Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 157

Volume 1 Chapter 157 On The Move

The bat-winged like creature was a little akin to a small dragon. Its agility and speed flying and dodging her attacked were on S level with much higher attacked power than the humungous grasshopper she had encountered.

Now that Jing Sang wasn't by her side, she ought to do all the work here. She pulled the swiss's dagger on her spatial bag, grip tightly at the same time and attacked the ferocious beast. It didn't let it any hassle and she was able to strike it, wounding its body to its core.

She would like to chop it's body organ and would have like to do the same as what he did to the grasshopper but the presence of a long sword was not here. The dagger's capability was limited due to length and weight on it.


A loud shout made Su Ci Yi stopped on her trance.

"Miss if you need anything were here!"

Two first-tier warriors, from her, proclaimed.

It must have been the warrior Sang Shui assigned but left being idle because she presented herself.

Well, then it's good. A smile pricked on her lips and she tightly clung on her waist. "Her little bees will definitely like these gifts of hers."


Sang Shui and Ting Lin's side were on the disadvantage with each had to take care of their own enemy. A twin human-like lion that was literally the same and human with adhesive abilities. Even the way it moves and lashed its speed was the same as a human. It could even talk in human language that even made the two even more on the mire predisposition.

"Master said to eat and eat until full on this human. Whelp, the master is really good, after a long while he finally let us out, aside from the attention grabber Feng Quan. Brother."

"Whelp, I'm hungry. Master didn't say that we should left anything out. He said to devour all of them, brother. Let's go and eat them."

The two beasts dashed in sync. Sang Shui and Ting Lin hold their sword and pricked the blood. Sang Shui's wings allow himself to be lifted on the ground. Ting Lin's ability was water manipulation, honing the only liquid on his waste to form into a blizzard of spikes and throwing it to the assailant in front while Sang Shui lunged a sneak attacked.

The two lion beast was wounded heavily, however, those were only on a small duration, because the wound started to heal on its own.

"Brother my wound healed!"

"My wound healed also! It must have been the work of the master. Master is still protecting us even if he's not here!"

Then the two in sync attacked again.

This time, the two's agility was even faster than the last one. More adepts and with precision. Sang Shui was suspended but the beast was able to climb on top of the tree and instinctively jump on him, scratching and getting his fang on his neck.

"Sang Shui!" Ting Lin was horrified, he didn't dawdle and immediately pounce on the beast that was pinning Sang Shui below.

A mere looking away from the enemy could cause a simple life to flicker. This holds true to its meaning. Ting Lin was able to separate the monster that was trying to eat Shang Shui but the moment he looked away, his back was slash into severe deep wounds. Even he could feel the large nail that tore his raw flesh. Now, it was Sang Shui who shouted, "Ting Lin be careful. Don't mind me here."

The two's position was at the disadvantage.

Soon they were driven out of the corner. Against the law of nature, human abilities are far more inferior to these creatures.

"He-he-he. Good little lamb. Let us eat you peacefully, don't struggle alright?" They said it as they wriggled their disgusting little butts.

"F.u.c.k!" Ting Lin wasn't able to help himself but cursed. Was this how they will end. His water manipulation was useless unless there are open water resources nearby. As far as he knows, they are still on the periphery of the forest. The spot where the water resources were limited. Maybe in the north area, there is a beautiful waterscape of falls. But it's too far from here to travel on foot.

Even his reserved water was depleted by the attack.

If only there was a large source of water nearby

Thoughts of their downfall were already coming into their minds. However, even if they die here, they should die together with these beasts. Others are doing their best on their opponents so while they can, they ought to struggle.

Ting Lin decided.

Dug his dagger deeper on his arm allowing a rich flow of blood gushed out. The human body is composed of almost 60% water therefore, he'll exhaust himself in order to win this fight, without regard to his dear life.

Sang Shui's eyes narrowed. However, it was only for a few seconds before slitting his both two arms with deep wounds just like what did Ting Lin did.

"We have lived our life to the fullest. Let's all together die here." A bittersweet smile rose from the thin lips and the face that was fair earlier became pallid.

Scarlet blood scattered on the ground.

Ting Lin closed his eyes and breathe deeply

Is this really the end?

A large breeze of the wind flashed on their direction, too strong that some of the dirty soil almost flew on their eyes. As he opened his eyes to see the situation of the howling wind, he forcefully shut it again just in time that another debris from above, rush down like a jet plane on the ground creating a large crater that almost blew the entire surrounding even the two beasts was pushed around by the strong wind.

"Hold it right there! I won't let the two of you die here at any moment."

Her long raven black hair flutters on the wind, the cuffs and hem of her clothes crumpled and strained with long holes. The billowing dust pigments were beginning to vanish showing a petite woman.

Su Ci Yi huffed and turned around in their direction.

"You need water resources right?"

She wasn't sure about it, so she needed to confirm first. Although her hearing ability was on the top level with some frequency disturbances, she couldn't hear it at all. Furthermore, she would have like to deal with the black eagle but the beast had disappeared long before. The bat-winged creature was already on her waist, being devoured its flesh by her bees.

Ting Lin on the other side, nodded on her inquiry.

Su Ci Yi focused her inner qi on the sole of her foot. Then leaped as high as she could and fall as hard as she could. There came a tremor, big enough to cause an earthquake-like shaking on the ground. Then a squishing sound as if something gushed out.

A water fountain erupted just on the hole where she created.

The earth is composed of 80% water. Everywhere on the underground, there ought to be some of it. Although she didn't really know where was the point with abundant resources at least these could do for a while.

Ting Lin's eyes shone in brilliance and adoration in front of the woman who had just gone to help them. His chest felt tight and a set of new inspirations gushed down on his spine. The rim of doubt and hopelessness seemed to dwindle from the horizon and a new bud of hope arises amidst the darkest alleys of the road. "Goddess" His mouth whispered like it was the right words to come.

Su Ci Yi stepped from the limelight and returned the stage to Ting Lin.

"Now it's your turn. I need to take a look at the citizen."


Qin Yu was lazily leaning on the cypress tree watching over who will someone the forest first. Although he already knew who it was still, he couldn't help since things got boring the moment they took off.

Crossing his two arms, a piece of grass leaf on his mouth while a certain two creature, an eagle and a serpent were quietly standing not far away from him. Their faces had an expression of being wrong and the face of viciousness was not available any more on its features.

After a while of thinking, he raised his hand and the two beasts cringed. " Attacked each other and don't let each other escape."

Then the two started to fight 'til death.

Now, this is interesting. He should have made them attacked each other for a while. It was then that things are getting interesting when Su Ci Yi came out from the forest. Just as he thought. She was the one who first to come out.

"What's happening?" Su Ci Yi immediately rushed forward seeing the bizarre two creatures fighting against each other.

Qin Yu pretended to shrug his shoulders not knowing what had happened. "It just came to that when I knew it they are already fighting. Maybe they really hate each other guts and decided to settle it right now - this time."

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