Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 15

Volume 1 Chapter 15 Su Family

Now Su Ci Yi turns her attention to her phone ringing for who knows how many times now. It must be Su Ming who's calling. She knows that right at this moment, she's frantically searching for her.

Su Ming's worried, deadly worried for her sister's well being. Since the commotion earlier, she's been looking for her, trying to call her number yet no one is answering. She then caught a glimpse of Huan Ro who was sweating bullets going down of the stairs.

"Did you see my sister!" She blurted out while running towards him. She even forgot that she had a bad vibe to this man!

Huan Ro shakes his head. He himself didn't know whether it was her whom she saw earlier. Just as the two where absorb with their own thinking, one was looking for someone while the other is confuse and tired Si Ci Yi's voice was heard.

"Su Ming!" Her call broke the two from their own trance and look to the direction of the voice.

Huan Ro stare for a few seconds to her white dress.

The girl he saw earlier was wearing a magnificent robe and seems that she was used using it. She was even beaming with confidence and prominent aura. Truly different from the pale and weak woman on his front. He mistook her from Su Ci Yi.

How can he make that mistake, Su Ci Yi's weak and delicate from the very beginning. Good thing he didn't grab that woman. She was so fast that he didn't have time to caught up with her. If so, he'll make himself embarrass in front of that girl.



Chua Ting silently followed her assistant without making any noises. As soon as they went inside her own boutique she was welcomed with clatters of broken vases and crumpled cloth on the floor. Her employees where also cowering in fear and crying their faces on the floor. The whole room was a total mess right now.

Right in the middle, on the maroon leather sofa seated a middle age woman who post like a queen.

She is lavishly dress in high tailored dress wearing a bright colored heels.

"First Aunt..."Chua Ting went to her and offer her greetings.

The woman's eyebrow raised and looked at her as if she's a child that has done something wrong. Then she pulled her tablet and handed it to her roughly.

What she saw was a video of herself trying to jump off from the roof of the said mall.

"Although, I don't know how are you saved but that isn't my concerns anymore. I would like to remind you about your reputation. I hate dealing with cyber specialist every time you throw a tantrum. You are not a kid anymore and be more mature"

Chua Ting obediently nodded her head but deep inside she was boiling. She wants to stood up and speak her side story but she is too afraid to make the commotion even bigger. She knew this woman pretty well and she was far more than a crazy person.

There was one time when she tried to stand her reasoning but only to be resulted on grave injuries. She was badly beaten by her first aunt's bodyguards until she couldn't even stand up. She landed on the hospital for a whole week because of that. After that incident, she didn't oppose her anymore.

Swallowing her anger be just a good girl following her was the only thing she could do.

"By the way"Her aunt stood up and went near her. Her folding fan that she was holding lifted her chin as she stare right into the vixen's eyes "When did you become so close with the Su Clan's mental daughter?" Chua Ting wasn't surprise when and where her aunt get the information. She knows that every time she goes out there was someone who always monitor and spy her every move.

"W-we just only met coincidentally and she save me"

"I don't care!" the woman cut through her sentence. " I don't want you to get involve with them. That family is a goner now. Sooner or later they will eventually vanished into the business world. That family's first daughter is a looser. I forbid you not get too close to the likes of them" She said it casually as if she was just chatting with anyone.

This information was not yet known to the world. Yet her aunt has all the info about it.

What was well known was the cancellation of the engagement as well as dissolution of the partnership between the Huan Clan and Su Clan.

The Su Clan is raring to be the top profitable business industry, however, with the commotion and dissolution, their current standing has affected. The Huan Clan has manage to secure a big time investor while the Su is still on the process on finding one. Without one, their business would surely collapse. A few decades of sacrifices of Su Clan family's ancestor will be doomed a waste.

This will be a great challenge on the current Su head. Added to the fact that there has been no male inheritors. Their first daughters marriage proposal was dissolve rendering the eldest one useless. The second daughter was a happy go lucky and no interest in the business industry. With their current position, they will be facing a great challenge of finding a potential male successor.

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