Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 153

Volume 1 Chapter 153 Busted

In all her life as a hailed cultivator in the Qing Ling Sect, Su Ci Yi had far worst encountered vicious beast like these. Some even had an undigested human head inside when she hacked the big belly button open or when the continent threat of a century bore by black phantom dragon hiding on the mystic gorge. The emotion was still inscribed on how she made her grand debut defeating the beast and bringing home the large dragon's claw as commemoration. How his Senior Brother's face had a soaking face of sweat and afterward scolded her from her to boldness.

Up to this moment, she had been to a lot of infighting. A lot of self-saving acts but on the account of this original owner's body. Sometimes when she became too attached to this body, she almost forgot how to level up her strength, became too engrossed with the worldly matters. And the context and the hidden conspiracies of her death had swift back to her subconsciousness. She even almost forgot her true goal turning up on this valley.

"Hey, idiot woman!" When she was idling and standing in front of the menacing creature just outside the manor, someone had grabbed her from behind and pushed her among the scraps and junks piled of on the hidden turn of the road.

Jing Sang, when he knew about the news of the sudden siege of the Deputy's creature, he couldn't let himself still and immediately rushed. His whole body rushed on his own even if he didn't want itor he didn't really want it? All he knew was that he didn't want her to be in danger nor face an unprecedented accident that will cause her life.

"Jing Sang?" Su Ci Yi was in total confusion. She was hidden on the piled of smelling garbage and dung while Jing Sang formed a tight rope vine and suspended the beast that was disappointed that its meal had got away.

The thick bud of vines crawled and intertwine holding each and every leg of the beast and suspended on the air. Even his enormous mouth was being held tightly by his vines.

He then leapt forward and swatted the beast's head in just one swing. Its neck wasn't even that hard to cut since it's like any other meat that could easily be chopped.

Jing Sang flew downwards, not feeling any sweat from the fight.

Then he turned around and face Su Ci Yi.

On his own delusion, he could see the woman's inkling adoration on her eyes. Like a hero saving a beautyno an idiot, he sheath his sword and put it back to the scabbard on his waist.

Wasn't that Deputy's beast kin was too easy to defeat?

He pulled her to stand, however when he leaned down Su Ci Yi's eyes widen in alertness and kicked Jing Sang from the sideline.

The poor man didn't know that this is the thanks he could get, angrily stood up and glared at herhowever, he was stunned when on the place he had just standing the shaped edge of the beast's claw was deeply plunge on the ground.

Su Ci Yi stepped back.

Her eyebrows creased and her fist was clenched. She just saw that Jing Sang killed it when he severed its head. So why the hell it's still alive?

The thing that had just regenerated while its head decayed, run swift into Jing Sang, throwing him off-guard. As soon as the scissor-like claw was directed to him, he tried to grab his sword, even if it's too late a warrior ought to fight even in the end.

The thing that he thought would come into him, didn't come. A sudden flash kicked appeared out of nowhere, throwing the beast on a few meters away. The way he saw it, it's like that beast was compared to a dog that was kicked by a bad guy only to whimper on the sideline.

Su Ci Yi's leg kicked was swift and efficient.

Jing Sang's eyes almost bawled in astonishment.



The way he saw it, this woman's smirked wasn't too obvious looking down on him?!

However, even if he wanted to butcher this woman and strangle her, now's out of the question. The beastthe beast itself was a troublesome creature that can't be killed!

Su Ci Yi jumped again. Pounce on the beast and directed her spiritual energy her palm. Jumped towards the incoming beast and delivered thy fist. The offense did end yet, she followed where the beast rolled over and directly smashed it on the ground creating a large hole. Droplets of sweat came into her forehead but she didn't mind it. The true blood of a fierce cultivator was running in her veins. Even if she substituted this body's soul somehow it coincided and adopted on her spirit. Her moves were swift and fast as she sends out a hundred punches on the beast, breaking it into a unrecognizable state. Even some of its limp legs almost went out of its body. Although it had regeneration, in her speed akin to the lightning meter, it couldn't properly function only to be left itself beaten into a pulp.

