn't look into his direction nor show recognition on him. Seeing that, he even nestles on his father's robe rubbing his stifled nose caused by his snots.

"It was our honor to receive such a distinguished guest. Please pardon my appearance for we got caught in an unpredictable situation."

Sang Shui was very polite. However, despite his politeness, he was even showed a hostile look by the man. He swears he didn't do anything, isn't he?

Qin Yu looked down on him, Sang Shui's face had a tint of a forest scent and his robe was disheveled. He had a few scratches on his body and especially his upper robe was forcefully torn. Suspiciously, both of them looking like they had played over the cliff rolling on the grassland on the entire morning.

Sang Shui had no time to change himself since that man's stare boost of urgency. Inside, he didn't know that the man in front of him was forming his own wild imagination and filling the holes.

"Let's quit formality. You want my medicine right? Then I'll give those supplies to you."

Sang Shui was flabbergasted. Is he dreaming? It is really true that he was on their side from the very beginning? He remembered what Su Ci Yi had said about her confidence that this man was definitely on their side. She wasn't lying at all.

He took a glimpse of her and gently smile.

These small gestures didn't escape a certain someone's sight and more bulging nerves were popping on his head, however, he was just too professional to hide it, enough that he could get any Oscar award of being too composed and unruffled inside.

Sang Shui quickly became vigilant. This means negotiation. The man in front of him seemed not someone whom he could take easily. He knows there would be something else behind those short sentences and on this note, he adjusted his composure. He crossed his legs underneath to better get himself comfortable, and to scrutinize details further.

Qin Yu had become aware of his wary composure and therefore didn't let his guard down. Even if he had been inside the manor, he had ears and eyes outside the four walls of his house. So even if his presence was missing, he knew it well.

Just like the riot in front of the deputy, the rally of the local citizens and plea to have his medicine or how they were unfairly reduced to be a prisoner inside the cage. So far, he had already discovered how this deputy tuned his songs and his pattern of psychological tendencies had the same pattern to his old man Yulin.

On this realization his face sank, he only calmed himself by ruffling his child's hair who seemed to still be sulking. Then it was Sang Shui's voice whom he heard.

"At what expense does the young lord wanted to exchange?"

Qin Yu's gaze fixated on his side. His tone was firmed leaving no trace of any rejection on his command,

"I want my family's Yi to be on my side."

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