Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 156

Volume 1 Chapter 156 Dark Shadow Of The Night Ii

Sang Shui landed at the front just beside Su Ci Yi. His long white wings folded as he stood as the group's representative. Looking closely, these were not the beasts that could easily be subdued as a warrior, as they were not the raw beast that one could spot inside the forest. These monsters were a part of the Deputy's mutated vicious beasts aside from the one that attacked once.

There are five of them.

Both possessed the same maliciousness an insidious monster could have.

A clover-green serpent-like beast both with complete small four feet crawled on the ground; two human-size twin lion that had a full-human body and yet had a pair of sharp fangs; a giant eagle with a pure dark color as if representing the bird of death; and the last is an entity that they didn't even know which breed but had a pair of bat-like wings, a dragon's horned, two sharp claws and was twice the size of a small child.

Having seen each of their traits, those prisoners, as if being woken up again in a dark nightmare scrambled themselves to get out of the situation in which the warriors had a hard time pacifying. Along with the panic, left was the unending shrill of terrified women.

It was as if their darkest night from that prison were playing right in front of their eyes yet this time there are far more vicious beasts around them. They had even thought that I'd be better to die in the plaque rather than being torn your flesh into pieces and as served the beast's source of protein.

To collect the frantic ambiance, Sang Shui flapped his wing enough to be heard by anyone and serve as a warning.

Ting Lin turned his head and shouted towards the frantic people, "All of you, do not panicked. We will not let a single one of you die in this place, not within the face of us warriors. We will ensure that we will secure your security before ours. So please do not 'cause trouble more than this." All warriors nodded in agreement as if they already agreed on this term earlier before. They were not even afraid to cast their lives to these people who they didn't even know and didn't have any blood relation.

This small gesture pacifies the unpleasant mood of all.

Sang Shui elbowed Ting Lin with much appreciation. "Thank you."

Ting Lin stood straight, didn't bother with any formalities and answered, "Not at all. After all, it's our last saving act on this night. I want to be a little cooler before my death."

It was as if he said it in a joke. But Sang Shui already knew that Ting Lin was being honest right now. Even if they died here at the very least these people should stay alive.

"You already look cool here." Sang Shui tried to get along with it. However, even though they are being outnumbered, they are still warriors. The spirit of unyielding bravery was still present in their whole personality. Ting Lin was only thinking ahead of the possibility in the future in order not get any disappointment in the end.

Sang Shui, as a matter of fact only tried to be optimistic about the situation.

His comrade was looking upon him and was gaining their strength on the standing self-confidence of their leader. He can't show any weakness or their morale will do gown. He didn't want to betray their trust in him so he ought to neglect his coward side.

Su Ci Yi beside him fluttered and walked up front.

"What is the probability of getting out alive?"

"A full 25%, the highest percentage with all my warrior's overall strength."

Was that terrible?

Su Ci Yi crumpled her eyebrows. Even herself wasn't that good with the five of them. Dealing with one was already a hassle back then. But the mere 25% percent was too low to determine their survival rate.


"Make it 95%."

The remaining five percent was an allocation in case there would be another set of beasts to come beside them.

As they were speaking with each other. Those beasts started to make a move, making their side to step back. Each of them had eyes eager to go all out and brimming about their prey. Soon, they couldn't stop themselves any longer and rushed on the dense mass of the people.

The crowd gasp, each of the warriors positioned themselves and redied on attacked mode. Sweat trickled down on their spine, backs went on stiff and senses are being sharpened. As soon as the bat-winged creature lunged upfront, someone shouted! "Were done for! Those beasts will eat us! We're going to be a meal on those monster's belly. We shouldn't have gone out the prison. See, the Deputy was aiming at all of us! We will not escape alive here!"

He blamed their group for being a thoughtless dimwitted bunch of weak people!

"If we die in plaque at least well die peacefully not on these where it needs our gutless intestine to be torn off!"

"Dang I should have run away earlier!" One of the citizens said as he literally ran away, not giving any face towards his benefactor. He stepped out as far away from them in a different direction.

"Don't leave your posts, everyone! If you leave your posts you'll be endangered!"

Su Ci Yi warned. She didn't know if anyone heard this but as soon as that person ran, he was targeted by the wild human-like lion and was torn into bits. His raw flesh was rift into pieces and the insides were devoured completely.

The horrible slaughter was seen right in front of everyone's eyes and those who have a weak stomach couldn't help but vomit a putrid smell liquid.

The serpent that was getting overboard slithered across their formation and would have attacked the frontline. Sang Shui & others stepped back while Su Ci Yi remained her eyes on the beast.

Everyone remained alert, cast their hand on the scabbard of the sword, however, the attacked they were anticipating about didn't occur. The serpent bounced back from his current position upon stepping on their territorial area. As if there was a translucent membrane that was surrounding them.

The serpent hadn't learned its lesson yet soon charges forward. Su Ci Yi even though this beast had a mutation of a bird, for its bird brain dead cell was too dumb as shown on its actions.

Sang Shui retrospectively looked towards Su Ci Yi confirming something in which the latter vaguely smile.

Indeed, it was because of her. Prior to their retrieval earlier, she had already prepared a barrier talisman infused with her qi and cast without them knowing. Although its strength will depend on the thickness of her lungs and its duration on her spiritual energy.

"Should we assume that we are safe inside this place?"

"I will not think about it. Unless I pass out or die then this will crumble."

It was already enough. Sang Shui couldn't find himself grateful to this woman. She had already done a lot on this and he didn't know when will start to repay him, "So for now, we should deal with it. Ting Lin and I will deal with the two human-size lions. There are first-tier warriors at the back who will handle the eagle and the bat; the last one"

"It was for me right?" Qin Yu stepped in enthusiasm. He cracked his knuckles and stretched out his body as if warming up for an incoming extraneous exercise.

Su Ci Yi was not happy with the proper order of things, just when things are getting hype she won't back down, "Hold it, where is my beast?"

"Just put up the barrier. We'll need you in that." Qin Yu explained and which Sang Shui agreed upon.

"No can do!" on this part of excitement how can she stay put? The barrier won't collapse either way as long as she's fully conscious and won't die on the battle, in which sense very impossible. "If you won't make me a part of it, then I'll get this barrier"

Sang Shui cut her off. "Alright, seeing that you were able to deal with the first one earlier, you'll take charge of the warrior's winged beast then."

"Thanks, Sang Shui" She didn't wait for him to answer but to immediately sprinted out. She then flew up to the winged beast in which the latter chased her. Sang Shui and Ting Lin followed and step outside the barrier.

"Qin Yu looked at the last beast to be taken over. It's a serpent with human-like arms that it used for crawling. Those warriors that should suppose to assist Su Ci Yi was still idling at the back and wasn't able to follow her trail. Qin Yu glared at them idling behind. "What are you doing? Follow her!"

The two on the back irked from being stared at.

'Why does he felt that there a six beast needed to take care of? Although the last one was the beast of recklessness and stupidity.

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