Jing Sang wasn't able to blink. The debris of the objects being smashed caused by the impact was too much to even let himself fully awake.

The thing unfolding right in front of his eyes was beyond what he had been expecting. Isn't it still the small woman he had been protecting all this time? The woman that was docile and had a weak appearance, to begin with?

"Jing Sang!"

Su Ci Yi called him in his trance.

"You're calling me an idiot, now you became an idiot too? Don't just stand there and summon your vines already!"

"Huh? Ahhh!"

Jing Sang immediately followed her order not knowing what her true goal was. He only summoned it again then attacked the beast without thinking.

Su Ci Yi was racing after her breath then landed on his side. Then without even turning her head commanded to cut off its limbs.

"It's still useless. You know it can regenerate immediately"

"Doesn't matter. Just do it"

Su Ci Yi observed as Jing Sang leaped, lifted his sword and swung like a true warrior. It didn't catch him too much effort until all of the beast's body parts drizzle on the ground on small pieces. Even in just that amount of time, she felt the surge of its regeneration coming from its body parts. Like an invisible thread that connected it all, little by little swung near its other parts and started to join. She clutch the cloth on her waist. She pulled out a cultivation item that she had snatch from the fight with Xiang Mo Mo and as fast as she could, picked up those pieces into her spatial bag. Since the item had enough square meter space that could even accommodate a person like her, she's sure that the beast will definitely fit inside. Since there was no oxygen present and the inside was too cramped plus she wasn't able to feed the bees inside, now is the right time to service her little thing.

Even if it'll regenerate inside, those bees will not leave it until it remains into its brittle bone.

A perfect feat for the beast.

When everything was cleanly deal with, Jing Sang still couldn't believe what he just saw. When he saw Su Ci Yi walked in front of him, he instinctively back away? Who is this woman? Was she always hiding her true strength at all?

When his thoughts were in jumble and his mind couldn't process the flow of details, a framed fan snapped from the background. Sang Shui emerged from the sideline with his fellow comrades in such an ecstatic mood.

"Good job dealing with it. It's good that you didn't have any injuries at all."

He ruffled Su Ci Yi's hair like ruffling a small little kid for the good deed she had done.

"We didn't really think that you can defeat it all. Even the size was out of the question." Ting Lin said as he came on her side.

"Little lady, I swore from the moment your gallant posture twisted in the air and those sophisticated moves that only an expert could do, I swear my heard thump from the magnificent silhouette." Tian Xuo teased her, even there was a suspicious rim of tears on his eyes while giving her a tight hug that she almost thought she would break her bones.

Ting Lin whack Tain Xuo back seeing her discomfort.

Jing Sang was left quite on the sideline.

"Little lady, why don't you come with us, other warriors are eager to know you at all!"

"Let's get out of here, the smell of blood is quite thick." Sang Shui announced as he snapped his folding fan open covering his nose.

Soon the group of crowd was about to leave the vicinity.

Jing Sang nerve popped out. Did this folk didn't see him at all? "Hey! Is she the only person here? You all blind not to see me?"

It wasn't that they forgot them, it's just that they intentionally left him out in order to get back at him for leaving them. Just a little punishment for a selfish guy who wanted to do a suicidal saving act.

Tian Xuo grinned at him like a habitual moron, "Jing Sang my boy, so your still alive eh? How come you are here?"

"I'm here already the moment your idiots came. You just ignore me!" He intentionally walked near Tian Xuo and stepped on his large foot for a few seconds.

"Sang Shui,don't get angry anymore with this kid. He was just worried with your woman therefore he rashed immediately into action thought it was a futile act of the hero saving the beauty! Ha-ha-ha!" Tain Xuo explained while he hooked Sang Shui on his shoulder in his merriment and hype mood.

"Whose woman is she! Didn't you see it earli" Ting Lin closed his hands on Jing Sang's idiotic mouth. "Either way, lets go back to the base we have another matter to deal with."

Everyone nodded. Su Ci Yi also went with them if only she was not snatched away by the forceful hand.

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