Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 150

Volume 1 Chapter 150 In Times

"What?!" Gao Xiao exploded upon hearing the report so early in the morning.

A first-tier warrior cowered in fear as he continued to kneel on the ground. He instinctively stepped backward in order not to receive the Deputy's raging mood. He had obtained a piece of information from an inside confidant that the new young Lord had already switched his side to the opposition group. He had been aware that the Deputy has been kissing himself to the man, making himself appealing but who would have thought that he had long decided which side to take. In this case, it'll give a big dent of the deputy's inner conviction. As a warrior who has silently watched the Deputy on the sideline who makes his move, the man always took grudged on his enemy and silently dispatched them on the shadow. That young Lord is a goner now, even if he himself is the only source of the medicine, the Deputy won't let him off the hook especially that he had made a fool of him.

"The new young Lord had formed an alliance on the opposition group and already sold his exclusive rights of the medicine to them. Sir, he even made his personal trip to their base."

"BASTARD" he took a porcelain miniature statue from his vermillion cabinet and hauled before this warrior.

He was not even satisfied and overturn the table, wrecked the whole room and make a total destruction inside his office. The warrior on the sideline still kneeled while a shard of debris cut through his face. A small amount of blood gush that wasn't too serious to consider.

Gao Xiao was furious. Furious that the nails on his fingers sunk deeper on his arms. His face twitched in an unimaginable expression. That manall this time he had been leading him! All his effort pleasing him was worthless from the start!

Very good! Very good! He just already lit his candle early this time.

Gao Xiao was someone that no one wanted to be an enemy. Even attaining his position, he was able to trick the old man just to make him the deputy. If one had to suffer a lot of thorns along the way in order to be on top, then Gao Xiao had sacrificed a lot of souls in order to reach this rank.

He had made a big gamble with the devil just to be on top, he doesn't want to experience the bottom way of living; he will do anything to eliminate those who block his glorious path and trail for succession.

If 'that man' doesn't want to get their hands of his product, then be it! No one will be able to make use of it anyway!

Gao Xiao took a fallen shard of metal on the ground caused by his berserk and slit right through his arm. His blackened eyes cast unblinking on those fallen scarlet droplets as he silently whispered,

"Feng Quan, I'll leave him to you."


The talk about the exclusive right and ownership of the medicine was held privately inside Sang Shui's room with a few high ranking tier warriors. Su Ci Yi had long gone outside and didn't participate in the abrupt collaboration.

She had also heard that Jing Sang had woken up so she ought to visit him and might as well tease him.

When she arrived in his room, Jing Sang had just woken up and was leaning on the bedside. His side profile was pale and his face was horribly pallid. That monster that had abruptly pounce on them had a poisonous thistle on its tibia and it spiked him the moment it jumped. However, it was not really directed on him but towards Su Ci Yi but when it released those venomous thistles Jing Sang made himself a bait, receiving all those deadly spikes. Even if in the first place, she didn't need it though.

"Yo!" She knocks lightly on the wooden door and proceeded. Jing Sang turned to her then turned to the window. Then as if feeling tired he lied and covered himself by the cotton blanket like a hypocrite brat having his tantrum.

Despite this, she still went to his bed and turned over the blanket. "Aren't you a little too obvious? You dare to ignore me this time after all your saving act?"

Jing Sang scoffed. "Are you here to say you're great thanks to thy great self? If so, then you could kneel on the ground and kowtow as me thyself shall give you my blessing."

Su Ci Yi tilted her head, ridiculously looked at him, "Did I mishear something wrong? Isn't a warrior's duty to protect their citizen? And isn't a warrior should be strong and won't be beaten badly on the first round? Fufufu"

Jing Sang's eyes glared at her as his bottom line had been hit. This woman was just messing with him the moment she arrived! He jumped on his bed and acted like to chase her on which she already scrambled to run.

"You two really get along well."

Ting Lin came by just to check his status. He felt relieved seeing that he's already in good spirits.

"Who said we're getting along? Are you blind?" Seeing Jing Sang's rough mood and Su Ci Yi behind his back, he even thought it's quite funny to see these two bickering like any middle schoolers. He couldn't help himself but also chimed in on the fluffy mood, "Jing Sang you're always getting uptight with Ms. Su. You should somehow show a little respect to our boss's lady~"

Su Ci Yi at the back, "" Huh?

Jing Sang threw the fluffy pillow on his side. "Dream on, who's Sang Shui's woman? Had she slept with him?"

Ting Lin giggled on the sideline, "It's only a matter of time until then."

Su Ci Yi, "" Uhm okay, that wasn't a good joke. Goodbye!

Jing Sang didn't back down, eyebrows arching upward and peek at Ting Lin's back, "Hey woman! Did you slept with Sang Shui?"

What Jing Sang received was a hit on his forehead by a foul scented slipper! Damn it! It was too smelly that he would puke!

"Did you think I slept with him? Idiot!" Su Ci Yi rebuked as she was about to haul another slipper on her front securing that this time, it'll hit the rabid mouth of the man.

"Who's sleeping with whom?" Qin Yu's active tone echoed on her back. Since she was hiding on Ting Lin's back, she was near the open wooden door and no chance of knowing who will be coming behind. Qin Yu repeated again his words, this time the big nerve around his head was obviously popping and he had a face full of black lines, "Who's sleeping with whom, Yi?" Behind the man was Sang Shui who always wore his gentle and unique smile that was covered by his fan. Qin Yu blocked his line of sight and even copied Sang Shui's radiant smile. "Where are you looking, Yi?"

Su Ci Yi, felt like she had been dump by cold water. Why was this man's timing so right every time? Was there a hidden camera around here? A CCTV? Wasn't this supposed to be like an ancient feudal era? So it's objectively conclusive that those things are not available!

"We are just teasing each other. Anyway, how's the talk?" She said trying to divert the attention and pacifying the socially awkward mood. "No need to change the topic. Are you sleeping with someone?" he insisted, not wanting any single detail to derail nor to back down.

Geez, isn't he too imaginative?

But then again, why does it felt that the temperature dropped inside? Jing Sang was now back to his bed as if this didn't happen. Ting Lin was by his side pouring water on his cup while Sang Shui was left stranded outside because of Qin Yu's broad back was obstructing on the front door.

"I told you, we're just messing around!" She tried to frantically slip beside him but the man does not want this to end, caught her and lifted like a weightless sack of rice on his shoulders.

"What do you think you are doing?"

Qin Yu smile but not that smiling, "Just messing around with."

After saying those, he turned to them.

"I'm going. I'll bring my family's Yi now."

Su Ci Yi tried to look for back-up from Sang Shui but he only smiles at her. Oh god, she really liked this smile of him that seemed like a radiant sun and blooming scented daisies in the middle of the road, however, at this very crucial moment it's not that smile that she really needed! Crisis calls forth for his absolute sacred intervention!

Sang Shui was still smiling. Even if he wanted to pull her away from him, he doesn't have the exclusive rights to do so. His two hands were bound by the negotiation.

Su Ci Yi twisted and squirm and when she was about to teach this imbecile a lesson, he heard Qin Yu whispered, "Ah, the medicine wasn't enough lately. I should be pouring my sweat to make it tonight given if there won't be a mishap on the way."

The hand that already made to his neck retrospectively withdraw.

She can't afford to knock him out, isn't she?

"Dad where are we going? Are we going home?"

Qin Yu bent down, picked Qin Tao up and led him on his shoulders.

"Going back to the house."

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