Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 151

Volume 1 Chapter 151 The Guest

Su Ci Yi, out of her own will was dragged inside the manor and specifically assigned a guest's room for her. The room wasn't small with a few antique decorations over the vermillion cabinet. The curtain that hangs on the bed was made of 100 % satin and vibrated of the eastern princess style. The concrete wall was meticulously pasted with potted plants ornaments and blooming flowers. If one would look closely, there's no way that this room was just a spare for a guest, from every point and angle this room was manhandled and prepared in advance.

This gave her doubt, from the very beginning Qin Yu was already planning of letting her stay and worst of all, she has no right to say no at all.

Even though, what concerned her was Amanda. She didn't react on her arrival just a while but she felt her drilling stare like she'd like to eat her anytime.

"I didn't know Xiao Yu still have a living relative left? I thought he only had that missing relative. So, what are your relationship with him? And what's with the child, is he your son?" Amanda incessantly required without batting her eye.

This was Qin Yu's flaws upon their arrival. He didn't explain her identity as well as his child to her. He just went swift directly to his room and locking himself.

Amanda was pouring tea on her own cup not even bothering to offer on her behalf.

"I apologize for suddenly intruding in." She took Qin Tao and tuck him on her bosom. "Our situation was a little special so I cannot disclose any of our private matters at hand. I hope you do understand us."

Amanda, seeing that the guest had the audacity to request, her hand shook as she raised an eyebrow. "Well...even though I 'm not the one who brought the two of you here and not under my jurisdiction, I hope you still understand that I am the mistress of this house. And anything that will beyond my dissatisfaction, you are not allowed to do so."

Su Ci Yi didn't mind the woman's blatant intimidation. When all is well and she'll not block her in her every action then she couldn't find any reason to hate her and so long that she won't harm Qin Tao in her every possible way.

Amanda wasn't a hypocrite and bad woman. Su Ci Yi formulated these gestures when she instinctively saved Qin Yu's life. A human's nature was after all hone in kindness, however, as the world goes on and this kindness was usurped by the evil ways and temptation, was subdued into obsession and then turned into a misdeed that was too late to even turned back, and one could only remorse on his own stupid actions.

Seeing the newly comers behave and weak for Amanda could take a break. On her own assessment, this person in front of her was easy too manipulate. Plus she's too weak to even compare to her. She didn't need to be wary of her since, in the first place, this girl can't compare to her.

She stood up after she finished briefing her the etiquette of the inside manor. Since Amanda didn't saw her on her first day as their maid, Su Ci Yi didn't need to fabricate lies. The only thing who saw her face was that strict old lady Nan Kim and some of the attendants. However, this was only a trivial matter, anyway if they saw her it doesn't matter anymore to her.


Qin Tao, instead of following his father, went along with his master in her room. He's like a little pecking duck following its mother hen whenever she goes, except that he is following his master. From the moment she arrived earlier, she didn't talk to him since she was pretty occupied with everything that was going on. She only spoke this time since her mind was at peace.

She didn't know that these small little flaws of her were given profound insights by the child. Qin Tao thought that his master preferred the little obedient Cheng Ning over him. Even as a small kid, he was able to make sweet delicacies and presented it to her. While him, his master had been ignoring for a while.

"Master, do you want to eat rice cake?"

She didn't expect this to get this out of the child's mouth.

"Master are you angry with me?"

"Master is ignoring Qin Tao lately. Qin Tao knew he is wrong crying in the morning, Qin Tao will self-reflect on his wrongdoings. So master won't you get angry with me anymore?"

WaitSo she was angry with her? She didn't know this.

When she had been pretty occupied with a lot of things, this child had his own worries, isn't he? With Qin Tao's passive self-confidence and his obstinate stubbornness, there was no way that he will confine his worries to her. Now that it all bottled up and he couldn't keep it inside he bawled out? Was that the reason why he cried?

She needed to strengthen this child's mentality then. When they go back, she'll surely focus on him and his aura detecting skills.

In the next days to come, there were still peace inside the manor. Su Ci Yi could peacefully gaze on the brilliant leaves of the maple tree outside as the birds cheerfully make their homes on its trunk. The ephemeral spring scent wafted and stretch out to every land and high mountain range. There was the ambiguous hauling of beasts and malicious mammals on the distant forest however this was too familiar and normal to every villager on the area.

In the normal days that would have to come, a sudden catalyst of destruction showed by their frontal door. It was definitely not a human for it bears adumbrate viciousness and sparks thistle spikes on its leg. It seemed her capricious acquaintance had already decided to pay her a visit for the first time, except that first, it was not invited on their home and second, it also seemed not to glad to visit them. Though she couldn't see its emotion through its enormous wide mouth that seethes razor-sharp frontal teeth.

On that day, those who made in contact with the beast cowered behind and turned their feet jelly, unable to move. Some scrambled to get out of the way and hide to the deepest hole they could find.

Su Ci Yi tucked Qin Tao and jump from the window. Her destination was in Qin Yu's room. When she got there, Amanda and a lot of folks are already evacuated inside. It seemed that Qin Yu's room was what we called a secret room with an in-built hidden underground room below. Amanda was leading the way deep down with a few attendants on her back.

The room was dim and with a few people, the oxygen inside was limited. Someone lit a candle and soon the room illuminated a flicking light. Both dusty and mold starting to grow on the rusty lumber wood.

"Will we be alright?"

"What was that thing earlier?"

"It was like a giant grasshopper with sharp canine teeth."

"I'm scared. Will we be alive after this?"

Some of their faltering and trembling voices from the servants were heard. Their horror to see for the first time that thing skyrocket beyond imagination.

Qin Yu nonchalantly took Qin Tao from her and brought behind his back. Both the father and child's face didn't register any trace of fear.

Su Ci Yi closed her eyes and tried to spread her senses from above to find the location of the beast.

She spotted the beast near the maple tree making snacks of the koi fishes on the pond. On the other side opposite if it, was two people who were slump on the ground only hiding their muffled and fearful sound from the beast. Their knees gave way because of horror. When they saw the canine teeth on its mouth and how enormous it was...How its devil-like antenna that swung around whenever it walk and the tremor on the ground caused by his gigantic motionthey couldn't help but to bawl their eyes out and hurl on the sideline. Praying that it won't notice them.

Su Ci Yi remembered that it was the strict Nan Kim and an attendant under her. Somehow they were left behind and wasn't able to catch on Amanda's group.

It was as if the beast almost swallow all the fishes inside, then when it was finished but still not enough to refill its belly, it retracted its neck towards these two people's position and jumped down on the prey. It first bites the attendant's head beside Nan Kim. Leaving a headless body on her side. Then after eating the whole head with its intact hair, it followed to gobbled the body. Then like eating a spicy fried chicken, even she could hear the crunching noise came from bones being gnawed. Nan Kim shriek from the top of her lungs. However, her shriek wasn't heard after a few second and her whole body serves as an appetizer on the beast's meal.

Su Ci Yi opened her eyes and retracted her vision. Goosebumps spread across her skin and a few sweats drop down on her forehead. It was then that her stepped flashed through the crowd, slipped through the trembling women and bolted upwards without being noticed by the masses.

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