Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 155

Volume 1 Chapter 155 Dark Shadow Of The Night

Those who were on the brink of death were immediately carried on a stretcher and was the priority to get out first. They were given the proper dose of medicine before being carried away. Those who could still stand up and were able to get up could only be assisted. Supporting a load of people was too much for a few people who made the retrieval. The warriors could only spread out on the sideline and stay vigilant on the surrounding.

Shang Shui slit his wrist and summon his white wing to spread on the night sky. Just to make sure that there would be no hassle on the front. Even if there are groups of people on the lookout on the sideline, there was no harm in getting extra careful about the surrounding.

Su Ci Yi was observing the horde of people and trying to make out a certain someone. She was looking for a man whom she only saw once but yet the strong feature remained in her vivid mind.

"What are you looking for?" Qin Yu's towering voice came from above. This man was pretty clingy more than his child. Qin Tao can be coaxed but this man was too much of a hassle to deal with.

"I'm looking for a man. He's a little shorter than you and has a distinct mole on his cheek. If you saw him, let me know." She was tilting her head, obvious that she's fully focused on finding him, not knowing that the person's face behind him crumpled.

She just realized it when she felt a cold shiver run down her spine.

"Is he handsome?" Qin Yu retrospectively inquired with a tone of coldness.

"What? He's Cheng Ning's father. So I don't know if you can call him handsome." Su Ci Yi by-pass the coldness she was feeling. Anyway, she was already used with this man's instant-express-bullet train-mood swings.

"I see"Soon the chill she was feeling disappeared like there was nothing to it. See? She's quite right? He could really change his mood like a drop of a hat.

Su Ci Yi found a limping old man who was having a hard time walking and almost couldn't catch the group. In an instant made her step towards him. The man even didn't seem to notice her approached and almost seemed too exhausted on his journey.

"Mr. Cheng"

The man still didn't utter any words prior to her call, therefore she made herself a little active on her approach. On her second attempt of talking to him, he turned his head on her. His eyes were dead and the traces of glimmer and hope were empty. Seeing this, Su Ci Yi's chest even ache. Even if she won't ask, she knew the reason was probably because of his lost wife.

Su Ci Yi didn't have any attachment to the woman rather it was only out of sympathy towards Cheng Ning. He had lost his mother at an early stage. A lost kid losing a piece of his wings when growing into his a.d.u.l.thood and it'll definitely affect him as a whole person.

She was lost in thought when the Cheng Ning's father grabbed her by the collar and lunge her body upwards. His eyes glaring with intense hatred and malice from the world while trembling, "Where is my wife? Where did you put her? I couldn't see her now. You took her away on that night and she never returnedwhere is she?" Beads of tears trickled down.

Earlier this man looked weak and docile, now that he was strangling her he was so strong.

"Where is she?! You damn monsters in human flesh!" The man kept rambling. It must have been that his state of mind was still confused at this moment that he couldn't portray the reality from the past. Even if he was already escaped and free, the shadow of the nightmare inside the prison cell was still haunting him. The scar that he had received was too much to bear that he lost his mind the moment his wife was taken.

If he was venting his anger to her, because he felt there was no one would be able to satisfy him Su Ci Yi let her hands dangle, without restraining herself and even allowed the man to do his act. Although she felt the narrowing of her trachea and the limitation of the passage on her lung she stopped moving at all.

However, a hand swatted the man's back and soon he fell down. Qin Yu's sharp glare directed towards him as he looked down at a poor dirt dog that had bit its master.

"You are barking the wrong tree. How dare you bit your own master's arm?"

The man curled on the ground-hugging his own knee and not making any motion at all. The commotion struck a lot of attention in front and soon the whole line came into a halt.

Qin Yu examine that scratch mark on her neck that left a few scratches on the pale skin. He tilted his head towards the man who was pitifully lying on the ground. His next move was what made her jaw dropped, Qin Yu took his long legs and swoop a kick on the man's stomach.

Though his kick was light it totally made the man flinched and puke some ghastly liquid.

"Your wife is dead but you have a kid, Cheng Ning. The child was pitiful that he couldn't afford to eat three meals a day and was only sleeping on the detached firewood shed. If you have an ounce shame on your wife, at least you know how to take care of your kid." He said it in an incredible tone. As if there was no plot hole on the content of his sentence.

Hold it! Where did he get this info about the child?! It wasn't even on the tiniest truth of the situation! Cheng Ning can eat three times a day and had a quite comfortable life inside the base.

Su Ci Yi couldn't help but cast a doubtful glance at the man.

Soon, she heard Cheng Ning's father groaned in pain A bit of his sanity returned and his dark hazy eyes slowly painted a trace of waking up from the sudden nightmare.

His tone reverberated from the usual violent to a husky plea, "Cheng Ning Where is my child?"

"If you want to see him then get up or you'll making a big ruckus on this long line."

As if he was being enlightened of his own wretched appearance, the man silently stood up and regain his composure. The long lines of people and prisoners assumed walking, warriors remain on vigilant mode while making out the surroundings at the same time finding a signal from the lookout just outside the forest.

The tranquil night proceeded under the guidance of the moon that shone brightly atop, and with Sang Shui's white wings flapping on the air, it made a conjecture that an angel was actually guiding their way. However, peaceful moments are not permanent and the threat of a foreboding danger occurred.

Sang Shui up above speed upfront, creating a big hauling wind from the person below.

He didn't land on the ground but only suspended his feet at least five inches and shouted on his back, "Halt!"

Everyone received his order and stop proceeding to walk.

"Who's there!"

He shouted from the unknown entity lurking behind the shrouded tall prune grasses and at the shadow of the trees. Sang Shui now was getting agitated, there was no response on the defensive group outside the forest, something must have happened there. He was only hoping that nothing major occurred on the other side. However, he couldn't help but be worried about his men although they were a pack of talented warriors but seeing the type they are about to encounter a pack if it was too much to handle.

Jing Sang had just recovered and only Tian Xuo would be his salvation.

Sang Shui felt a foreboding pain on his chest.

He tried to count the breath from afar. One, two, thereno there are far more five of them. Both didn't belong to the human rhythmic breath. All had large and rough breathing.

Su Ci Yi stepped up. Her senses where usually sharp and vigilant.

"Sang Shui, there are a lot of them. And I could tell that it is on the same level as that beast we had killed from the manor."

This was big trouble for them leading a big amount of injured people in the area. Even some of them were not able to stand out and needed to get carried by two people. If this unknown entity attacked them with a few pieces of baggage at the back, it'll turn into a messy situation. They won't be able to handle the circ.u.mstances and would definitely fall out in the midst of battle.

Out of the corner of their hands, a silhouette of a five gigantic beast with the same size as the Mutated Grasshopper line up. The color of the skin varies depending on the nature of their predation and however, what was more evident were the sharp fangs of both that calls forth condemnation and ill-fates.

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