Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 152

Volume 1 Chapter 152 The Beast Kind

The blood-stained floor was littered with the horrible stenched of human blood, although it was soaked like water that had leaked on the faucet, thankfully there weren't messy organs and glands that were scattered on the way or it'll look like a slaughterhouse in a horror movie if this was the case. That beast was too cautious about his meal and not allowing any drop of small portion go to waste. The hall was eerily quiet, a little dim, and no one can be encountered in the vicinity. Like the carnal of purgatory that had come down to earth, vicious and too melancholy.

Su Ci Yi immediately rushed to the beast's location. Found it near the servant's hut lurking, pacing back and forth as if it was peeking at something over the edge; making a conspicuous sound. Moreover, in her enhanced hearing, she could make out a small muffled sob directly from the inside.


Su Ci Yi dashed abruptly and swept her way racing the beast from entering the cottage. As soon as she bolted to open the door, she saw a child hurdling on the sideline trying to make herself cuddle on the corner of the room.


The sound of the hut's wall being torn open and soon a sharp scissor-like leg slowly emerged from the rifted wall. Su Ci Yi immediately grabbed the child and lead her on her back then run as swift as the passing wind.

She didn't thought that, the clover green beast that was as fast as her pacing raced her. Its face was twisted in her direction without minding its front. The almost 5-inches canine teeth of it were boldly dangling on its wide mouth that had a dark-red tint of blood coming from the people it had just eaten.

She didn't even now, or maybe it was just its imagination but its neck was bobbling up and down and it's round eyes were sparkling. She knew that it already marked her as its prey, and anytime it'll pounce at her, but isn't it a little too excited to its meal? It had just eaten people a while ago! It was getting too enthusiastic catching on her!

When she took to the right- the beast took to the right.

She took left-it followed her dragging behind its hind legs.

Dang! She couldn't let itself led on the base!

Su Ci Yi's footsteps retracted.

She swept her right foot in front sweeping the dust-filled soil from the ground. The dirt mud collected on the beast's eye immobilizing its foresight. Su Ci Yi grabbed the chance and jump high above, shifted her body that she won't get the child drop on the ground. Then she arched her waist, lifted her right foot that almost go beyond her stomach and landed a critical hit on the beast!


Of course, she did it with the tint of her spiritual energy.

The Calaefera beast twisted on the air and was hurled just outside the manor.

Then she landed with a heavy foot on the ground, dash forward going back to the underground room.

It was only the time when Amanda bolted to lock the door from the inside and prevented the incoming people to squeeze on them.

And when she heard someone knocking on the door, she looked towards the people at the back and laid a deaf ear.

"Someone was knocking we should let her in!" A person at the back shouted on Amanda seeing her too selfish self-saving act." It could have been my child, open them now. My child was still in there!" said the woman in her frantic plea. Her whole body was shaking from frustration and disappointment that she had lost her kid on the mania of panic.

Amanda pretended a deaf ear, securely took the key and hide it on her b.r.e.a.s.t pocket.

The woman who lost her child acted and tried to grasp the key away from her but Amanda was too strong and she was pushed on the ground.

"How dare you try to sully the young mistress!" A certain attendant who is Amanda's loyal confidant stepped in front.

"No please, let me out. I'll search for her"

"Aren't you an ignorant mother? How could you let your child out of your sight? It just proves how selfish you are securing yourself while your kid was out in the wild!" She added.

The woman pleaded. She knew she was wrong on it. Droplets of tears came from her eyes.

"Open the door." Qin Yu's direct and commanding tone echoed.


Amanda turned and looked into his eyes, "Xiao Yu?"

The usual cold gaze passed on Amanda's body and she couldn't help but tremble uncontrollably. As if there was a heavyweight commanding her to abide by his every word without any hassle. His deep blue eyes like a crystal bead on the ocean that stark contrast on his shining blondie hair. It was too difficult to withdraw once a person started to get mesmerized into those two windows of the soul.

"Open the door." He repeated again but this time he already walked towards her.

Amanda flinched by the weight of the air around him. "Xiao Yuthis is for the benefit and safety of all. We should secure our safety first and for everyone."

"Milord, please let me out. I'll look for my child. I won't let that monster trail this placeSo please"

Amanda didn't budge even if she was afraid. When the man was nearing her, she instinctively threw the key far away that she didn't even know where it went and on this dark place, it's impossible to retrieve. Since the door was made of iron metal it was too impossible to open in brute force.

"Let's just be safe. I don't want to die yet." Amanda insisted.

Qin Yu's hand without mercy runs through her neck. As if he didn't care about his reputation, strangled her with his own strength. Amanda's foot lifted a few inches from the ground as she tried to catch her breath. " X-i-ao Yuuu"

It was only a minute and Qin Yu released her.

Amanda slumped on the ground holding her neck. Shrill run down on her spine as she looked on the man. Struck with a lot of emotions running through her mind and the sight of the dark eyes of the man. As if he didn't care what was in front of him and would snap everything on his way. Amanda horribly concluded and on that realization felt reluctant to be with this person in the futureshe didn't expect that even though she had saved his life, he would try to run his bloody fingers on her neck.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The sound of a heavy palmed ramming outside the room.

There's no use. The door could be open through its key. It was designed like that, in a situation like this. The key that had dropped far away was still out of grasp.

Amanda out of her breath looked to the seemed desperate person outside trying to open the door, "There's no use. We can't open the door now"


The metal door that should be like steel was hacked outside and the entire outside view appeared right in front of them.

The sound of heavy gasping was heard. A woman in her long raven hair swung inside with a kid on her back. When she saw that she almost destroy the door, her face flushed a little embarrassed and scratched her head, "Sorry about that, your door seemed to have a little default. I didn't even use my other hand."

Amanda, ""

The other attendants on the sideline, ""

Qin Yu was the only one who plastered a sweet smile. As if there were no prior incidents that happened a while ago. While Qin Tao stretched out his little head to see who had arrived.


Amanda looked up to the woman and Qin Yu's hype mood.

She would have to ask her if only the woman from behind didn't butt in and snatch the kid away from her. "NingNing. Mom was so scared she lost you! Where on earth did you go?"

The woman cried and trembled while she was hugging her child.

"Master!" seeing her back is free again, Qin Tao jumped on Su Ci Yi and crawled his way on her back like a skillful maneuver ninja.

When Su Ci Yi returned the child, she put the clinging Qin Tao back on Qin Yu's arm as she went back outside again.

She only kicked that enormous monster earlier and it's still alive. Sooner or later it'll come back and haunt them again.


Sang Shui had received the gruesome news that Qin Yu's manor had been attacked, therefore immediately he gathered the first tier warriors on their side and made a sketch plan to infiltrate the house. Tian Xuo and Ting Lin were among the group.

Jing Sang who was a muddle-headed idiot was missing among the group.

Sang Shui knew that these two had been getting along pretty well. But who would have thought that he's this idiot to infiltrate on his own inside without consulting the whole group? Sang Shui kneaded his temple.

He just hopes that they could find him still intact in one-piece.

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