Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 159

Volume 1 Chapter 159 The Exchange

"Release Jing Sang right now!"

Sang Shui demanded in a stern and deep voice and with an authority as the representative of their group. Even though he was calm on the outside, his inside had already turned upside down. From the moment someone defiled the name of their household like a speck of dirt in the mud, he had already lost his control.

His chest was tightly compressed but he was only fighting the urge of his emotion. Even if he'd like to find details about his clan, Jing Sang's current situation as well as the other members of the defense group needed to settle.

Gao Xiao chuckled, showing his disdain on his tone, "Oh, is that a request Sang Shui?" He then waved his hand towards Fu Jin Hao, evident on his gesture that he gave his consent to his actions. Fu Jin Hao smile in delight as he thrust the rustic dagger on Jing Sang's thigh not minding the eerie squirming of the other party.

Jing Sang, born to be a warrior was already used to this kind of torture. So even if they broke his neck, they won't get any single cry of forgiveness on this man. Dream on!

Sang Shui couldn't hold it. If they want to torture someone, Sang Shui will present himself. The flaws of his subordinate should be shoulder by the president. It was his responsibility as the leader to protect the life of his people. He ought to protect them at the very end.

This man, Gao Xiao took a hint of what Shang Shui is thinking and even requested Fu Jin Hao to torture Jing Sang.

Sang Shui thought, if only the Chief was here, he won't let something like this happen. The Chief wasn't like this Gao Xiao. He was a man of the public masses. In fact, he tried to find the cure outside their realm together with this Fu Jin Hao but only the latter returned. This only proved how the Chief was really disturbed by his people's cry of pain.

The Chief must have been stuck somewhere, if only he came back then this series of events won't happen anymore.

"Gao Xiao if you want a torturing meat bag, release him on my stead. Jing Sang was already reduced to this and he won't anymore serve as a plaything. Bring me instead, and I might even entertain you than him."

He stepped boldly. His hand didn't even show any sign of weakness and reluctance.

Su Ci Yi was a little askance. In their short stay, she knew Sang Shui's personality. Knowing him, and this Deputy-along with the history of the entire Sang Clan, this man will eventually perish. This Gao Xiao holds obvious malice on him. He'll definitely get back at him.

She then reached on his left hand. Squish that semi-cold hand of his and smile in a bittersweet manner. She felt the same aura with her senior brother on Sang Shui. The feeling of total security and fondness. The serenity whenever he's around and his calm temper.

Holding firm on her resolve, she volunteered, "If you want a valuable plaything then I humbly offer thyself."

Compared to him, Su Ci Yi might have a chance dealing with this troupe alone and since she's not from here, she could always escape from him. However, so long as they are surrounded by hundreds of soldiers in different ranks, running havoc is total useless.

Sang Shui was also stupefied.

Whose stupid who like to be a tortured substitute? Sang Shui presented himself because he could withstand it for a few days however if this weak body of hers were to be tortured, Shang Shui's conscience will suffer. Ms. Su had done a lot of saving grace for them, he can't afford to sacrifice her life because of this.

"Ms. Su? What are you doing?" he whispered that only the two of them could hear.

"It's alright. At least we can save Jing Sang." She answered as she squished his hands in assurance.

However, Sang Shui won't back down this time. He pleaded to Gao Xiao to take him, "No, let me be the substitute. I bear the failure on this mission. Torture me instead."

He was serious. He even pushed Su Ci Yi at the back showing his utmost resolve of the matter.

"If it's a matter of who has the greatest value, then I offer myself. You will get benefits if you get me, am I right deputy?"

Qin Yu walked over just beside Sang Shui. His posture was elegant and his robe fluttered along with the wind. He has the temperament of calm stagnant water but that was fresh and cool. Not even a hint of reluctance nor depression can be seen on his face. The situation didn't even give a negative toll on his aura.

Gao Xiao arched his eyebrow. What had these people are trying to do? Aren't they afraid of the torture that they are expecting to volunteer themselves? As if they are treating this faade as a child's play. But even so, this man his value was quite high if he submits to him. His medicine domination was secure in the first place ad he could monopolize the business.

Su Ci Yi can't believe the flow of events today. The situation that should be treated as dark and hopeless had shown some rays of light. Things like losing hope and depression were out of their vocabulary.

Fu Jin Hao tightened his clutch on his dagger. If he could choose, he'll take the woman and Qin Yu, since these two had a lot of enmity with him. But if it's the Deputy, He'll definitely choose Sang Shui and Qin Yu.

"What is your decision Deputy?"

Su Ci Yi asked in confusion, the earlier they got out of this situation the better. She already wanted for the people behind to have a good rest at their own homes. They already suffered too much fatigue inside the prison.

"Why do I need to pick, when I have the right to picked the three of you in exchange for these people?"

Gao Xiao smirked, a scandalous smile beam on his face.

Sang Shui still felt disturbed and therefore, clarify the flow of things, " If we three presented ourselves, you'll free the people at the back right? As well as the captured target. You won't leave anyone but only the three of us. "

Gao Xiao, "Don't be a petty man and think that you're the only aggravated party here Shang Shui, who knows, I can't fully trust the three of you that you won't play dirty once I captured you. But then again if you try, I'll not hesitate to kill each and one of this citizen you'd freed."

Sang Shui gritted his teeth on his claim, " Bastard, they are your local citizens."

Gao Xiao, "Correct! But did they play a role in placing me on my position? It was the deputy who places me here! Why do I need them?"

Gao Xiao was a lowborn from the peasant couple. However, he was just lucky to have an innate ability that was rare among the people. Soon, Lingua Liu- the Chief, saw potential on him and specifically brought under his wing. He thought he'll live peacefully, away from poverty and people's criticism. However, the event even turned worst. That Chief didn't have time for him and his peers bullied him for favoritism. He hadn't turned twisted if not for his dire predicament. Having been burnt alive inside the firewood shed caused by the seniors who envied his position, his parents use him as a tool of their convenience to gain social status, the person he showed his kindness showed unfaithfulness from him and run away with her cheap senior. If a person remained so pure after this incident, then he gotta applaud his saintly attributes.

Since then, Gao Xiao aspired the position which everyone adores. The position that had the authority to punished his enemy. He didn't have any power to execute them at that time, only if he gains the position of high authority until then he could do so.

They say failure is not an option for those with big ambitions. Gao Xiao realized his dream of sitting on the highest position in the entire City. Ever since then, he has gotten busy dealing with his adversaries.

Sang Shui and Su Ci Yi couldn't reason out on this person anymore. He's totally blackened.

"Fine then. Release them now."

Sang Shui's sharp glare directed on Gao Xiao. Su Ci Yi held his hand. In times that his turbulent emotions are raging, he needs warmth to calm it down. As a friend who had been together in short glimpses of miseries, she ought to support him.

Qin Yu on the other side raised an eyebrow, not to the Deputy person but on the hand that was locked with each other. He then pulled Su Ci Yi's other hand and locked it with his.

Su Ci Yi only looked at him in funny thoughts. This childish temperament of a childish person that is even childish than his child, she couldn't help how to put it. But either way, she didn't dislike it.

In a case like this, sometimes a small gesture could overturned and pacify a tumultuous situation and even calm one's mood. A person's support could alleviate a gloomy mood and the cooperation of more people could lift the unlucky blues.

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