Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 154

Volume 1 Chapter 154 Night Retrieval

Shang Shui made a retrieval operation after the incident of the beast attacking the manor. Although the 'Unearthly Prison of the Dead' was located near the forest, the twist and turns of the path were like a maze until one would be able to reach the destination.

The opposition was divided into two: The offense and the lookout.

Those who remain on the offense group would be the one to sneak inside and get the prisoners.

Those on the look-out would only need to secure the escape route safe and open, moreover to report any possible abnormalities on the Deputy's side.

Qin Yu, the man didn't let himself be on the defense group rather, he insisted to be on her group. Su Ci Yi was assigned on the offensive stance. Along with Sang Shui and Ting Lin. Jing Sang was Tian Xuo on the defensive stance.

This operation couldn't be any earlier since they had already their human walking medicine, warriors are not afraid to even catch the plaque. It even boosted their confidence knowing that they are of the advantage side.

Sang Shui's ability is called a mutation base type where he could almost take a certain body shape of an animal that he had already been subdued on the battle as long as it marked it prey useless, it'll abide on its call and let it borrow him its strength. His wing earlier came from the perennial eagle that he subdued in the forest. So far it's been the most useful he could use in his collection.

Actually, Sang Shui could only summon his ability once. So in this only chance of his, he needs to get the best of it since he couldn't change it when in a dire situation.

At this moment, Sang Shui was leading the pack of retriever. Su Ci Yi was walking in the middle but from time to time her ears perked up from the conspicuous sound from afar. Her sixth sense where wide open and since it was night time there is a far more dangerous wild beast's lurking on the sideline.

"Sang Shui let me lead the way, I'll be more capable of tracing the incoming danger ahead." It was true, she doesn't underestimate the ability of these men, but to be more practical Su Ci Yi's agility and sense of danger coming from a cultivator is much more trustworthy that any other side abilities.

"Ohohoho" Ting Lin chimed in from the back. "Look at our little lady, going all out and acting brave all of a sudden, I know you are agitated but let's leave the frontal on Sang Shui okay?"

He's coaxing her? Yes, it's literally coaxing like a little child!

Sang Shui, heard and looked back, pasting a gentle smile on his face and instinctively reach on her head but retreated if not for the menacing eyes glaring beside him. He could only scoff and turn his head in front.

"Yi, there's a limit on how you could be reckless. It was already a stroke of good luck that you have been able to subdue that beast."

Qin Yu's place was on her side. And he even had this one-meter restriction on his surroundings that no one dared to trespass. Only Su Ci Yi was able to get on his side. Those people at the back could only slow down and abide by his one-meter restriction.

They are now threading the glass land with tall prune grasses that could almost reach their top.

Reaching the destination, they could almost see a 200 sq. meter yard surrounded by a rusty iron fence. The guards on the look-out are a few, might be because they didn't really anticipate that anyone wound retrieve these plaque people. Some of them were just unfairly thrown inside because of their blatant opposition and soon after received the plaque.

The place was reeking with the rancid smell of awful wound and the people's face was so dark there would no trace of hope on their eyes.

The guards there are not even first-tier warrior, a lack of security measure was led to their easy retrieval.

However, as soon as they face the frontal gate, a new unforeseeable situation occurred. The keys on the lock on the cage were not on the guard's possession but rather on the Deputy's. This was a far more concern since the bar was thick and the sword won't be able to break it open.

"Let me through." Su Ci Yi stepped in then threw a sidekick on the lock. Easily, the lock broke and the door was open leading inside.

What displayed right in front of her was the eyes of the total deathly ambiance and the no hope shadow of the eyes on people who incurred the wrath of unfair treatment of their own government.


The glass of water that Gao Xiao was holding exploded prior to unknown reasons. The shard of glass that remained on his hold, pierced through the soft human flesh. He looked at it in total astonished and later his eyes dilated into madness. The black charcoal pupil tinted into an indescribable l.u.s.ter of rage.

"Feng Quan?" He uttered in small whispered that he only could hear. Hearing no response he repeat to call this certain name again.

"Feng Q-Quan?" This time, there was already a trembling fear on his voice. However, no matter how tried he summoned his beast partner, it won't abide by his call. Feng Quan is a mutated type of beast from a grasshopper and poison scorpion. The long fang on its mouth was venomous that once pierce, it could render a person's heartbeat paralyze. This beast of him was the most obedient and close to his heart. No matter where it went on hunting, as long as it heard his summon it'll immediately rush to him. Like a true home dog that was hone with its master's guidance.

As he couldn't call forth Feng Quan's name, he thought that it must be in danger, therefore he summoned his close aid, Bho Bha.

Bho Bha immediately came and performed hierarchy rights before going his way to the Deputy.

"Report, what was actually happening outside?! Why I can't summon Feng Quan?"

Bho Bha was quite aware of the fondness the Deputy was showing towards its beast. From his collection of mutated beast kinds, it was the far most docile among them. Its bond was established to the point that it served as the pacifier of the Deputy's unstable mood.

Now that it came to this, he didn't know how to report this piece of information he had brought from the nearby assessor from the new lord's manor or how could he alleviate the impact it might bring to the person who had obviously had a physiological issue.

"SirFeng Quan went to the manor and"


"Feng Quan was annihilated from the third party observer and"

The whole room trembled and soon a blatant smell lingered on the room. Gao Xiao had again slit his wrist, gushed out a lot of blood in a sense that Feng Quan will smell and come back immediately.

"Sir, with all due respect Feng Quan had died in the battle."

Gao Xiao tilted his head, the malice akin to a thousand needle prickles rose on his body.

"Who killed my Feng Quan? Was it the opposition? Sang Shui?"

"Sir, it was all related to that group but the main perpetrator is a woman under their care."

Bho Bha tried to make his voice as passive as it would that his tone won't make the situation even worst.

Very good. Very good. It wasn't even that Sang Shui bastard! It was an unknown woman under their care huh? It was only a woman, yet how could she kill his Feng Quan?

Gao Xiao was known for being not lenient on his enemy. Those who made a pass on him should all die. Those who stand on his way and block his path should all die.

Those people from the opposition are now blatantly showing their enmity against him. They are really going out on their holes now huh?

"Bho Bha! Kill all those prisoners who carry the plaque and throw their remains in the middle of the road for everyone to see the punishment they could take for standing against me!"

Bho Bha remained steady in his place, didn't dare to go out after receiving his order. He was reluctant to even utter a single word for him.

"What is it? Do you have something to report?"

"Sir, I would like also to report that almost all of the prisoner escaped headed by a woman of Shang Shui's opposition."

"Bastard! What is the purpose of the night guard if they'll be run off under their nose! Useless"

Gao Xiao flared up, and in his heart, he had marked the woman's identity and even blacklisted her on his little death note. He didn't know where she had come from or even if she is Shang Shui's trump card, all he care was to take a glimpse of this so-called woman who killed his Feng Quan, be able to grind her flesh and made her bones into a mainstream tonic on the market.

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