Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 158

Volume 1 Chapter 158 The Table Turned

Bho Bha has been serving the current Deputy for almost three years including the years when the Deputy was still an apprentice of the Chief. All this time, he had seen all kinds of his faces including the hidden ones. He was on his ups and downs, on his schemes and in his plans. However, this is the first time that he saw Gao Xiao's unsettling mood worsen. No, it's even worst. His madness was totally out of reach.

Gao Xiao was slump on his usual high seat. His hand supporting his head as he leaned on the back of his chair, his blank eyes staring on the open ceiling. How come things are not going according to his plan? Just where did it go wrong? He had trained hard his beast under his wing. Trained and been sustaining them with high-quality meat beasts and human flesh. So, why do they one by one been defeated out-of-nowhere by a mere human?

A little while ago, he had tried to summon his beast but each of them neither answered his call. Even if one of them reported to him, then he could know what was going on! He was holding a high expectation that they will return after attacking those groups of bastards however, his doubts where now beginning to forebode as neither one reported back.

"Sir" Bho Bha calmly stood on his side and tried to knock his worries. He poured a hot tea on his cup first before proceeding on his report.

"Bho Bha, tell me! What kind of monsters that opposition had been hiding all along that he was able to get rid of my little pets! Have you seen a glimpse of that woman? If it is, tell me her specification and I'll definitely tear her apart! I'll kill her! I'll kill her right now and right here!"

"Please calm down Sir. We may see her if we go now."

"What do you mean?"

"Sir, they are a traitor who tried to free our detainees. You have the very right under the law to prosecute them on the spot."

Being given a direct to the point answer, Gao Xiao's mind lit up. Right. He had been too focused and depressed lately thinking about that woman that he wasn't able to draw sound decision making. Even if they had strength, he had the whole tribe of warriors under his command. Just a direct call for them to execute their group.

Besides, he had that item. He won't lose to that woman even if he looses his mutated pets from his collection.

Bho Bha is right. He was the high up power here. Those people who don't follow the law should all die.


Su Ci Yi had a little doubt on Qin Yu's statement but since the situation had all gone smoothly, she didn't dare to ponder any longer. Sang Shui's position was already stable and safe since she already offered a helping hand. She was quite a little surprise of Ting Lin's ability, but seeing his temperament so serene as the calm water, guess it really suited her.

The two had literally subdued the twin lion and had already returned but just when they already breathe a sigh of relief, another chaos came...

A blaring bang of the gong was heard on the distance. Both Sang Shui and Ting Lin looked at each other and both creased their eyebrows. They knew what that sound is.

What followed the loud gong was the abrupt military footsteps coming from afar. The chinking of the metallic armor was heard and the light from the torches illuminate the entire dark night as the sounds were beginning to become clearer by each passing second.

Su Ci Yi didn't know what was happening but she was so sure it came from a troupe of military warriors and their numbers are not something that one could look down.

There might be hundreds of them. All equipped with high-quality armor and both first-tier warriors.

Soon, the enemy that they were anticipating, stop in front just where the group stood. In the middle of the formation was a younger-looking man clad with a fox fur coat and flashy military boots.

"Well, well, well, look who's here? But the rat who escape from the tiny hole. I'll give you all one last chance, get back to the prison cage or perish together with everyone?"Gao Xiao was sitting on his high warhorse and his gaze was looking down at those tiny insects.

Sang Shui stepped in, couldn't hold this unhuman treatment, " We have already been here. Were not turning back anymore."

"Oh, Sang Shui you are an exception to my offer. You don't have any choice but to be punished by your misdeeds. You're principles and outstanding prejudice were cut off above the others however, the only problem is that you sided on the wrong group."

"Being right or wrong, I am the one who will decide on that - and I say, I stand on the right opposition."

Gao Xiao snickered. "Truly a Sang Clan. Trailing the path of those patriotic ancestors of yours. But I say, if they are not really that dumb, they should all live a long life and probably have guided you on your path in life. Even so, look at them all under the land of the dead. Because they are so nave not to pick the right side."

It has been said, the Sang Clan was a family of heroic hero warrior that made their life on the costs of the citizen's protection. All of them died on it and Sang Shui has been trailing the same path. It was instilled by his parents when he was still young the value of true living and helping out each other. He was not a fool to trample that guidance and principles.

But then, being nitpicked like that doesn't sound too good for him and retorted, "The way you say it, it seemed that there are far more stories than your words?"

Gao Xiao went down his horse. "Your quite intelligent eh? I'll try to disclose it since your far going to live until here - was some of the secret plan and foul play I had conducted, or why there is only one living "Sang" heir on this generation?"

"You...premeditated their death?"

Sang Shui couldn't himself still. His hands were clenched into a tight fist and would have exploded. If not for the warm hand that holds his urge, he would have erupted.

Su Ci Yi stepped up not wanting the tight air to evenly spread.

"I believed this is the part I butt in. I know we haven't introduced yet, but I say those formalities are not appropriate for this situation. Deputy, what I will say next is criticism and recommendation for your citizens and the benefits of this village."

Gao Xiao finally took a glimpse of this woman. Even if he won't ask, he knew that she was the one who defeated his Feng Quan, as well as the secret power behind Sang Shui. However, he was just a little disappointed. He was looking forward to a tall and fully build woman with strong prowess, not a petite lady who seemed to can't even lift a sword.

"You're the woman who delivered my Feng Quan into his resting place! Imbecile! From what clan you belong?"

"She's not from here." Fu Jin Hao out of nowhere appeared.

"And where are you came from? You only came at this moment." Gao Xiao scrutinized the newcomer. When everything is in a mess, this man went missing. Now that he had already brought this upon himself, he appeared? He's not needed anymore. This useless piece of meat, even his Feng Quan was quite useful.

"I have been trailing her. She's from one of that mundane world I had encountered. Along with the man on his side."

He explained while his finger was pointed to Qin Yu.

"Also, he's the new young Lord."

Gao Xiao was even furious. Ganging on him! From the very start, these two were intruders of their world! An outsider who is not allowed to enter their sanctuary!

Sang Shui looked at her in confusion. He was a little curious about this woman's whereabouts, it turns out she's not their people. She belongs to a foreign land. He had heard that outside the city forest lies a different ground, more foreign and dangerous. Both new and exotic.

"You still alive eh? I thought you'd run between your legs. You just disappeared out of nowhere?"

This man's crazy bent to killing them.

"I was preoccupied with your other party, but then after taking care of them, I rushed here with the intention to reveal the rat who had sneak on to our village who disrupted the natural balance and stability. "

Jing Sang's group?

Su Ci Yi didn't felt any good at it. "You! What did you do to them? Could it be you kill them?!"

"How could I kill a precious person. He's far useful that I thought.:"

Picking over a person with a wrapped sack on his head. Even if she won't see the face, Su Ci Yi knew that it was Jing Sang.

The hostage wriggled on Fu Jin Hao's hold, irritated, he stuck his dagger on his legs and soon it stopped wriggling, but only crumpled and curled. Holding the pain on his body as the warm scarlet liquid incessantly flowed down.

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