Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 149

Volume 1 Chapter 149 Collaboration

"Come again?" Sang Shui adjusted on his previous lax composure. Even though he made himself fully focused yet there was still some sentence that he found hard to comprehend even though that phrase was just easy that even a beginner would understand. Might be his injury on his back had blocked the capacity his hearing, on which case was very impossible and in which in the end he concluded that he must have been mishearing things; lending his ear carefully and by the second time he would talk he won't miss it eventually.

"The woman on your side. She's my partner." Qin Yu passed on his look and cast his affectionate blazing gaze beside him. He didn't even felt any embarrassment on his tone, his straightforwardness, and rough bluntness was what pacify the foreboding awkward environment.

This made Sang Shui ponder for a moment. When Jing Sang mentioned earlier that Su Ci Yi had seduced this man, he wasn't throwing an orthodox assumption at allso it turned out that this unfounded hypothesis was all true. Should this be an advantage to their group? How could she pull this stuff out in just one night of her stay unless

Su Ci Yi couldn't hold the accusative glare of Sang Shui. Deep inside her, she could only heave a loud sigh and glare at Qin Yu. Surely he didn't need to phrase those things with the wrong emphasis right? Well at least on her part, it sounds pretty off to hear. "He exaggerates. Actually there was a precedence to everything."

Su Ci Yi explained from the beginning. Everything that she didn't leave any littered information and laid it all in front of the table. She had already assessed Sang Shui and her opinion rating didn't go beyond the average level. In fact, she quite likes him.

Sang Shui had been enlightened of these two people's relationship. He was grateful and guilty at the same time. Grateful for the additional power that would join them and guilt for his elated mood knowing that these two didn't have any intimate relationship contrary to what he had speculating based on Jing Sang's tittle-tattle.

He still has a chance after all.

"You celebrate too soon." As if Qin Yu sense his elated mood, his face turned sour. He had already considered a mire enmity with this person since he was wagging his tail towards his woman. However, even if he was his live rival, how could he compare it to him? He had a squishy and cute trump card leaning on his bosom. This lucky charm of his will definitely connects them.

However, when Qin Yu saw Su Ci Yi's next movement. He felt unsure anymore of his previous claim.

Su Ci Yi even glared at him and turn her attention to Sang Shui.

Although, she didn't grasp the hidden rivalry between the two. She was still far concern on the gentle Sang Shui. His demeanor and composure often struck a massive similarity from his Senior Brother. Even how he treated her without underlying hypocrisy and motif. He saw how San Shui treated each and everyone and his treatment towards her didn't vary from them.

It's only thatwhen he looked towards the aggrieved father and son before her, she felt guilty like she had been taking the wrong side at all! She didn't do anything, so why does she felt the two had a pair of invisible drooping dog's ear and expression of having been wrong by the entire world!

Even though she had felt this way, it was not the time for this. Su Ci Yi wanted to get the thing to smoothen up and plan a way to deal with the commotion undergoing. She had no time to idle. Su Ming might get worried about him.

She tried to look stern and tried to let out her firm voice, " So we had to settle the uproar of medicine banning. How should we deal with Fu Jin Hao?"

Hearing the name Qin Yu instinctively let out his dark aura, "Have you encountered him again?"

Su Ci Yi: "Sooner or later, we are bound to meet aren't we a little destined of such reverse fate?"

Sang Shui couldn't hold himself and told his observation, "That beast he had in him, he must be from the Deputy. Since he is the only one who could be on the side of him."

With that on the mind, he couldn't help but feel disgusted, if this thing was what eat people, he was eager to kill it, minced its body and turn into a dark powder. Upon remembering something, he summoned Ting Lin to give him the latest report. After a few second's Ting Lin came back with parchment of the scroll on his hand.

Sang Shui opened the latent-yellowish object before their eyes. His eyebrow crease and his face darkened, "It's getting worse."

"What is it?" he took the scroll and handed it to Su Ci Yi.

"This was a report of the missing case. The names and their disappearance date." She scrutinized the list of the person and was only bypassing if there were names familiar to her. Soon enough, she couldn't help but stare at the familiar name at the center. It was clearly written: bold and italic. At the bottom, it was stated: [Cheng Nuo]

Her mind flashed through the little kid who had been deliberately being polite and obedient and had never complained from the moment they arrived. His presence was like a passing wind, can be felt for a moment but gone afterward. However, this was because the child was trying his best not to cause them trouble since he knew they were doing their jobs.

What's even worst was that Su Ci Yi promised the child that she would get his mother and father back to him. Now all of these promises were never meant to be recognized from the very beginning?!

She looked at the date when did she disappear, as it turned out it was that same day!

Thinking over, if she didn't dawdle around, procrastinating her time and making herself comfortable, there would be still a chance that she could save her. A chance that the child won't be motherless at all! Cheng Nuo would be living up until the moment if she was able to sneak her out.

All of it slipped into her hand and disappeared!

Su Ci Yi fully knows the isolation of becoming a parentless child. She herself was one at the time. Wondering aimlessly beyond the mortal realm. She envied those who had parents that looked out for their child. If not because of her senior brother, she would still be feeling that large void on her chest even right now.

Cheng Ning is a great kid.

But that child, who should have left in the bliss of his parents was now living as a homeless child. Su Ci Yi's head ached and before she knew it, her hand almost crumpled the scroll.

Their disappearance didn't strike any hope at all. Or so that was what she thought. All that disappeared couldn't be trace at all.

After realizing the downfall and weighting the lost chances, her sleeve was tugged in a subtle manner bearing the face of the child whom she aggrieved. His thin face had now become a little better since staying the base. There were enough food and snack enough for a child like him. However, his deep slanted eyes and not so tall bridge nose were expressing a hopeful gleam of the future. She had felt that she couldn't bear to look into this deep adoration and expectation.

He was kind of shy when he approached them holding a tray of meat steam buns and rice cakes. The rice cakes had a rainbow color plum inside which was cute to see. "Big Sister. You didn't eat breakfast yet. I made the signature rice cake of mother. The meat buns were from big brother over there."

Su Ci Yi extended immediately her hand. Upon reaching, it shook incessantly that she had need to withdraw. To redirect this embarrassing gesture, she called him softly. "Cheng Ning"

The child looked in his bleary eyes. "Big Sister?"

Su Ci Yi: "Are you doing fine here? Isn't there anyone bullying you?"

Cheng Ning titled his head. He didn't expect that she would ask this. "Big sister, are you worried about me? Everyone inside the base is kind to me, big brothers and big sisters. Cheng Ning also didn't want to be a burden, because I'm sure big sister was doing his best to find my mother. So when mother came back, there would be no criticism and protest will be reported to her. Cheng Ning will become a behave and silent child."

Su Ci Yi felt a sharp pang on her chest. "Cheng Ning is a good child. Did you eat already?"

Cheng Ning nodded.

Su Ci Yi returned her fair share. "I'm not hungry. You eat mine." Though this gesture was small, it didn't escape Cheng Ning's hype mood. But even so, he turned down the offer and insisted.

It was as if this little gesture is an act of absolution of her guilty conscience. But this is not enough to subdue her raging mood. Deep inside the killing flag had been lifted, condonation wasn't an option either.

Now, it's time to kill or get killed.

"Let's raid the prison house tonight and led them out." It's a good thing she had found Qin Yu immediately, and with the medicine on their hands- she was sure that this info got on the Deputy's ear. Tonight, she is definitely convinced that he'll rage his anger on the innocent people of his prison cage.

Cheng Ning, this big sister will definitely reassure you that she'll do something about it. This time for sure, she'll not gonna get chained by her sentiments.

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